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Castle Peak Senior Life
Castle Peak Senior LifeSpring Biz Preview 2022 with Chris RomerClimate Action Week 4/21-30EngageVailBetter Brands with Callosum
VVP gets a chance to sit down with Clare Hefferren, Founder/CEO of Callosum to talk personal and professional brands, flow state, life and so much more!  Clare is a sophisticated tomboy and passionate people’s champion. No longer an aggressive Chicago bull in a china shop, she cultivates community by advocating for access to nature & building outdoor industry brands. Through Callosum’s purpose to Make Better Brands for a Better Planet, Clare works with growth-stage companies and nonprofits, with a staff of 3-25, anchored in purpose (or desire to be) who are looking to build awareness and revenue with principles of purpose. Callosum is a strategic firm that guides purpose-driven outdoor brands through the growth-stage of critical strategic thinking, visual elements, disruptive story creation, and brand marketing resulting in measurable cultivated relationships. https://gocallosum.com/Clare Hefferren is the Founder/CEO of Callosum. She’s a sophisticated tomboy and passionate people’s champion, whose focus audience is outdoors brands who have a staff of 3-25 who are looking to build awareness and revenue with the principles of purpose. Her strategic firm guides purpose-driven outdoor brands through critical strategic thinking, visual elements, disruptive story creation, and brand marketing resulting in measurable cultivated relationships. Committed to doing business for good - people, planet, profit - the Comprehensive Brand Build and Brand Boost are signature services. She is based in Vail, CO, and works with clients nationwide.
Feb 7 2022
18 mins
Legislative Preview 2022Medequip - "roll in and walk out"Three Thank YousMovie Wisdom for Business!9Health:365Public Adjusters with Adjusters International-MBCSpeakUp ReachOutBoard Service Basics
UPDATE:  Our October 6th date is currently full, we are working another session on Oct 7th.Presented in partnership with the Town of VailWe at Vail Valley Partnership are REALLY excited about these guests.  We've been following the work of Dr Jill McCrory and Dr Steve Swafford with Leadership Outfitters.  These are two nationally recognized educators and they join us for a conversation about a one day program they will be leading called Board Service Basics.  This is coming directly from our interaction with business asking for more community diversity on their boards as well as Community wanting to serve.  We're so excited to have Jill and Steve and their expertise.I’ve added some information below but I’m particularly excited about the 2:30 portion when we dive into local examples.  You know it’s a unique place and previous valley examples help.What we’re planning covering:The “Nuts & Bolts” (organizational structure, governance, tax status, financial documents, Robert’s Rules of Order, etc)Roles & expectations of a board memberQuestions to ask when you’re approached to sit on a board of directorsFinding your passion & strengths as they relate to board serviceUnderstanding communication styles, emotional intelligence and motivating factorsIndividual & organizational valuesManaging healthy conflictWorking in and with teams October 6th (FULL, waitlist in process with possibility of additional session October 7th)Schedule9:30 – 11:30am: Module 1 – Shaping Your Community Serving on a Board or Committee: A good board candidate understands how their passion and strengths can combine with an organizational mission to provide a good board experience. This segment includes basic information on organizational structure, tax-status, governance plus roles of board members and expectations of being on a board.11:30am – 12:30pm: Lunch (included in registration fee)12:30pm – 2:30pm: Module 2 – Developing & Refining Strategic Board Communication & Teamwork: Skilled Boards are made up of individuals who each communicate in different ways. Understanding how one’s own communication influences both harmony and conflict is important for a healthy board. It is also vital to understand the diverse thinking, process, and learning styles of those “around the table” in order to maximize strategic strengths and the human capacity of those serving on the board. You will also gain understanding of the various stages of teams and roles of leadership within those stages, working together as a team, and needs of the team.2:30pm – 4:30pm: Eagle County Case Studies: Hear from local board veterans who have navigated challenging situations during their tenure on a board of directors. These discussions will be interactive and informative.
Sep 1 2021
29 mins
Feel Good Solutions with Holly JohnsonVail Beaver Creek Resort Properties Career Development and EmploymentSports Psychology with Dr. Harlan AustinVista Eagle CountyConnecting to Peer Support with Eagle Valley Behavioral Health
Jul 15 2021
22 mins
Language Justice with the Community Language CooperativeDave and Matt Vans