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Old School Meets New School! Somewhat recently, the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett was forced to finally admit that he was not well-connected to the tech boom to fully profit from that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He just didn't get it. Many of the discussions relative to current day economics, business, history, cryptocurrency are quite often constrained by the perspectives of the participants. Younger participants are more attuned to the world into which they have grown and are now currently immersed, giving them a valuable basis to relate to those in the generations of those coming behind us. However, without the benefit of living history, and, the historical perspectives that might be missed by that younger generation, this forward view alone clearly misses the boat. Quite often the wisdom of eyes on events long gone must be weaved in to either emphasize, balance, or, at times, dismiss that view entirely. And, vice versa. This father and son pair are using their own personal understandings, successes, failures, and, understandings, both mutual and distinctively different, to impart their spin on the news and events of the day. Many elements flowing through our media streams each and every day are leaving a few loose ends that require a bit of further understanding and crucial context. Join us as we explore many of the topics of the day from both ends of our generational spectrums. Disclaimer - The contents of the episodes in this podcast represent the opinions of the originator(s), and, is substantiated with factual information where it is available and reference. This is not to be construed or taken as financial advice by listeners. The originator maintains no responsibility for impacts of decisions made by listeners, and, actions taken from acting upon the information contained in these podcasts. Also, see us in full video form on YouTube's Reggie and Royal channel. Download our App Store or Google Play Store Apps to stay in touch with announcements in between podcasts, to access our web site, and, podcast archives. App Store Google Play Store read less