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The award-winning DeeperBlue Podcast is your weekly guide to everything happening around the world… underwater. Every Tuesday we’ll cover all the latest news and events about Scuba, Freediving, Dive Travel, and the Oceans. We also talk to THE most interesting people in the dive world, from world-famous underwater pioneers to fearless modern explorers.
Jillian Morris on the magic of a birthing shark in Bimini, and Autumn Blum on how to handle "dive-hair"Mark Evans on when his muck dive ended with some surprise ice cream, and Francesca Trottman on why coconut can be a lifesaver when divingIlaria Molinari on when she saw her first real mermaid, and Jillian Morris on why sharing is caringDr Mauricio Hoyos-Padilla on that time he got DEEP with sharks, and Mark Evans on not giving in to peer pressureWildlife Photographer Paul Nicklen on a frozen moment with Narwhals in the Arctic, and Tom Ingram with a great way to stay connected to your gearAlex Finden on how he found magic under a fallen log, and Bob Talbot on when it doesn't pay to push itRannvá Jørmundsson on how she carved her own path and never looked back, and Julie Riffe on what should be on your checklistDEMA President Tom Ingram on why he has a tough time trusting Australians, and National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen on why it pays to slow down
Nov 23 2021
35 mins
Szilvia Gogh on the wonder at-risk-youth have on their first ever dive, and Jim Ritterhoff on why recreational diving is now deadEmma Farrell on the cathedral she found at the bottom of a Scottish Loch, and Szilvia Gogh on why it's never really Christmas for diversFrancesca Trottman on the Humpbacks of Mozambique, and Dr. Mauricio Hoyos Padilla on why you should leave your camera at homeBrett Stanley on the surreal-looking glass of Mexican cenotes, and Ilaria Molinari on the needle and the damage done (for Mermaids)Jim Ritterhoff on that time he and some ex-Navy Seals saved a T-Rex, and Emma Farrell on why sleeping underwater ain't so crazy after all
Aug 17 2021
32 mins
Autumn Blum on how she was shaped by a secret super power she discovered with her father, and Brett Stanley on how not to float through life
Aug 10 2021
27 mins
John Stella on the magic of ancient shipwrecks at the bottom of the blue Aegean, and Ernst Van Der Pol on why The Band was wrong and you don't need to carry the weightJulie Riffe on yet another crazy time in Cabo (but not what you think), and John Stella on why you should always be thinking about divingBethy "Dive Nanny" Miller on how she saw diving transform one boy's life, and Freediver Nathan Lucas on practice, practice, and more practiceJennifer Idol on her thoughts after diving all 50 states (sorry North Dakota), and NOAA Scientist Dr Steve Gittings on how best not to be left adrift at sea at nightSeason Three is Coming! Premiering July 13th.
Season 3 starts on Tuesday, July 13th. So that means if you’d like to be notified when new shows air, please subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast app or head to deeperblue.com/podcast to signup for the newsletter.Scuba Diving, Freediving, Dive Travel, and Ocean Advocacy: the DeeperBlue Podcast is your weekly guide to everything happening around the world… underwater.Over the last few months, as we have worked on Season Three, we have interviewed even more of the most dynamic, interesting, and influential people in the in dive, freedive, dive travel, and ocean advocacy world including “the Dive Nanny”, pioneering conservationists, legendary freedivers and a few epic surprises up our sleeves.And we can’t wait to share their stories.We’ve also retooled the show format and you will be hearing a lot more from our outstanding co-hosts.  Additionally, we have received a whole new batch of incredible Best Dive Evers from you, our listeners, and those are quickly becoming one of our favorite parts of the show.Interestingly, we also had an active awards season, with a shortlist as Best Sports Podcast from the Podcast Publishers Awards, and perhaps more incredibly we were Honored in the Webby’s as one of the best sports podcasts in the world. The Webbys are the most prestigious online awards, and are often called the Oscars of the Internet, so we could not be more thrilled.And we bring that excitement and energy into season three, which all starts again on Tuesday, July 13th.So please, join us as we continue our exploration of the world’s ocean community through the voices of the people who shape it.Welcome to Season Three of the DeeperBlue Podcast.Season 3 of the DeeperBlue Podcast is brought to you by Suunto.  Finnish engineering pioneering adventure from mountain top to ocean floor since 1936.Don't forget to give us ★★★★★, leave a review, and tell your friends about us - every share and like really makes a difference!
Jun 29 2021
1 min
Filmmaker Inka Cresswell On How It Felt Seeing Her First Footage Play On TV, and Bethy Scuba "The Dive Nanny" On What She Is Humming Underwater These Days