Claire Siegel

Health is about so much more than just food and fitness. Sleep, stress management, community, values, and so much more all factor into a holistic approach to authentic health. Join us each week as Claire Siegel offers practical tips and hosts insightful conversations to help you sustain healthy habits and nourish your body so you can Flourish in life. Claire offers information from an evidence-based, non-diet, weight-inclusive perspective. If that sounds good to you, subscribe to the Flourish podcast wherever you get your podcasts.
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The effects of Zoom on body imageFlourishing: Hayley's storyBuilding body trust during the holidays
Nov 19 2021
27 mins
My decade of diets, plus five takeawaysAlex Snodgrass of The Defined Dish on cooking, body image, and her relationship with foodBlood sugar mindfulness, insulin, and insulin resistance with Elizabeth HatleyOther people's bodies are not conversation starters.How to stop relying on motivationSix types of motivationPros and cons of Intuitive EatingIntroducing body neutralityWait, should you be "should-ing" on yourself?Post-pandemic body anxietyAnd we're back! All the updates.Is it ok to change your goals?Evaluating your relationship to alcohol with Amanda KudaNon-diet black and white thinkingThe urge to dietThe dos and don'ts of meal prepNew Year's resolution mistakes