40 Going On 14

Michael Teske

Remember that show you watched as a kid? Well, someone rebooted it and it‘s the hot thing on Netflix…is it worth your time? 40 Going On 14 is there for you! Join Mike, Patrick, Joel and Josh as they traverse the sea of remakes and reboots of the now and compare it to the originals from back in the day!It’s the podcast your inner child remembers!New shows post every week!! read less
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This is the end...
Jan 21 2023
This is the end...
As it has been said "All good things must come to an end", in this case, it's just us. We've been on a hiatus for quite a while now, and have had discussions on where the show is going, what our plans are and have come to a decision together. After 10 years we're calling it, and retiring the show. This decision didn't come easy, when you do something weekly for ten years suddenly stopping is quite a change.Mike, Patrick, Joel and Josh want to thank all the listeners we've had over the last year. When we started this in 2013 it was a fun thing for us to get together for and posting the shows was a bit of "We'll see if anyone listens". Well, you did, and we have loved hearing from all of you that shouted back at us, many of you have become part of our daily conversations on and off the podcast.Which brings us to the "what next" part of things. We're shutting down our social medias, since we won't be there to respond to anything. If you'd like to keep in touch, our Discord (accessible at the link below) is where we will be. Over the years it's gone from us just posting new shows to discussion on everything from new TV and Movies, Drinks and traveling, to just cute stuff and trivia. Join us there, it's a good time.https://discord.gg/YxFKrf3VGbAs for the guys? They've all got upcoming ideas and plans, so here's a quick rundown and how to keep in touch with them!Mike - @thejavakat He's currently on Meeples & Wine, a podcast about tabletop gaming for married couples, which reviews games and samples a new bottle of wine every show! You can find him and his lovely wife Suzanne at https://podcast.show/meeplesandwine/ to listen and follow!Patrick - @PWhaley12 The Talent is taking some downtime to recharge his batteries. While he doesn't have a show currently in the works, things are always happening, so there's no guarantee that this is the last you've heard from him!Joel - @joelhappykpantsHis solo show The Sunshine Happy Kpants Hour is still rolling on Talkshoe, you can find it HERE. Most recently he and his ghoulish wife have started the Newlydeads, if you love the horror of Halloween, and dig on slasher flicks, you'll need to dig them up at https://thenewlydeads.com/Josh - @DocStoutJosh has never been at a shortage of plans. He's taking a moment to himself, getting his tabletop RPG/board gaming set along with the catalog of games on Steam he's playing lined up and he will be back. He's got ideas for the future so definitely follow him above to find out what's in store!As always, it's been fun, and thanks for listening!