Autism JAM or Burst with the "Speducators"

Rachael and Friends

My son's story I wrote to share about his diagnosis with autism, riddled with trauma, confusion, and so much stimming. My destiny became to stop trauma like Jesse's for other families and be the professional that remembers what it was like to be on the other end of the table. Collaboration with other fellow educators shined the crucial need for parental education, protection, and support. This podcast aligned with different brilliant minds is here to empower parents. This empowerment will heal the classroom struggle burning out teachers while negatively impacting children that deserve better. Speaking out gives our group hopes that children will thrive, surpassing their divine potential while seeing teacher burnout can finally be manageable. JAM is my three sons on the spectrum Jesse, Ammon, and Markus. I am excited to JAM with bright, beautiful, and articulate mothers that are "Speducating." We will reach as many people as possible because people don't know what they don't know if no one helps them learn.

I am Rachael, and this is my JAM.

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