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Season # 1 Finale! Lead Guitarist For The Commodores! (Brick House) Jeff Medina!
Aug 22 2022
Season # 1 Finale! Lead Guitarist For The Commodores! (Brick House) Jeff Medina!
I am thrilled to have this weeks guest on the season 1 finale. Grammy nominated, Jeff Medina is the lead guitarist for The Commodores and is joining us from his home in Miami.Jeff is a guitarist, arranger, composer, vocalist and producer from Trinidad and Tobago. He perfected his unique Caribbean-style pop beat by studying great musical masters including Wes Montgomery, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Quincy Jones and Andres Segovia.Mr. Medina has toured internationally and has performed at some of the hottest major European Jazz festivals: THE MONTREAUX JAZZ FEST in Switzerland, THE NORTH SEA JAZZ in Amsterdam, THE ALTANTIC JAZZ FEST in London, in addition to numerous jazz festivals in Nice, Southern France, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Belgium.Nationally Jeff has performed at CARNIGIE HALL, LINCOLN CENTER and RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL in New York City. He has toured North and South America with PRINCE, THE COMMODORES, PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC and RUN-DMC in addition he has toured hundreds of concert halls, arenas and clubs across the continental United States and Canada.His creative talents has been noted in work with such popular artists as LAURA BRANIGAN (Gloria), THE MAIN INGREDIENTS (Just don’t wanna be lonely), RALPH McDONALD (just the 2 of us), JON LUCIEN and EVELYN “CHAMPAGNE” KING.On the jazz circuit, Jeff has had the pleasure of playing with noted artists STANLEY TURRENTINE (Sax), ROY HAYNES (Drums), DONALD BYRD (Trumpet), OMAR HAKIM (Drums), MARCUS MILLER (Bass), BUDDY WILLIAMS (Drums) and ERIC GALE (Guitar) who has recorded some of Mr. Medina’s compositions.Mr. Medina was musical director and Guitarist for the award winning Broadway musical “THE WIZ”. He also co-produced one of the best selling Calypso records of all time “HOT HOT HOT”. He has contributed his talent to top selling Calypso albums recorded by THE MIGHTY SPARROW, LORD NELSON, SHADOW, SUPER BLUE, THE MIGHTY DUKE and numerous others. Jeff has worked at WALT DISNEY in Orlando, FL and also on cruise ships throughout the Caribbean, North America and Alaska.Jeff studied jazz at the jazz mobile in New York City and privately with TED DUNBAR, Classical guitar at The Classical Guitar Institute, and Calypso guitar with CYRIL GRENIDGE in Trinidad, Arranging, Composing and Improvising at Berklee School of Music in Boston. He has performed at Major 5 Star Resorts throughout the Caribbean and Europe.