Project Skeptic

James Settlemyer

A weekly look at the odd world we live in. Everything from missing people, ghosts, conspiracy, and everything weird going on in our world. Each episode I will have a guest on and present a story to them and see what their beliefs are on the topic. Mid week episodes on Pennsylvania local legends.

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EP 28: Death and Reincarnation
1 hr 23 mins
EP 28: Death and ReincarnationMID WEEK 28: General Wayne INNEP 27: The JFK AssassinationMID WEEK 27: White Lady W/ Campfire: Tales of the Strange and UnsettlingEP 26: Worst Ways To DieMID WEEK 26: General "Mad" Anthony WayneEP 25: The Amber RoomMID WEEK 25: Civil War GoldEP 24: Bootes VoidMID WEEK 24: Pennsylvania CelebritiesEP 23: Dreams and NightmaresMID WEEK 23. Bus to Nowhere W/ AbstentiousEP 22: Eastbound KillerMID WEEK 22: UFO's with Zeng ThisEP 21: DoppelgangersMID WEEK 21: Pennsylvania BigfootEP 20: Mel's HoleMID WEEK 20: Missing in PAEp 19: Yuba County 5MID WEEK 19: Beth Ann Bodenschatz