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An indie music podcast spreading the gospel of vinyl. Mission Statement: "Here's some cool music you may not have heard, so go buy it on vinyl at your local neighborhood mom & pop record shop." NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY! #SpinMomAndPop Bend & Scoop is brought to you by Harder Concepts. Eat. Drink. Party Harder!
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Episode 74: Bet It Felt Pretty Good
Episode 74: Bet It Felt Pretty GoodEpisode 73: Not in the AssEpisode 72: I am NOT a Big Man!Episode 71: Bad Taste is Not a CrimeEpisode 70: You Are a True Peckerhead!Episode 69: Is a Frog's Ass Watertight?Episode 68: I'll Let You Wear My UnderwearEpisode 67: Never Get Involved in a Land War in AsiaEpisode 66: Somebody You'd LIKE to KillEpisode 65: I'm Afraid It's a Little Out of My ClassEpisode 64: It's Probably Watered DownEpisode 63: I Faked Mine, Too!Episode 62: Ever Seen a Bald Bum?Episode 61: He's a Chronic BedwetterEpisode 60: Reach Out for the PulpitEpisode 59: It All Sounds Like Some Bad MovieEpisode 58: One Less Wart on the Ass of SocietyEpisode 57: Are You Horny to Win???Episode 56: Your Mother's WeirdEpisode 55: We Don't Enforce Them Laws