Season 5, E04 - Longplay Wine and Blue Bird Hill Cellars

Wine Crush Podcast - OR

Mar 10 2022 • 58 mins

Grab a glass of vino and lets spin some vinyl!  This episode we will be meeting two very lively wineries, living life on the “wild” side! First up is Todd Hansen with Longplay Wine!  As a lover of old records, Todd and crew will set the mood with their choice from the extensive collection of old vinyl in their newly constructed tasting room!  Wine is like music, there are many different genres and styles! Come enjoy Longplay’s style of wine… no overdubbing and no remixing!  Second up is the highly energetic Sue and Nick from Bluebird Hill Cellars!  Tucked in the hills of the Southern Willamette Valley you will find a lovely estate vineyard, bluebirds aplenty and gorgeous wine waiting to be enjoyed amongst the bluebirds and beautiful gardens! Listen as they describe the place, the nature to enjoy and the wines they create to share!