No Woman Left Behind

Rosie Zilinskas

Have you ever encountered roadblocks as a woman in the Corporate world? Are you feeling unaccomplished in your career and don’t know why or where to go? Welcome to the No Woman Left Behind Podcast, where you receive valuable tips, secrets, and techniques to finally get a seat at the table.

Every week, you will hear raw conversations on the obstacles and challenges that women face today in the Corporate world. Female professionals share stories of risk-taking, self-encouragement, and personal development. Learn how they dealt with their shortcomings, earn the title and money they deserve to obtain a career they love to live a fulfilling life.

Every episode brings you one step closer to the career of your dreams. Discover how you may be holding yourself back by making mistakes that you don’t know you are making.  Find out how to motivate yourself and understand what you truly deserve. Identify how to perform best, establish boundaries, and break down limiting beliefs that prevent you from unleashing your full potential.

Hosting the podcast is leadership coach, international bilingual speaker, corporate trainer, author, podcast host and career progression expert Rosie Zilinskas. She is the Founder and CEO of No Woman Left Behind. Having worked in Corporate world for 30 years, Rosie is a living example of what is possible through consistent growth and perseverance.

Rosie helps women unlock strong leadership skills and obtain dream promotions. In addition to mentoring on what it takes to turn a dream career into reality, she's committed to her personal development. Rosie's vast experience alongside purpose-driven professionals helped her realize that anyone can beat the odds and have it all.

Special guests join to talk about their successes and current challenges. As they open up about limiting beliefs, Rosie provides practical and actionable advice on further improving their mindset. She helps to dispel self-doubts, maximize growth, and build an effective, focused strategy. These coaching segments serve as tangible resources that can significantly impact your own career development, self-belief, and self-trust.

Don't let your struggles in the corporate world discourage you from moving forward. Without getting a seat at the table, you can't receive the salary, position, or influence you desire. Let Rosie equip you with the right skills and knowledge to rise to another level. Let every conversation inspire you to believe in yourself, appreciate your strengths, and determine the best course of action toward more success.

Your dream career will remain a dream if you do not set your sights on it and take action. Stop wasting your time with the status quo. Get the empowerment you need from Rosie, rise beyond the challenges, and embrace your freedom to soar and succeed.   No Woman Left Behind is exactly what you are looking for!

Elevate your career today by listening to the podcast at

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Glimpse to Greatness: Unveiling Clarity in Your Career Path (Series Ep 1 of 5)
Apr 14 2024
Glimpse to Greatness: Unveiling Clarity in Your Career Path (Series Ep 1 of 5)
Welcome to the kickoff of our new season. Episode 1 of 5 of this mini-series is 'Glimpse to Greatness: Unveiling Clarity in Your Career Path.'We are focusing on what high-performance coaching is and delivering a mini-series. We delve deep into the concept of clarity—your first step towards achieving peak performance. Whether striving to ascend in your corporate career or seeking personal growth, understanding what clarity means and how to achieve it is crucial. Join Rosie as she guides you through reflective questions and powerful insights to help you assess what’s truly important. Discover the key aspects of your life and career that need focus, learn how to set attainable goals, and start paving a clear, targeted path toward your ambitions. This episode is not just about finding answers; it’s about asking the right questions. Get ready to redefine your vision and transform uncertainty into actionable clarity. Don't forget to check out our free Promotion Readiness Checklist, Unlock the Leader Within membership, or book a strategy call to assist you in your journey. Tune in, gain clarity, and take the first step toward becoming the best version of yourself.Complete the Promotion Readiness Checklist: Book a High-Performance Career Strategy call: Check out the Unlock the Leader Within Membership with Rosie Zilinskas: The Landmark Forum:'s Website: https://nowomanleftbehind.comRosie's LinkedIn: