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Welcome to The Magnetic Goddess, a podcast for women who are ready to step into their power and live their best lives. I’m your host, Amy Lee Westervelt, and I’m here to guide and inspire you to take the journey back to your higher self. we’ll talk about everything from personal development to career growth to relationships. We’ll share tips, tools, and strategies that will help you become the most confident, successful, and magnetic version of yourself. We’ll also talk to inspiring women who have already achieved their dreams and are living their best lives. We’ll learn from their stories and discover what it takes to create a life that is truly fulfilling. So if you’re ready to start living your best life, hit that subscribe button and be sure to tune in each week for new episodes that will help you level up in every area of your life. Thank you for listening, and I can’t wait to connect with you on this journey. I believe that every woman has the potential to be a magnetic goddess. She has the power to attract anything she wants in life, and she can create her birthright of abundance. I’m here to help you tap into your inner goddess and live your best life. I’m so excited to have you on this journey with me. Let’s start living our best lives together! read less


How Can Changing Your Mind Transform Your Reality? Insights from Kris Ashley's Spiritual Journey |The Magnetic Goddess Podcast with Amy Lee
Feb 23 2024
How Can Changing Your Mind Transform Your Reality? Insights from Kris Ashley's Spiritual Journey |The Magnetic Goddess Podcast with Amy Lee
Hey loves, it's Amy Lee Westervelt here on the Magnetic Goddess podcast, bringing you a truly heart-opening chat with the incredible Kris Ashley. Kris, a beacon of wisdom in spirituality and personal growth, shared her journey and insights from her book "Change Your Mind to Change Your Reality," a treasure endorsed by some of the brightest minds from "The Secret." 🌟 Kris's story is a testament to the transformative power of spirituality and self-belief. From overcoming personal trauma to witnessing the profound effects of mindset on reality, Kris's experiences are both a guide and an inspiration. 📚✨ We dived deep into the essence of creating your reality, the importance of inner work, and how our darkest moments can lead to the most enlightened paths. Kris's story is not just her own; it's a beacon for anyone looking to shift their life towards the light. 🌈 In our conversation, we explored the power of contrast in life - how seeing and experiencing what we don't want can sharply define and drive us toward what we do want. It's a reminder that our backgrounds, challenges, and even the roles others play in our lives are all part of a bigger, more beautiful design meant to elevate us. 🌺 Join me in embracing the lessons and love that Kris shared. Let's continue to support and uplift each other on this magical journey of growth and discovery. Because remember, goddesses, we're not just navigating life; we're creating it, one thought, one belief, one act of kindness at a time. 💕   Connect with Amy Lee - Website: Join your coaches inside DREAM LAB for exclusive access to the Telegram community + monthly masterclasses. -   Connect with Kris Ashley -