The Music Education Podcast

Chris Woods

A music education podcast, brought to you by 'Soundstorm' the music education hub. Hosted and produced by Chris Woods of The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra. Listen for enlightening and challenging conversation on all things music ed.
Episode 28 - 'Your Music or Mine Miss?': Dr Jayne PriceEpisode 27 - Corner Stones of Inclusion: Dr Phil MullenEpisode 26 - Improvisation: Richard MichaelEpisode 25- Music and Wellbeing: Jo Bradley, Sarah Gummet-Hart and Michelle D WoodsEpisode 24 - Merv Young Head of LCM Exams: The Grading SystemEpisode  23 - Yolanda Charles: Essence and FeelEpisode 22 - Lucy Warren from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra- Inclusivity and the OrchestraEpisode 21 - Darren Henley: Arts Council EnglandEpisode 20 - Dr Ally Daubney: The Joy of Music MakingEpisode 19 - Model Music Curriculum Opinion and Perspective with Dr Liz StaffordEpisode 18 - The Model Music Curriculum Introduction and Insight with Dr Steven BerrymanEpisode 17 - Jimmy Rotheram: Model Music Curriculum and an intro to KodalyEpisode  16 - James Humberstone: Music and MagicEpisode 15 - John K Miles: Observations, ideas and teaEpisode 14 - Ableton Live: Simon LyonEpisode 13 - Charanga: Mark BurkeEpisode 12 - Andy Guitar: Youtube and Teaching to CameraEpisode 11 - Music Tech: Soundtrap for schools and moreEpisode 10 - Body Percussion: Ollie Tunmer - Beat Goes OnEpisode 9 - Inside the Arts Council: Dr Claire Mera-Nelson Hannah Fouracre