Life Is Like Fiction

Jaime Buckley

Bed wetting. Eating Toilet Paper. Dungeons & Dragons. Naps. Poo. The evil of HOA's, and let's not forget Jordan Peterson. Yeah, don't try to connect them without proper context...you'll hurt yourself.

Bestselling author, illustrator, and Dad of 13, Jaime Buckley talks about art, writing, and experiences in life that often sounds like something from one of his fiction novels. Luckily he's joined by someone to keep him on track and relatively sane--his oldest son Evan.

Join us for conversations to make you think, argue, and laugh 'til you hurt, that's our goal. There's no email lists to join or websites to follow. We don't give a crap about stuff like that--this is OUR time together.

We just thought you'd like to join us.

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