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Dog-cognition expert and bestselling author Alexandra Horowitz (Inside of a Dog) takes us on a walk into the scruffy, curious, joyful world of dogs. What does it mean to "own" a dog? Can dogs demonstrate genuine heroism? And what is it like to experience reality primarily through smell? Off Leash is a delightful and surprising look at the deeply familiar, profoundly mysterious animals who walk alongside us. read less

Our Editor's Take

Dog owners, dog lovers, and dog behaviorists will love this podcast. Off Leash is a podcast focused on all things dogs. Whether listeners know it or not, there is more to dogs than meets the eye. From the impact breeding has on a pet to what it's like being a stray dog, this podcast covers it all. Dog expert and host Alexandra Horowitz explores all this and more.

Horowitz is a research scientist whose focus is dog cognition. As the best-selling author of Inside of a Dog, she's the perfect host to take listeners for a walk on the scruffy side. Her scientific approach allows for a deep dive into the minds of canines.

Dogs see the world—or smell the world—from a completely different perspective than humans. This podcast helps listeners to understand a dog's point of view. The best part about this podcast? Listeners will learn unexpected and pleasant facts about dogs. Whether someone wants an entertaining podcast or a way to understand their dogs better, this is the perfect podcast. Off Leash is a day at the park for anyone interested in pets or animal psychology.

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