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Akash Rajput

The Digital-E podcast with Akash is all about growing on the Internet. We have watched transforming the offline world to an online world. On this show we talk about how you can leverage social media for your growth using methods which works in now. I am Akash host of this podcast, I am social media marketer and I am figuring out the true potential of this social media to impact lives & on a mission to create a strong community of people having strong social media profile. So if you want to boost your career, social media can help you grow tremendously and all you need is just right way. read less

Episode #2 | Boost your career using social media | 5 ways to build an authentic online presence | The Digital-E podcast with Akash
Oct 9 2020
Episode #2 | Boost your career using social media | 5 ways to build an authentic online presence | The Digital-E podcast with Akash
Social media these day are so much of powerful that it can open multitude if opportunities for an individuals and businesses unless you know how to effectively use it. In this episode I talk about the five ways to be authentic on social media and 4 reasons why you should be. "Personal branding" is the most important key aspect in building a authentic social media presence & for that you need to 1- Upgrade your mindset, the way you think of using social media because time has gone when  social media used to be for just sharing happy moments or vacation pictures now its has completely changed. and social media is the right tool to start building your personal brand and give your career a boost . 2- Define your expertise, and decide how you want the world to see you. Define core values and steer them in your favor to expose yourself to the world. Even if you have zero experience, you can start by knowing exactly what you ant to do and then immediately start educating yourself using thousands of sources available online. 3- Be everywhere, present on every platforms of social media even if you hate it but be present and initially choose one or two platforms and and be active on them post everyday new stuff and content. 4- Share knowledge, what you need to do across your different online channels is to share knowledge as much as you can and help everyone to benefit from your unique experience. Make sure the content you share will become more important to the people who will start follow you and keep track of what you post.  5- Engage with others, don't build a one-way channel that broadcasts information only, create an engaging community around you, where you'd reach out to others in you field, and engage with their content in a meaningful way. This Digital-E podcast is all about growing over internet and social media and become a personal brand. we talk about digital marketing, Social media marketing and personal brand over social media. we discuss about the personal branding examples, what's personal branding, personal branding strategies.  You can reach out me on Instagram and ask me anything and you can provide your valuable feedback & suggestion for upcoming episodes. Instagram:-