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Join the GZM team as they look back at some of the most popular shows the team has ever made! With special guest stars from the cast and crew of SIX MINUTES, TOMORROW and more to come, this behind-the-scenes peek at how GZM Shows come to life is not-to-be-missed. For more great shows, visit GZMshows.com. read less

Our Editor's Take

GZM Rewind is a podcast from the Gen-Z Media team. This is a bit of a meta podcast, as it's a podcast about other podcasts that the organization creates. Jessica Fisher, David Kreizman, and Chris Tarry host. They rewatch famous Gen-Z episodes and comment about them. That means they are giving many spoilers on the content. So listeners should come prepared.

The GZM Rewind podcast delivers a more thorough analysis of shows like Six Minutes. That is an adventure-fantasy tale podcast created for young kids. In Six Minutes, 11-year-old Holiday survives an accident in Alaska. She's told that she's safe and home, but is she really? She has no recollection of what happened. She's not even sure if her parents are her parents. But while she may have lost her memories, she seems to have gained powers.

As she tries to uncover the mysteries surrounding herself, she finds out that she's not the only one. There are others like her, living with incredible capabilities. She felt relieved, but now also worried. Does this put her at risk? Holiday must be careful in choosing who to trust. On the GZM Rewind, the host rewatch each episode and discuss the content. David and Chris take the time to revisit their experiences making the episode. Special guests also join the discussion sometimes. Fans of the Six Minutes series can look forward to this insightful approach to the kids' fantasy story.

GZM Rewind is a great way to keep the Six Minutes fun going and share the experience with the kids. The podcast will also discuss other Gen-Z content, including Tomorrow. Other podcasts from Gen-Z Media also include The Big Fib. The company also makes The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel.

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