Mission: Possible Program

Carolann Fernandes, MA

You are born with a mission. You are loaded and coded with a purpose. You have gifts, talents and capacities that are unique to you and when the time is right your mission will reveal itself. Your task is to remain vigilant, pay attention to the clues that life is offering and say “YES” to the call of your mission. By actualizing your mission, you can live a life of meaning and purpose. You can be financial sustainable, you can make a difference and perhaps leave a luminous legacy. You can thrive, rather than just survive and ultimately partake in the birthing of a just, kind sustainable world that works for all. Each week, we have dynamic guests, who have actualized their Life’s Mission. Their powerful journeys serve not only to inspire but to educate and encourage you to identify the unique contribution that you alone are here to make. The world awaits your Brilliance, the world awaits your Mission: Possible. read less