YES is Back! - Reset Your Mind, Recharge Your Body , Reclaim Your Life

Meiyoko Taylor

YES is Back is a podcast show where it’s all about saying YES to you.

So often, we find ourselves stuck in the cycle of saying "no" to opportunities, dreams, and even our own needs.

Each week, we'll dive into the tools, strategies, and mindsets that will help reclaim your time, regain your confidence and re-connect to your passion & purpose.

From setting healthier boundaries in your personal and professional life to tapping into the most resilient and authentic version of yourself, we're here to guide, challenge, and inspire you.

Your days of being a chronic “People Pleaser” are over !

Are you ready to say YES? Yes, to your dreams...yes, to your boundaries...yes, to your potential.

Yes, is back, and so are you.  See you on the inside

Meiyoko Taylor

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The Burnout Fix - Strategies for Reclaiming Your Life
Feb 20 2023
The Burnout Fix - Strategies for Reclaiming Your Life
Are you feeling burned out and in need of strategies to reclaim your life? If you're struggling to find joy in the things you used to love, or feel like you're just going through the motions every day, you're not alone. Burnout affects millions of people around the world, and it can be a real challenge to overcome.In this episode, we'll explore practical strategies and tips for identifying and addressing burnout. You'll learn how to recognize the signs of burnout, understand its underlying causes, and take action to prevent it from taking over your life.We'll cover a range of topics, including stress management, self-care, setting boundaries, and developing healthy habits. You'll come away with practical tips and tools that you can start using right away to feel more energized, motivated, and fulfilled.So if you're ready to take control of your life and overcome burnout, join us for "The Burnout Fix - Strategies for Reclaiming Your Life." Together, we'll explore the tools and techniques you need to regain control and start living your best life.Connect with me:Instagram: https://www.meiyokotaylor.comConnect with me:Instagram:
Defining Your Own Success: How to Find Fulfillment on Your Own Terms
Feb 8 2023
Defining Your Own Success: How to Find Fulfillment on Your Own Terms
Are you ready to stop chasing external validation and start focusing on your own goals and values?Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled despite achieving what society deems as "success"?Are you ready to define success in a way that aligns with your personal values and aspirations?  Then this podcast is for you!In this episode, I explore the concept of defining success on your own terms and how to find fulfillment in your career and life. I  shared practical tips and advice on how to identify your values, set achievable goals, and create a roadmap toward a fulfilling and successful future.I understand that we all have different ideas of what success means, and it's easy to get caught up in society's definition of success and what others think we should be striving for. But true success is not about impressing others or seeking external validation, it's about finding happiness, purpose, and fulfillment in our lives. By defining success on your own terms, you can create a life that truly resonates with you and brings you joy and satisfaction.In this podcast, I will help you learn:The importance of focusing on your own goals and values instead of seeking external validationHow to identify your core values and use them to guide your decision-making processStrategies for setting achievable goals that align with your values and aspirationsTips on how to create a personalized roadmap toward fulfilling successInspiring insights and advice from an expert in the field of personal developmentJoin me on this empowering and life-changing journey toward finding success and fulfillment on your own terms. Start your journey today!Connect with me:Instagram: