S.P.C.A.C. (Seriously Pointless Conversations About Culture)

David Weidenbenner

Coming to you from the Midwest USA, we sit around and shoot the bull on whatever nerdy topic we're into this month. We'll cover everything from video games, anime, films, and comic books. We hope to bring a little fun into your life, with our antics. Please enjoy.

I will give you Worms!  We talk Earwig and the Witch.We  sail into Super Mario OdysseyA Conversation About South Park and the Stick of TruthA Conversation About Marvel's The Avengers (2012)A Conversation About Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsA Conversation About Diablo 2A Conversation About Faster Than Light (FTL)A Conversation About Settlers of CatanA Conversation About RaftA Conversation about HellboyA Conversation About Demon SlayerA Conversation About Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicA Conversation About the Top 5 IP coming in 2021A Conversation About Final Fantasy 7Episode 24 Scott Pilgrim vs. The WorldEpisode 23 Hades (Video Game)Episode 22 Harry Potter and The Philosopher's StoneEpisode 21 One Punch ManEpisode 20 Made in AbyssEpisode 19: Dresden Files Book #1 Storm Front