Power Girls Podcast

Ashley Cheretes & Erica Oliveira

A podcast dedicated to uplifting women in the workplace by providing career advice you can actually use. Being a Power Girl is not about being hungry for power. It's about stepping into it and using it to create a better workplace for yourself and future female leaders. Believe in your power, girl – we do.

Didn't get the job? When it's you, when it's not, and how to ask for feedback after a declineLikability at work: Why it matters and how to become more likable in an authentic wayYour #NoFail guide: The best way to answer behavioral interview questionsGTK the Power GirlsPart 3: PurposePart 2: MasteryPart 1: AutonomyPersonal Branding 101: How to create great professional content that gets noticedRejection is redirectionWords that stick with you: A discussion on receiving tough feedback (and what you can do about it)Internal networking - how to network at your current employerA crash course on networking for your next jobThe best probing questions to ask in an interviewTrailer