The Curious Professor

Karen M. Bryson (Dr. B.)

Are you a curiosity seeker? Do you have a yearning to learn more about the wonderful world around us? Take a journey of discovery with THE CURIOUS PROFESSOR as she explores the intriguing people, places, artifacts, and natural wonders that spark her curiosity. A podcast for the curious at heart. Be curious with Dr. B. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Curious Professor podcast intersects beautiful storytelling with extraordinary people. Right from the first episode, the podcast features fun facts and illuminating conversations. The show is for inquiring minds, much as its title suggests. Who knew that Charles Darwin wrote a bestselling book about earthworms? How about using current technology to complete the music of a long-deceased composer? Listeners can expect diverse and exciting topics.

Author and playwright Karen M. Bryson hosts The Curious Professor podcast. The host is also a professor at Ottawa University. Dr. B, as she refers to herself, is a bestselling author of over 50 books. Many of those books are popular romance novels under pen names. The avid traveler and prolific writer has always been curious and imaginative. She finds beauty in the unusual and little-known.

On The Curious Professor podcast, Dr. B interviews people from diverse backgrounds. They discuss random topics that many listeners may find interesting. YouTuber Lauren Yaffe talks about her superpower-manifesting street finds. The avid recycler also discusses her passion for the environment and worming. That form of composting has grown in popularity in recent decades.

In another episode, psychologist Dr. Anthony Bryson examines the effects of social media. D.C. lobbyist turned fantasy author J.V. Hilliard chats with Dr. B about writing. Another guest is culture enthusiast and podcaster Don Mirra. Others are author Colin Dayan, poet Andrea Carter Brown, and documentary filmmaker George Siegal.

Episodes of The Curious Professor open with an intro and trivia question. Listeners get the answer to the trivia questions at the end of the podcast. Dr. B then asks guests what's unique or interesting about them. Responses range from heartwarming to exhilarating. Her excellent interviewing skills result in stimulating storytelling that's unrivaled. From the show's intro music to its fascinating guests, the podcast could be considered outstanding.

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