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22: Trends Shaping the Sourcing and Technology Industries
May 3 2021
22: Trends Shaping the Sourcing and Technology Industries
In this episode of the ISG Imagine Your Future® Podcast, host Steve Hall is joined by two veterans of the ISG Index™: Stanton Jones, Director and Principal Analyst at ISG Research, and Bret Breeding, Director and one of the original ISG Index™ creators. The latest ISG Index™ shows that the global technology and business services market has grown for the third straight quarter after the pandemic-induced dip in the second quarter of 2020. Global demand for such services has never been higher, with the first quarter of 2021 producing a record $17.1 billion of annual contract value (ACV) for the global combined market, up 11 percent. The ISG Index™ has been assessing and analyzing the state of the global IT services market for almost 19 years, over 74 consecutive quarters. The Index is considered the authoritative source for marketplace intelligence related to outsourcing transaction structures and terms, industry adoption, geographic prevalence, and service provider performance. It covers both the traditional managed services sourcing market, as well as the fast-growing as-a-service market, measuring the significant impact cloud-based services are having on digital business transformation. Listen in to find out more about how disruptive technologies are transforming IT and business services markets. And if you would like to get a fuller picture of current market dynamics, view the 1Q21 Global ISG Index presentation slides, news release and infographics, please visit the ISG website