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Rap Radar is the home of hip-hop’s most revealing interviews. Each week, famed journalists Elliott Wilson and Brian ‘B.Dot’ Miller invite A-listers from across the hip-hop industry to sit down for the definitive conversation around life experiences, music and culture. read less

Our Editor's Take

Rap Radar is a hip-hop haven that brings listeners new music, new labels, and new and old feuds. Creator Elliott Wilson cohosts the podcast. He built his career by writing about hip-hop and interviewing hip-hop royalty. His credits include interviews with Drake, Jay-Z, and J. Cole. He brings both knowledge and wit to the show. His cohost, Brian "B. Dot" Miller, is a former MTV music correspondent.

In each Rap Radar podcast episode, the famous New York-based broadcasters chat with A-listers. The duo interviews rappers, producers, hip-hop artists, and other music industry players. The laid-back format sees hip-hop stars open up about their fears, hopes, and new music in one breath. The hosts also talk about what they get to see in the industry. For example, they went to the Roc Nation Brunch connected with the Grammys. They shared their good fortune by telling listeners what it was like.

In another episode, DJ Khaled invites the cohosts to his home. He treats listeners to details of his creative process and shows off his home studio. West Coast rap star The Game also gets candid. He talks about his new album and beef with Eminem in another Rap Radar episode.

Another episode features Snoop Dogg and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx. The stars reminisce about their past and career journeys. Foxx also recalls the first time he met the controversial Kanye West. Black-ish creator Kenya Barris, rap sensation Vince Staples, and Brent Faiyaz have also appeared on the show.

Entertaining and filled with insight, Rap Radar is a treat for hip-hop music lovers. Wilson and Miller do a great job of drawing listeners into the artistry and lives of their guests.

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