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FI GROW Solutions is a partner agency that works with credit unions and community banks to help drive growth and sales. We think bank marketing is broken! We decided to "Hit Record" during our strategic conversations around what's working for our partners, to share with other bank and credit union marketers and executives. If you're looking for best practices for your bank or credit union, join us while we talk all things sales, marketing and strategy for financial institutions! read less
Episode 54 - Traditional vs. Digital Ads: Which is Really Better for Financial Institutions
Aug 23 2023
Episode 54 - Traditional vs. Digital Ads: Which is Really Better for Financial Institutions
In a detailed discussion, Meredith Olmstead, CEO of FI GROW Solutions, and Nida Ajaz, VP of Marketing, explore the complexities and strategies involved in combining traditional and digital advertising for banks and credit unions, emphasizing the need for clear messaging and budget balance.Key Takeaways:Importance of Messaging: When it comes to ad placement, special attention should be given to the messaging. Whether it's traditional or digital advertising, the call to action (CTA) needs to be crystal clear. The messaging should align with the campaign’s overall goal, whether it's promoting a new product or creating brand awareness.Synergy Between Traditional and Digital: Both traditional and digital ad placements have their own unique benefits, and neither should be entirely sacrificed for the other. Brands should aim for a cohesive strategy that uses both types to optimize reach and results. For example, SEO-optimized landing pages and digital ads can reinforce and track the effectiveness of traditional ads.Budgeting & Tracking: It's crucial to balance the budget between traditional and digital ads. Traditional ad placements are usually more expensive and less directly trackable, so they may be more effective as short, concentrated campaigns that allow for 'lift' measurement. On the other hand, digital campaigns should be run continuously to maintain visibility and search ranking.