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Flight of a Lifetime
Oct 26 2023
Flight of a Lifetime
Send us a Text Message.When you're offered a chance of a lifetime, you take it. Head Custodian Terry Lewis knew many years ago that he wanted to make a direct impact in the lives of veterans. For years Terry has been a trusty associate in the long-standing annual Veterans Day planning and preparation activities of Northwood Campus (and Windsor Elementary before then.). Terry is charged with ensuring the facility is ready to go for welcoming and recognizing the hundreds of veterans who participate in the formalities of this special day. Doing so, however, has inspired him to want to more. Windsor--and now Northwood--began fundraising for Honor Flights many years ago. The Honor Flights program ensures that Veterans of combat have the opportunity to visit the war memorials of Washington D.C. at no cost. Honor Flight Guardians are volunteers who fly with the veterans to assist with all their needs during their flights to and from Washington D.C., and throughout their day of travel. Terry was selected in October to take this unforgettable journey with a Vietnam Veteran. Terry joined us in studio to share this experience. Also a guest, Mary Karlovec--Teacher and organizer of Northwood's annual Veterans Day Celebration and Parade--with all the details of this year's event. Northwood's Annual Veterans Day Car Parade: Friday, Nov. 10, 9:45-10:15 a.m. (Vehicles must enter the campus from Rosealee Dr. to line up for the parade.)It's a great day to be a Pioneer! Thanks for listening. Find Elyria Schools on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!