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The buzz team is back with “What’s the buzz?” (but this time in podcast edition)! “What’s the buzz?” was originally a radio show that aired weekly on WPGU 107.1, but coronavirus has made that, unfortunately, not possible to continue. That isn’t stopping buzz, though! The “What’s the buzz?” team, consisting of Ava, Becca, Carolina, Jill, Liam, and Casey, is back with weekly content about everything from new music and TV to how everyone is dealing with quarantine. If you’re new to “What’s the buzz?” every week the “What’s the buzz?” team discusses new, interesting topics that relate to both national happenings and Champaign-Urbana happenings. A few of last semester’s talking points included: a summer music recap, a review of Pygmalion music festival, campus bucket list picks and a recap of David Dobrik’s visit to UIUC. Every week they also create playlists with songs that relate to a certain theme that they decide on for the week. Some of the themes from last semester included: all-time favorite songs, songs with the best lyrics and childhood songs. You can check out all of buzz’s content on readbuzz.com and all of the playlists the “What’s the buzz?” team makes for shows on the buzz Spotify, @buzzmagcu. The “What’s the buzz?” team is extremely excited to be continuing the show, so tune in so you can find out: What’s the buzz?
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1. Buzzin’ in Quarantine
May 3 2020
53 mins
1. Buzzin’ in Quarantine2. Dating Shows, Weird Dreams and the Future of Music Festivals3. Finals Week in Quarantine4. Are We Humans, or Are We Numbers?5. The Knee Felt Around the World: A Cry for the End of Racism in the US6. We Could Have Danced All Night (To Our Favorite Albums of All Time)7. Woke Celebrities and A Shortage of Switches8. Choose Your Fighter: Millennial, Gen Z, TikToker or Karen9. The Profound History of Beowulf and Webkinz10. Spilling the Tea on COVID-19 and Youtube Drama11. (Astrology) Sign of the Times12. If You Wanna Be My Lover, You Gotta Listen to My Podcast13. Movies We Love to Hate and the End of TikTok?14. We're Back On-Air!