Essential Feline Instincts: Why the indoor cat doesn’t exist with Feline Behaviour Expert, Dr Sarah Ellis #9

The Pet Perspective by Napo

Aug 5 2022 • 35 mins

If cats could talk, you’d never hear one tell you that they’re an ‘indoor cat’ by nature. Their instinct to hunt remains unchanged, and it’s vital that we keep our cats engaged.

Returning by popular demand, feline behaviour expert Dr Sarah Ellis joins us to explore how we can help indulge the need for play & prey, ways to safely introduce cats to outdoor areas, and research to help reduce the amount of prey that your cat brings into the home.

This episode of The Pet Perspective covers:

  • The ongoing issue around Australia’s ‘cat curfews’
  • Adapting to our cats’ fundamental instincts being unchanged
  • Options for indulging essential feline instincts of play, predation and exploration
  • Why there’s no such thing as an indoor cat
  • Looking after feline mental health

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