TrineDay: The Journey Podcast

RA Kris Millegan

A Journey to where History & Conspiracy Theory intersect
69. RA "Kris" Millegan at the JFK Assassination Conference, 202168. Michael Hayes: Vietnam (Drugs and Other Reasons)67. Janet Phelan: Attack or Pandemic?66. Todd Elliott: It Was a Coup d’état65. Terry Melanson: Weishaupt’s Illuminati64. Francis Richard Conolly: Bloodless Revolution is Possible63. Francis Richard Conolly: Prince Andrew Must Testify62. Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould: America Murdered Afghanistan61. Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould: Carter Lured the Russians and Killed the Peace Movement and the Progressive Left60. Wayne Madsen: Trump and Other Fascists59. Jeff Smith: Land’s Value Belongs To EveryoneAfghanistan: Setting The Table58. S.K. Bain: 9/11, Afghanistan and the 26,000-Year Event57. Katherine Wilson: Ask For Help (Doors Open)56. Mal Hyman: The Lies Started on Day One (The CIA and the Mainstream Media)55. Judyth Vary Baker: Lee Said, “Tell My Girls I Was a Good Guy”54. Judyth Vary Baker: Lee Harvey Oswald, Innocent Man53. Whitney Webb: Digital Dictatorship (The Breaking Point)52. Whitney Webb: FBI Cover-ups, Sexual Blackmail, and the Transhumanist Agenda51. Sarah Whalen: Diana Was Murdered (Here’s Why)