Take 5: An Inventory Series

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Take 5 minutes to explore current events, industry trends, and all the other things that make healthcare's supply chain the weird, wonderful thing it is.
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Welcome to Take 5: An Inventory Series
Mental Healthcare Services In The Time Of COVID-19The Care in Healthcare: Family Services Providing Support To Their CommunityHow Well Do Your Representatives Represent Healthcare?Sourcing Medical Product from Nontraditional VendorsGaining Trust From Clinical Staff To Enable InnovationPredicting The Future Of Supply Chain ManagementHow Hospitals Successfully Procure PPEEmergency Preparedness Through CooperationThe Power of the Procurement ProfessionalHow COVID-19 Changed Hospitals' CommunicationMonitoring Spaces During Activity To Prevent InfectionHow To Prevent Infection with Onsite-LLCAdopting An Innovation MindsetHow To Evaluate Tech Without Tech ExpertiseQuestions To Ask Your Next Tech PartnerMaking Sure Hospital Vendors Get COVID-19 TestedUsing AI To Predict The UnpredictableWhat AI Can Do For Healthcare's Supply ChainHow Hospital Leaders Should Communicate During A CrisisAre Hospitals Prepared for a Second Wave?