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254: Swipe: The Science Behind Why We Don't Finish What We Start, With Tracy Maylett
Mar 14 2023
254: Swipe: The Science Behind Why We Don't Finish What We Start, With Tracy Maylett
Why do we chase our dreams and fall short? Why do employees disengage from work?“Why can’t I finish what I start?” was a question without an answer…until now, in a new book titled: SWIPE. In this episode, we meet Dr. Tracy Maylett, CEO of DecisionWise and author of 'The Employee Experience: How to Attract Talent, Retain Top Performers, and Drive Results'.In the new book, SWIPE, Dr. Tracy Maylett and Tim Vandehey reveal the “X factor” that makes aspiring artists and athletes quit halfway to their goals, and turns good employees cynical and indifferent. In Swipe, you will discover how false expectations, distraction, and technology can trap you in a cycle of failure and regret. More important, you will learn how to escape the “hamster wheel,” re-engage, and reach those elusive goals. Swipe shows the way.Some key points:Swiping is disengagement—checking out of a job while still drawing a paycheckOn-the-job Swiping occurs when employees feel overwhelmed, unsupported, incapable, or disrespectedEmployers can’t make employees engage, but they can create an environment in which employees choose not to SwipeThe cure for the Swipe is a culture that maximizes MAGIC—Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and ConnectionHere's where to connect with Dr. Tracy Maylett online:Website: