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For listeners who like to play detective and get stuck into real-life mysteries, there's no need to look further than Crime Junkie. This true crime podcast has gained a cult following, and for a good reason. The female-owned media network Audiochuck presents the popular series. The hosts are life-long besties Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat.

But what makes Crime Junkie stand out from other true crime podcasts? The hosts take pride in delivering well-researched content that avoids unnecessary rabbit holes. They also make it fun. True crime is a passion for these hosts. They are up-to-date on current cases and follow along with new developments as they happen. Listening to an episode of Crime Junkie feels like having a discussion with old friends.

The series uncovers a broad scope of crimes. Listeners can hear the ins and outs of missing people cases to shocking serial killer sagas. The hosts often add update episodes to keep listeners in the loop. They share developments and breakthroughs on cases they've talked about on the show.

A new episode drops each week, so listeners can get their true crime fix every Monday. Listeners can pick and choose the episodes that pique their interest. With hundreds of episodes of Crime Junkie available on Amazon Music, it makes for a binge-worthy listen.

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MURDERED: Owachige Osceola
Oct 6 2022
MURDERED: Owachige Osceola
Recently divorced and living on her own in a new city, 27-year-old Owachige Osceola’s life was in a season of transition before she was killed in the bedroom of her Norman, Oklahoma apartment in September 2013. While the medical examiner who performed her autopsy concluded her cause and manner of death were “undetermined,” a detective who remains on the case today insists a killer has been allowed to walk free for nearly a decade.Please join us in writing a letter to the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office calling for a formal independent review of the methodology used during Owachige’s autopsy. Below you will find a prompt you can use and the address to send the letter to. (WHERE TO SEND)Mr. John O'ConnorOklahoma Attorney General's Office313 NE 21st StreetOklahoma City, OK To Whom It May Concern:I'm writing in regard to the criminal investigation related to the mysterious death of Ms. Owachige Osceola in September 2013, which is being conducted by the Norman Police Department.As you may be aware, Ms. Osceola's cause and manner of death were classified by the Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner as "undetermined" despite credible evidence that she was intentionally strangled to death in the bedroom of her apartment.After hearing concerns expressed by Norman Police Department investigators working this case and closely listening to details about the criminal investigation into her death as reported by Audiochuck Podcast Network's "The Deck," I'm deeply troubled that the medical examiner's office has been unwilling to reconsider its original ruling — directly hindering further investigative efforts to pursue justice for Ms. Osceola and her loved ones.I implore the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office to reexamine evidence in this case and to insist that the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner consider that Ms. Osceola's death was the result of a homicidal act. I also kindly request that this office publicly publish its conclusions in the matter.Respectfully,[YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME] To learn more about The Deck, visit:  Source materials for this episode cannot be listed here due to character limitations. For a full list of sources, please visit: