On Living

Leanh Nguyen, Ph.D.

What does it mean to be human? What do we make of this life? How do we hurt, and heal, one another? What does it take to love? What does it cost to hate? How do we stay fully alive to our humanity? How do we find the means to behold beauty and kindness? How do we live fully and authentically? Through this series of intimate, thought-provoking conversations, you will have a chance to reflect on questions about survival, fulfillment, connection, living and dying well. We encounter a deep place of questioning and, ultimately, awaken toward the powerful questions and ambitions that lay unbidden in our daily existence. Dr. Nguyen brings 25 years of engagement with trauma survivors, refugees of war and persecution, immigrants from all over the world, and patients from all walks of life. As with her work, this show is an opportunity to explore the meaning of being alive and to support people in the ambition toward a life fully lived.

On living and being human:  The case about psychotherapyHow do we love each other:  The case for curiosityHow we de-humanize each otherWhat makes us human:  The case for tendernessFighting against trafficking:  Retrieving the human.Training for music or for lifeLiving as ArtMaking Art and Selling ArtLooking at the otherThe arts in repairing young livesMediating divorce:  Supporting connection and kindness.The place of moneyIn Guantanamo:  Survival instinct and resilience.The wounding of 9/11:  The men of GuantanamoFrom child to person:  how we raise a human beingThe work of caring for othersWhat it takes to give birthFeminism, abortion rights, and the meaning of personhoodFaith and being human.A psychoanalyst in China