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Welcome to The Anti-Architect Podcast. I’m your host Christian Giordano. As the president and owner of design firm Mancini Duffy, I’m driven by a quest for learning and radically changing the industry through tech-first innovation. With this podcast, I’m hoping to improve the industry that I’m so passionate about by taking a critical look at how architects work with their clients and, in turn, how our clients view us. It’s my goal to showcase all of these experiences - good and bad. Was it the architect or the client - or somewhere in between? I aim to bring my audience new voices from our industry, interesting people with diverse backgrounds. Through shared experiences, stories, and projects my hope is that we can improve our profession. read less
Episode 41: Special Joint Episode - TSX Broadway: Raising History in Times Square
Feb 14 2023
Episode 41: Special Joint Episode - TSX Broadway: Raising History in Times Square
In this special joint podcast episode with Building Conversations Podcast, “TSX Broadway: Raising History in Times Square,” key TSX Broadway project team members join Christian to reflect on the once-in-a-lifetime project — including lifting the historic Palace Theatre 30 feet in the air. TSX Broadway, located at 1568 Broadway, is being transformed into an unprecedented, entertainment-driven destination that will redefine how people engage with Times Square. Guided by the vision of L&L Holdings, Maefield Development, Fortress Investment Group, and The Nederlander Organization, some of the brightest minds in design, construction, and engineering have been working together. Leading the design and construction of this ambitious project are design firm Mancini Duffy and construction management firm Pavarini McGovern, an STO Building Group company. Christian and Jason Vesuvio, Vice President of Pavarini McGovern and first-time host of the Building Conversations Podcast, teamed up to co-host and discuss this monumental achievement with a handful of the visionaries who made the engineering feat a success. Featuring insights from Bill Mandara Jr., CEO of Mancini, Tony Mazzo, President of Urban Foundation/Engineering, Benjamin Alper, Associate Principal of Severud Associates, and Joe Levi, Project Manager at Pavarini McGovern, and co-hosted by Christian and Jason, this episode covers the who, what, when, and why of TSX Broadway’s iconic theater lift, as well as what’s next for the team as construction continues.