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Eva Beronius

Guiding you deeper on your personal transformation journey. Past obstacles and stories, and closer to the core of YOU - a life from integrity beneath the layers of conditioning. Your host is Eva Beronius, self mastery and transformational teacher. Founder of selfmasteryandbeyond.com and the online journeys Beyond the Mind and Being Me.

Ep 51: The energetics behind self-healing
33 mins
Ep 50: Alchemize your sexual energy to feel alive
Our sexual energy is an often deeply misunderstood force. Our relationship to it often gets embodied in one of two ways. Either as an addiction to act on certain habits and release the energy, leaving us depleted of the life force we accumulated. Or suppressed or lost touch with, leaving us dried up and with little access to life force.Sexual energy is not just about having sex. We live in an orgasmic universe. It’s how life is created every second, how flowers bloom and good ideas are born. Human conditioning and social and cultural structures have made it into the narrow definition of intercourse and orgasm. You can actually be a deeply sexual person without having sex, in the traditional meaning of the word.In this new episode of the Uncover YOU podcast, we start pulling apart the associations you’ve made with sexual energy and explore the energy itself and how you can use it to feel more alive.You find show notes in this post on my website.There are still spots open for the in-person retreat for women in Sweden (May 29 - June 3). If you’ve been thinking about joining - NOW is a really good time to do so.It also just became possible for me to offer a few limited scholarship spots for the Being Me retreat! If you really want to come, but don’t have the funds because of your life situation, you can apply for a scholarship spot at 60% of the price (payment plans available).Fill in an application this week to be considered for a spot  Enjoying the Uncover YOU podcast? Your one-sentence review would be most helpful! Leave a review on Apple podcasts here.
May 11 2022
50 mins
Ep 49: Identify and integrate shadow parts
So often we’re trying to reach for the stars by stretching our hands towards the sky when we really need to get them dirty, digging into the earth to visit the underworld, our unconscious. In the dark, the stars come down to meet us, there’s no reaching to be done. Daring to go into the darkest shadows and shine the light of awareness, is what has allowed my own blissful state to expand.Meeting with all parts of yourself might seem scary. The ugly, the demonic, the denied, the lost selves. That which you are afraid others will see you as. The parts that your ego-mind has pushed aside as something unwanted and bad.But the price of not meeting with them is high. In the shadows, they keep running your life. When seen, felt, and understood - their secret reign can come to an end. There are ways you can connect with and integrate your shadows that I’ve found to be VERY impactful and have you not getting lost in a labyrinth of endless contemplation and figuring it out.That’s why, in this new episode of the Uncover YOU podcast, I talk about ways to identify and find your shadow parts. And how you can take shadow integration to the next level by using pleasure and embodiment.You find show notes in this post on my website.Shadow integration is something we will play deeply with on the power journey for women: the BEING ME retreat and the BEING ME online journey. Enjoying the Uncover YOU podcast? Your one-sentence review would be most helpful! Leave a review on Apple podcasts here.
May 4 2022
45 mins
Ep 48: 3 reasons to prioritize embodimentEp 47: Turning towards what's here: Meditation and Q&AEp 46: 3 practical hacks to accelerate inner changeEp 45: How I got my mind onboard with accessing consciousnessEp 44: The direct experience of your true self - a conversation with Eddie
The direct experience of your core self is something that will change you. The funny thing is that you’ve actually come home to yourself and not changed at all, you’ve simply dropped some layers of illusion you used to cling to. We’ve all read the books and heard the stories about awakenings and enlightenment, but truly experiencing it for yourself and not through an idea in your mind, is a whole other deal. When the seed that’s been planted with that experience is nurtured and invested in, the state of consciousness slowly becomes where you operate from. A place to navigate, relate and heal from. A place of deep love and trust in life. A place of aliveness, expansion, and joy.It all starts with that seed being experienced and cared for. The ego-mind will still be there but you have less faith in it. Instead, there’s a longing to experience MORE of the true you. And you have a new sense of self to relate to your mind from.In this episode of the Uncover YOU podcast, I have a conversation with Eddie. Through the practices in Beyond the Mind, he was able to turn his attention around and experience what he truly is. We talk about how this has impacted his journey, why he wasn’t able to go there in previous decades of meditation practices, and how you can let the other brainwave states trickle into your day-to-day.You find show notes in this post on my website.If you want to get to the heart of meditation and go deeper into yourself than you've ever been before, Beyond The Mind is the course for you. Get on the waitlist for Beyond The Mind Enjoying the Uncover YOU podcast? Your one-sentence review would be most helpful! Leave a review on Apple podcasts here.
Mar 23 2022
1 hr 8 mins
Ep 43: Shift your brainwave state - and 3 surprising benefits when you doEp 42: Changing the relationship to your mind, rather than changing your mindEp 41: Using affirmations to establish love-based beliefsEp 40: Two insights that will help you heal core woundsEp 39: Understanding survival response - and how it’s running your inner-growth workEp 38: "I feel like shit" - or do you..?Ep 37: Relationship Connection: The forgotten ingredientEp 36: Relationship Connection: What's Possible?Ep 35: Relationship Connection: The strugglesEp 34: How to change your relationship with money, time and attentionEp 33: "I'm stuck!" - or are you...?Ep 32: One habit that is slowing down your progress