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Residential Real Estate Specialist Bo Kauffmann of REMAX Performance Realty shares tips, advice and insight for house and condo buyers, sellers and owners. Bo shares his experience gained thru 15 yrs of award-winning service in the residential real estate field. These are great tips for anyone looking to buy or sell a house or a condo, or grow their real estate portfolio thru rental properties. Tips also include home renovation, remodelling and maintenance advice. For specific Winnipeg-related real estate updates, check Winnipeg's Real Estate Podcast on I-tunes, Google Play and lots of other places. Bo

(EP: 165) Proposed Federal Budget - Impact on Real Estate in Canada
Fed Budget Discussions [00:00:00] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: Let's separate fact from fiction about the upcoming federal budget proposal. That's coming up next to Winnipeg's real estate podcast. [00:00:26] Hello, everybody I’m Bo Kauffmann Remax performance Realty with another episode of Winnipeg's real estate podcast. You know, the real estate market is super hot, so naturally everybody thinks that that's a good thing for all real estate agents. And it's just a wonderful thing. Well, it's not a great thing because it's, so one-sided the only one who really benefits is anybody who wants to sell their house and not buy another one. [00:00:48] So if you're retiring and we're gonna move into an apartment, this is a great time for you. But for buyers and especially first time buyers, it's not a great time. Houses are selling for not only 60, 80, a hundred thousand dollars above asking, but they're selling for 80,000, a hundred thousand dollars over what they would have sold last year. [00:01:07] So if you're a first time buyer you're struggling, it's a, it's a tough time to get into the housing market. So naturally the federal government is going to step in and fix this issue for us with some of their proposals. So I had a friend call me last week and say, Hey, I heard that the blind bidding is coming to an end, the federal government's going to outlaw it. [00:01:25] And I had to kind of look it up and see what they were talking about. And it's part of their proposed budget is that they are looking for a way. To make this whole process of house purchasing more fair. So let's take a second here and talk to somebody who knows a lot more about this, somebody who is in the financial game, and that is Mike Schroeder of mortgage architects. [00:01:50] Let's give him a call. [00:01:55] Mike Schroeder - Mortgage Architects: Good morning. Hey Mike, how are you doing it's Bo Mike Schroeder - Mortgage Architects: Excellent. Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: I thought I thought today we'd talk about the proposed budget. Because about a week ago, a relative of mine called me and said, Hey, have you heard that blind bidding and sealed bids are a way of the past are going away? And I'm saying. No, actually, I haven't heard that's so I had to look into it and that's one of the proposals that the government, the federal government would like to do away with, uh, to put it in perspective and to put some history behind it is when you put your house up for sale right now in most provinces, you can put it up for sale and then buyers enter bids that are private and sealed and only the seller gets to open them. Well, what, what can happen is somebody, the winning bidder can overshoot all the other bids by quite a bit great for the seller. Um, but you know, the federal government says, Hey, we don't like this. So they, you know, Talked about maybe finding a way to put an end to it. [00:02:57] The problem is these real estate laws are set provincially in the federal government has very little authority. They can try and work with the provinces on this stuff. Uh, but so far from what I've heard, the provinces had told the federal government to go pound sand So, um, I know there's a lot of rumors out there. [00:03:15] There's a lot of, uh, things that we might be doing, but it's not even voted on yet. So, Mike, what have you heard and what do you take away from this proposed budget? Well, let's start [00:03:25] Mike Schroeder - Mortgage Architects: with, what's actually been talked about details. So the first one is actually a proposal. I like it's called the tax-free first home savings account. [00:03:35] So most people are familiar with the fact that you put money into your RRSPs. You can take money out of your RRSP’s. For the first time home buyer, they catch of course is that you have to put the money back into your RSP for the next 15 years. Okay. Well, most people are also familiar with the tax-free savings account. [00:03:54] You put...
Apr 25 2022
11 mins
(EP: 164) Storage For Your Stuff - Winnipeg Storage Options
[00:00:00] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: Do you have too much stuff in your house? What do you do with it? Today? Would talk temporary storage solutions. That's coming up next to Winnipeg's real estate podcast. [00:00:26] Bo Kauffmann: Hello, everybody Bo Kauffmann from here from Remax performance Realty with another great episode of Winnipeg's real estate podcast.  It's been said that the more room you have, the more stuff you accumulate, I can verify that, but there'll come a time when we all run out of room. My current hobby is scotch and cigars. and luckily that doesn't take a lot of room By the way, we have an upcoming fundraiser, a scotch and cigar sampling right here in Winnipeg on June 18th. That's the father's day weekend, but it's a Saturday.  And it has a twist to it. I know there's lots of scotch and cigar events around, but this one has a bit of a bonus. You actually get to enjoy the cigar because we're holding it inside. Thomas Hinds new sampling lounge, and they're licensed to allow smoking. So tickets are very limited because there's only 46 seats. If you're looking for tickets, give me a shout. They're going fast. June 18. And there was a five o'clock sitting and an eight o'clock sitting.  And the eight o'clock is just about sold out. Maybe you've got a hobby collecting sewing machines, or your collection of old pinball machines are starting to take up too much room. What do you do? Or perhaps you're going to sell your house and you need to just temporarily declutter a need some temporary storage. Whatever your reasons. There are storage solutions that have popped up all over town, ready to serve your storage needs. And today we're going to speak with Claire Coppens business manager of total storage right here in Winnipeg. I'm going to ask her a few questions. Hi, Claire. How are you today? Excellent. [00:01:52] Bo Kauffmann: Okay, let's get right into it. What kind of people are, are your customers who use a storage facility? [00:01:59] Clair Coppens  I would say that the most popular reason people are coming to tool storage, like for a self storage unit are big milestones in their lives, like buying a new home or waiting for a new home to be built. Or oftentimes we have see like death of a loved one.  And they're trying to find space to put those belongings for a shorter or long time. [00:02:17] Bo Kauffmann: Right. Okay. Yeah, certainly I can get behind the idea of using storage to put your extra stuff, especially if you're downsizing or even up-sizing like your, you want to store it until you find a new home and then decide what you want to do with about you've been around for 10 years, you're telling me, but what do people look for when they want to select a self storage facility? [00:02:36] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: So I would say that the first thing to look for, if you're going to see a unit is if the facility is clean, like, are the hallway swept, are the units dusted and, you know, Ask other tenants there too. Like if they find the facility clean, the second thing I would say is, do you feel safe there? You know, you're putting a lot of your, your special items there. Is there a gate? What's the security like, is there cameras, do you need a code? What kind of locks are they asking you to put on the unit? And then third, it's just, do you feel welcomed there? Right. Do you feel like the staff cares that you and your items are there and you're not just a customer of theirs, you know, are they going to go the extra mile to make sure that your belongings are safe and well taken care of while you can't take care of them? [00:03:16] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: Okay. So a question came to mind is do people have access to their stuff 24 7? Or are you just open during certain business hours? [00:03:23] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: Once you've rented a unit at 12 strategy, you have 24 hour access that's included in your rent and you can come...
Apr 18 2022
8 mins
(EP: 163)  Cashback Mortgages - Benefits and DrawbacksApril 2022 Winnipeg Real Estate Market Update  (EP: 162)(EP: 161) Home Buyer Tips & Etiquette - How to make home showings more fun
Home Buyer Tips & Etiquette [00:00:00] BoKauffmann-REALTOR: Let's talk about tips and home buying etiquette. On this episode of Winnipeg's real estate podcast, All right. Welcome to this episode of Winnipeg's real estate podcast. Today, we're going to talk about some tips and etiquette for home buyers to follow. What do I mean by that? So you're looking at houses and likely on a Saturday afternoon, let's say you're going to go out and look at four or five houses back to back with your agent. We call that a home viewing tour. And today we're going to talk about tips to make that, that whole tour go a little smoother, a little less troublesome just make the whole experience a little bit better for you. But also some etiquette and some rules to follow. Because as a buyer in this hot sellers market, you want to stand out for the great offer you make, not for the rules. Your break sounds like a song in there. So let's we're going to break this episode down into three different sections. The first one is going to be what to bring and where during these home showings, second one is going to be what not to bring what not to do. And the third one is how to act in sponsor inside the house. So let's go. All right. So remember it says, like, let's say a Saturday afternoon, you gotta look at four or five houses in a row. And this first tip is really helpful in the winter wear comfortable shoes you can slip on and off. If you've got these big mukluks that tie up halfway to your knee, you'll spend a lot of time taking them off and putting them back on from going from one showing to the next. So we're comfortable. Slip-on shoes next, bring a pen and pad. Now each listing will probably have a listing sheet waiting for you so you can grab that, but there's always going to be questions or things that aren't on there that you might want to mark down for yourself. If you're looking at five houses in a row, it's easy to get them. You know, you end up forgetting which one needed the new bathroom upgrader, which one had the really ugly floor here or there. So it's good to mark that down. So bring your own pants. And last bring a mask and sanitizer. Yes. COVID is still a thing. I remember you going into other people's houses. So we are still expected to wear masks because people live there and there's showings after us. So once inside you're going to be touching the fridge. You're going to be touching doorknobs, closets, stuff like that. Plus there was people there before us, so you might want to sanitize going in and coming out up next. We're going to talk about what. We'll be right back after this short announcement. This episode of Winnipeg's real estate podcast is sponsored by urban top code, paint and design. Bring in quality fine finishes to your home. Whether you're planning to sell, have just settled in or looking for a robust color refresh urban top code, paint and design has your home covered. There's quality in their hands and they leave it in their work call. Rob white today at 2 0 4 7 9 1 8 0 2 4. All right. So let's start with some of the things that not to do. Leave the food and the and the drinks in the car. Let's say you picked up a cup of coffee on the way to your showings or a sandwich or a banner, a hoagie. Leave those in the car. Don't bring food into somebody else's house. As I can hear the eyeballs rolling. Oh my God. Bowl where you're telling us that it's because it's been done and then coffee gets spilled and it, it's not, it's not a good thing. Next is keep the the viewing group. Now if you're a young couple chances are you want your parents' approval, maybe they're even putting money in for the down payment. They're definitely want, want to have a look at the house. And I encourage that. In fact, if we're looking at 20 houses, I would encourage that you bring all decision-makers to as many of their showings as possible. Because the last thing we want to do is get into a situation where we looked at 20....
Mar 28 2022
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(EP: 160) Documents Home Buyers Need For Pre-Approval
Documents needed for Home Buyer Pre-Approval [00:00:00] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: In any hot real estate market buyers know they need to get pre-approved before even looking at homes. So how do we streamline that process? That's coming up next on Winnipeg's real estate podcast. [00:00:13] Mike Schroeder - Mortgage Architects: You're listening to the bone knows real estate podcast tips and advice for home buyers, sellers, and owners with award winning Remax agent Beau Kaufman. [00:00:28] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: Hello, everybody bought Kaufman here, Remax performance Realty. And today we're talking about pre-approval. Now that's been around for awhile buyers. These days know that they need to get pre-approved by the way, pre-approval is different than pre-qualification. When a buyer goes up to a bank teller and says, Hey, I make 60 grand a year. How much of a mortgage can I afford? Can you plug those numbers in? And the teller gives them. That's pre qualification. That's not what we're looking for. We need something a lot deeper than that. We need something where they do a bit of a dive into your financial abilities to financial history, your credit rating. And that's called a pre-approval. Now, depending on who you're dealing with or pre-approval. Take just a few hours or it could take days. A lot of times it depends on the financial institution you're dealing with, but it can also be helped. Like the process can be sped up by you, the buyer being ready for the questions they're going to answer, because no matter where you go, they're going to need a number of documents from you. And today we're going to talk to my good buddy Mike Schroeder of mortgage architects. And he's going to give us a list of documents that you, the buyer have to have. So you, you may as well spend the time to dig them out, have them ready and really impressed the hell out of them when they ask for those documents and you say, Hey, I've got everything ready in a file here for you. I'll email it to you. A lot of times that pre-approval process can be cut down to a mere hours. So here we are, help me in welcoming Mike Schroeder to the show. All right, Mike, welcome back to the show. [00:01:53] Mike Schroeder - Mortgage Architects: Good morning, Bob, how are you doing today? [00:01:55] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: Excellent. Excellent. How are you? Are you [00:01:57] Mike Schroeder - Mortgage Architects: busy? Oh man. This has been great. All everyone's buying and selling homes you say? So it's been [00:02:02] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: crazy. Okay. All right. So we're talking about what a buyer can do to kind of shorten that whole pre-approval process and they can, as quick as possible some of the documents that they need, that your you and other lenders are likely going to ask them for. So let's start with that. What, what do buyers need to provide to get pre. [00:02:21] Mike Schroeder - Mortgage Architects: Sure. So we can break the documents down to three different categories. We have to show how much money you make. So your income, we have to cover your down payment and we have to go over your credit. So let's start at the beginning of that first question of course would be, would be, are you employed or are you self employed? If you're employed at the company that really, we need the last pace. Have you received your last two years of G4S? If you've been the employer that long, that will give us a good establishment on Granger. Don't forget if you're receiving the Canadian child benefits that many lenders will also accept that as a valid thing. Now, if you're self-employed, we need to get your last two years and they've been tax returns. One of the easiest way of getting those tax returns is to contact your accountant because they have them all filed away for you. So you really should have both either of those items ready to go when you're ready to get them. [00:03:14] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: Okay, quick question for you. I've heard people...
Mar 25 2022
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(EP: 159)  Hiring a Mover in Winnipeg - Tips on finding a great, reputable moving company
Hiring a Mover in Winnipeg [00:00:00] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: Spring market is here. And as with every spring home sales are increasing. So more people are buying and selling, which means more people are going to end up moving. Do you do it yourself or do you hire a mover? So coming up next is an interview with a friend of mine who runs total moving in Winnipeg. [00:00:16] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: And we're going to get some tips on how to find, hire, and select a great. [00:00:20] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: Uh, you're listening to the bone knows real estate podcast tips and advice for home buyers, sellers, and owners with award winning Remax agent Beau Kaufman. [00:00:41] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: All right today, we're going to be talking about moving, hiring a mover or doing it yourself. The moving industry I have found is one of those really unregulated industry, anybody with a pickup truck and call themselves a mover. It's like a home inspection, a service, anybody with a flashlight. Can call themselves a home inspector. [00:00:57] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: So how do you weed through that? I can tell you a quick little story. When I was a police officer, I was sitting in the station and somebody came in and report that they had a whole bunch of stuff go missing from their moving company. It is, it is kind of a wild west out there as far as moving goes. So if you are going to hire a mover, make sure your hire a good one. [00:01:18] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: And today we're going to be talking with a good friend of mine who runs total moving, which is fairly new here in Winnipeg. And we're going to talk to him next. His name is Colby kiss. All right. So I'm here with my friend Colby kiss from told will moving Winnipeg, uh, Colby. Let's get right into it and ask you if. [00:01:37] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: There's so many movers out there. I mean, anybody with a pickup truck and call themselves a mover, it seems to me it's like a somewhat loosely regulated industry. There really is, you know, it's a wild west show out there. How do people find a great mover? What sets a great mover apart from the. [00:01:53] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: You know, what's, um, bad. [00:01:55] Colby Kiss - Total Moving: You're absolutely correct. In that sense, you gotta be careful with who you're hiring. Um, some places you might want to look to first would be like BBB, better business bureau. Uh, they only bring credible businesses on with business, better business bureau. Sorry. Um, we're on there. We have a great, great review system through them. [00:02:11] Colby Kiss - Total Moving: The next would be check your Google reviews. That's probably your most important, um, important thing to look into, right? Like if you have a company has all five stars and they've got over. Say even 30 reviews, you're probably looking at a company that is somewhat credible and they can all be fake ones and companies are looking to do that. [00:02:27] Colby Kiss - Total Moving: Right. So it is something companies do, unfortunately. But, um, if they're getting over the 30, 40 mark, they're definitely, they're definitely having customers that are having good experiences with them. So that's massive. And then another one we're hopping into, as soon as we get into, um, two years in business, sorry, is cam the Canadian association of movers, our business mentor and Phillips is in there. [00:02:46] Colby Kiss - Total Moving: And. Set the steps up for us to get right in. We've already been deemed as, uh, as credible. And it's just about. Getting two years in the industry for us right now, so that we can hop into that one to further go into it. I guess like some things you'd want to look into when you're making the calls to the moving company, or you want to make sure that they're friendly, they're willing to help you right off that first phone call. [00:03:06] Colby Kiss - Total Moving: I get lots of calls from customers. From the first phone call, they say, they're...
Mar 18 2022
13 mins
(EP: 158) Helpful Tips For Home Buyers - Spring 2022 - Winnipeg Real Estate Market(EP: 157) Winnipeg's Real Estate Market Update - March 2022(EP: 156) 1-Minute Real Estate Market Update - Winnipeg Feb 22nd 2022Feb 2022 Winnipeg Real Estate Market Update Quickie
Welcome to the real estate quickie for Feb 2022  First, let's look at the HOUSING market. On Feb 1st we have 306 houses for sale in Winnipeg. Let’s put that into context.  Last year, which as you may recall, was a super hot sellers market, but we actually had 481 Houses available, or about 60% MORE than today. And 2 years ago, that number was over 1100….nearly 4 times what it is right now. What are the real world effects of this type of market? House went up for sale in St James last week, at 370K, got 19 offers and sold for over 100K more…. Over the month of January, which is normally a pretty slow month, we sold 273 houses, with another 55 showing as pending, for a total potential sale of 328….  That means that, at this pace, if NO further listings came to market, everything would be sold in the next 29 days….. that is a super low inventory level. But how about condos. Traditionally, they have a history of being more affordable and available. Well, there are 227 Condos of all prices available in Winnipeg right now. One year ago that number was 402….. and 2 yrs ago it was 561 In January, we sold 69 condos, with another 40 showing as pending, for a total potential sale of 109 condos. This inventory level sits at 65 days….  While that’s double the level of houses, in the condo-market this is super fast. So even condos are now selling with multiple offers, there is simply no escaping it. If you’re a buyer, hold off if you can. And if you’re a seller, RIGHT NOW is a great time to list your home  If you have to do both, there are strategies available to maximize your results….call me to discuss that may be best for your unique and distinct situation.
Feb 1 2022
3 mins
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