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Hey wedding photographers, I'm your host, Alora Rachelle, and I'm a wedding photographer turned business strategist. Think of me as your go-to in the industry who will give you the no-fluff strategies you've been searching for. I took my business from $10,000 to $100,000 in two years. I'm also the creator of The Wedding CEO, a group coaching program that will help you make $100k with 20 weddings & half of your weekends free. Subscribe now, and don't miss another episode.

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How Khariza Made $52K With a 9-5 and a Simple Website Refresh
5d ago
How Khariza Made $52K With a 9-5 and a Simple Website Refresh
In this episode, Alora interviews Khariza, a student who has successfully transitioned from earning $20k to $52k as a wedding photographer. Khariza shares her journey starting from 2016, initially capturing events like a Vietnamese tea ceremony with limited experience, to leveraging social media and second shooting gigs for portfolio building. The conversation dives into the pivotal role of The Wedding CEO program in helping Khariza overcome marketing, branding, and pricing challenges, leading to a significant increase in her bookings and revenue. Key discussions include the importance of submitting wins, website revamping, creating a compelling brand story, mastering client consultations, and the power of personalized business proposals. This episode offers insights into navigating the wedding photography industry, dealing with pricing apprehensions, and the transformative impact of targeted coaching and community support.Check out Khariza's Instagram: Khariza's Website: help Female Wedding Photographers Make $100k with 1/2 of their weekends free. 📣 RSVP for my FREE Masterclass on 5/23 at 12 PM ET☁️ Work with me 1:1 - Apply for my Private Coaching🌟 Rate and Review the podcast, xo - Apple - Spotify---✨ My Favorite Things ✨ 💰 Get HoneyBook for 50% off for one year with this link🤖 *Imagen Ai - Done for You Culling & Editing: Get 1500 FREE Ai Edits 🖥️ Tonic Website Templates: Get 20% off with code: Alora ✍🏽 Contracts Written by a Photographer & Lawyer 15% off with code: Alora