Sermons from Trinity Cathedral Portland

Trinity Cathedral Portland

Weekly reflections from Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, OR, a progressive urban congregation whose doors swing wide to embrace people of many faiths and no faith at all. Everyone is welcome: no exceptions!
1/16/2022 The Rev’d Dcn. Kenneth Powell1/9/2022 The Rev’d Matthew Lawrence1/2/2022 Dean Nathan LeRud12/26/21 Joint Sermon: The Rev’d Dr. Maria McDowell & Canon Shana McCauley12/25/21 Canon Matthew Lawrence12/24/21 Bishop Diana AkiyamaAdvent Calendar | Christmas Eve (Three Poems)Advent Calendar | Day 26 (Leyla King)Advent Calendar | Day 25 (Brendan Barnicle)Advent Calendar | Day 24 (Shaneequa Brokenleg)Advent Calendar | Day 23 (James Joiner)12/19/21 The Rev‘d Shana McCauleyAdvent Calendar | Day 22 (Jennifer Creswell) | The Fourth Sunday of AdventAdvent Calendar | Day 21 (Lincoln HS Cardinal Choir & Lisa Riffel)Advent Calendar | Day 20 (Maya Gascoyne)Advent Calendar | Day 19 (Sarah White)Advent Calendar | Day 18 (Chris Arnold)Advent Calendar | Day 17 (Ian Doescher)Advent Calendar | Day 16 (Rebekah Bokros Hatch & Styx Hatch)12/12/21 Dean Nathan LeRud