Balance Cubed: Episode 13: "Doubt and disillusionment"

Balance Cubed

Jun 8 2022 • 9 mins

Doubt comes naturally, it may be momentary questioning, it may be logical fear.

But, these are human responses that though, natural are deterrents that manifest themselves in various ways.

Welcome to balance cubed I’m your host coach Joe.

On episode 13: We’re discussing doubt and the disillusionment residing in the room of doubt.

Come on this journey where we discuss a balanced/harmonious life.

On Balanced Cubed we lean on our experiences to provide you with the practical application tools, advising, and coaching to help you fine-tune your talents.

Our goals are to provide insights and actions that help our listeners unleash your inner power creating harmony and balance the- that will inspire your life

Don’t get comfortable in the “room of doubt and disillusionment ”. #coachjoe

The room of doubt and disillusionment is a place we experience anxiety because we can’t see the answers.

The barrier is often within the preverbal 4 walls of your current mindset. The confines of which are limited by how far they’re stretched.

The limiting beliefs that keep us confined to our past experiences.

The room of doubt and disillusionment is but a temporary setting that heralds the room of renewal.

The room of doubt can often times lead to a new beginning.

A place where we discover the lessons of failure, learn what it is we want, and inspires us to take action.

A place where reflection changes perspective and failure redirects our course.