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This podcast is created with the intention of giving you a time of resting and learning to hear the voice of the Lord while allowing Him to speak into your life through 10 to 25 minute messages and teaching insights. Mary Lindow serves thorough mentoring, traveling as a teacher and voice of encouragement. Mary also ministers as a vocalist and is a Pastoral Counselor. Visit for information and fresh inspiration. read less

The Clash of Kingdoms and Moves of God - WE ARE NOT ALONE
Mar 20 2023
The Clash of Kingdoms and Moves of God - WE ARE NOT ALONE
By Mary Lindow   TODAY’S PODCAST IS ADDRESSING SOMETHING THAT I FEEL THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD HAS GIVEN TO ME TO SHARE WITH ALL OF YOU, AS WELL AS HAVING A PROPHETIC WORD AT THE END. THERE IS ALSO A BEAUTIFUL SONG FROM THE LORD TALKING ABOUT HOW HIS MERCY REDEEMS. This was a song that our son, Joel our oldest son recorded while he was going through a very difficult and deep time in his life and out of that came this beautiful song out of his grief and out of his hurt. Out of his challenges and change came this beautiful worship song, which I feel will encourage you today!   IT’S A CRAZY, UPSIDE DOWN, DISPLACING PHENOMENON WITH ALL THAT IS BEING THROWN AT US IN THE WORLD AND IT’S NARRATIVES. It’s trying to get us to feel completely off balance and mentally weary. Resting, reading, getting outdoors, crying, laughing and expressing healthy anger gets a good detox going, shaking off the "world slime" and, its agendas. Quiet resting in the presence of God just letting His grace and unfailing "nurture" wash us clean, renews the day and our minds.   MY FRIENDS, THIS BATTLE IS UGLY, LONG, IT’S VICIOUS and although new to us humans right now, to God it’s the same mocking evil that has forever attempted to overthrow and usurp His Kingdom. It will never happen! He IS THE Supreme Being, THE Creator of Love, and he laughs at the wicked.   NOW, WE AS HUMANS CAN’T MANUFACTURE AN AUTHENTIC MOVE OF GOD, but we CAN create the conditions that welcome a move of God! We mustn’t forget that these events are God’s Divine work. Human planning ignores the sovereignty of the Living God.   A move of God begins with a person, or with a very small group of people. Minorities, not multitudes make history.   WHEN GOD SENDS A FRESH MOVE BY HIS SPIRIT, IT ALWAYS COMES SUDDENLY. Where we are least expecting Him to act, God intervenes in time and space, revealing His might and His mercy. Light comes into dark places whether invited or not. And, it either exposes or… …It illuminates hearts.   THE VOICE OF TRUTH WILL NOT BE MOCKED OR TWISTED. Now, God will allow time for a heart to hear and obey, but will not permit passive resistance to change when He is speaking of new directions and desires to straighten out crooked paths. Follow the Light of Christ prodding you to obey and fall upon the rock! Broken and honest people are His favored ones. When a heart is open to the whispers of "The Counselor", life becomes a sweet gift as each day unfolds itself like a blooming flower, from bud to full mature glory, peeling away the layers of hiding and hurting, helplessness, and the hoarding of secrets. Light shines into your darkness and fear no longer paralyzes you when you listen to the ONE, who knows you better than any other.   LOVE YOUR FAMILY, PLAY, PRAY AND PROTECT. That’s power against the darkness! And yes! Pray honest warrior prayers! King David did! In Psalm 10:15 he cried out to God saying, “Break the arm of the wicked and evil man Oh God! Hold him accountable for his wicked deeds, which he thought you would not discover.”   THE HOLY SPIRIT SPEAKS THE FOLLOWING WORD OF PROPHECY TO US IN THIS MESSAGE. I want you to listen with an open heart to what God instructs us to do at this time. Here is what the Spirit of God has shared: "Darker and broader and louder come the shouts of world to draw you into its intricate webs.  These webs of deceit are spun with easy threads of recommendations to give in and accept passive living, and they lie with the softness of the promise of an easier life. There is a reckoning coming to those that sell lies and imprison those who buy their wares.    But, for those who are determined to not walk on a fence, trying to balance between their own thinking and me, there will be a “Divine Might” that will empower them to continue down the narrow and simpler pathway. Where does this narrowing journey lead?  What is the payoff at the end? As you become more determined and lay aside the things that have hindered you over and over again from fully entering into the deeper places with me, a lightness and freedom will propel you toward a place of Living and Clean Light.   That Light is Me, and you will soon know Me in a different way than you have in past years and different seasons in life. My one warning to many is that they cannot argue that the path is “too hard”.  What mankind may call “impossible” I call “Straight and Direct”.  If you choose to alter the plans that I have set down for your protection and safety, you will grieve my Spirit and allow a searing of your conscience to override the truths that you know deep in your heart.  Isaiah 26:7 says  “The path of those who do right is straight and smooth.         I, who am upright, make the way of the righteous level.”    The simplifying and straightening of crooked places in your life has begun to increase, and the love for this move of my hand has decreased among those who choose to remain passive to conviction and pure living.  Allow my Holy Spirit to move freely again! I know what I must do, to break the constraints of man. Let me move! Wait in my Presence in prayer, in worship, in gatherings! My Presence and Peace creates the environment for a move among humans who hunger for hope and safety!  “Don’t stifle the Holy Spirit.  Don't scoff at prophecies, But test everything that is said.  Hold on to what is good.” - I Thessalonians 5:19-21   Choose the “more narrow, simple way”,  I Am there.  Choose the pathway of “rightness and tenderheartedness” with me, even when others scoff at your simple and grace-filled choices. When the days become darker and the world tilts and twists in further unrestrained darkness, you will be the carrier of My Light, which can lead the lukewarm and lost down the narrow, but safe and integral way, straight to Me. Be Gracious. Be Kind. Be Hopeful. Let go of bitterness and self-protective behaviors. Grace and Kindness, Humility and Compassion, are the behaviors that attract the move of my hand and heart in the earth.   There is no greater love on earth than when you lay down your own life and your own opinions and lift up love and a sacrifice of worship and joyful unrestrained giving of all you have spiritually, physically, and in humble intercession, so that others might thrive.  “I Am Forever With You!” Says the Spirit of Grace.   THIS WAS A POWERFUL WORD FROM THE LORD FOR US! I encourage you to maybe print it out, take time to meditate on it. Pray about it! These moves of God that we are beginning to see moving on college campuses in different areas and now beginning to move in junior high schools, these are the moves of God that are coming for us to partake of and not to put our hands on and try to manipulate, and certainly not to cause these to become a movement that becomes something that we promote or try to sell something from! Let them remain organic! Let the Spirit of God blow across the land and if you’ll notice, this is causing people to cry out to God and repentance to get their hearts right.   MANY PEOPLE HAVE FORGOTTEN WHAT IT’S LIKE TO WAIT IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD, and to let worship just roll through the congregation or the gatherings! Many churches have become more "concert focused" in their worship lifestyles and people just sit and listen, but there is no real entering in! No hymns, no traditional songs, maybe modernized, but certainly these are the hymns of our faith! I NOW ENCOURAGE YOU TO SIT BACK AND LISTEN TO THIS BEAUTIFUL, WORSHIPFUL SONG AND LET THE HOLY SPIRIT SING OVER YOU, sing through you (and I think there will be some tears), as you just enjoy the beauty of how the Mercy of God Redeems us and make us clean.   I encourage you to go to my website which is at I now have a page there that introduces you to our pastoral counseling services. We keep the fees very modest because we believe in helping people and not “fleecing” people.  Now, let’s listen to that song!   "Your Mercy Redeems" © Joel Lindow 2013 Do in me, Anything, To bring you Glory Do in me, Anything To tell your story Your Mercy Redeems Your Mercy Makes Clean Do in me, Anything, To bring you Glory Your Mercy Redeems Your Mercy Exceeds   Duplication and sharing of this writing is welcomed, as long as the complete message, Website, podcast link and information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank You! 2023 "THE MESSENGER"  - Mary Lindow   If you would be so kind and assist Mary helping her to meet other administrative needs such as web site and podcast costs, or desire to bless her service with Spirit-led Love gifts or regular support: Please JOYFULLY send your gift in the form of: ► Personal Checks ► Business Checks ► Money Orders ► Cashiers Checks To: His Beloved Ministries Inc. 
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The Power of God’s Intervention and Protection From the Evils of The Day
Feb 17 2023
The Power of God’s Intervention and Protection From the Evils of The Day
Today’s podcast is going to be, addressing what it means to have the Lord protect us, and save us from evil or harm that may come our way we learn to hear his voice when he tells us to go somewhere or to not go somewhere, or when he puts something down on the inside of us that is not at peace because we are supposed to be doing something differently.   One particular indication in our life, where the Lord protected us will be vivid forever for my husband Steve and I. It was the weekend of my birthday which is May 1, and we had traveled from where we were living at the time which was O’Fallon Missouri, to a town nine miles west of us called Wentzville. There was a restaurant called Isabella’s and we were having the fun of Steve’s parents who came to visit us from Belleville, Illinois to celebrate with us. We also had our two little toddler boys with us.    We had a wonderful lunch and on the way home we had decided to stop by a church building that my husband Steve has been involved in helping to redesign the interior of and to adjust some architecture. We had texted to see if the pastor or assistant pastor happened to still be there and, the assistant pastor was there! When we went inside we were enjoying showing things to Steve’s parents and suddenly the power went out.    The sky had been looking rather odd in the direction we were traveling, and if you know the area of Missouri where tornadoes can form, skies gets a strange aqua tint to them. While we were in the building, sitting down talking with the assistant pastor, the Holy Spirit prompted both Steve and I that we were to stay for a little while and not to travel just then, and the pastor himself said he thought it was a good idea if we all just waited a little bit. So, we waited 15 to 20 minutes and then we seemed to have a “go ahead” to travel. We bundled everyone back up into the car and began to travel down the road, which was parallel to a highway and was a wide frontage road.     The sky to the North and east looked very ominous! As we began to take a curve around the bend in the road, I suddenly said to my husband, “Why is that road sign up in a tree?” And then we saw someone’s small covered work trailer up in a tree and realized there was debris to the right of us all along the grassy field area. As we finished coming around the curve, we noticed a man and a group of children standing like statues out in a grassy large front yard and behind them there were, some farm style buildings and a home that looked like they had no doors and windows on them. We pulled over and my husband and his dad went up the gravel driveway to see if they were all right, because we realized a tornado had touched down.    The man was staring at my husband and father-in-law, and said, “God must’ve been with you people! I watched your car coming down the frontage road and then disappeared around the bend where I couldn’t see you anymore. The twister had dropped down in front our property a few minutes before you came around the bend, because it had just passed over our house and blew out the windows and blew the door off the refrigerator and everything out of the refrigerator, into the house.”   Of course the more we looked around the more we realized how we would have been in that very spot when the tornado touched down if we hadn’t heeded the internal warning of the Lord to wait it out for a little bit at the church building! Our car could’ve been picked up and tossed just like all the things that were now obvious to us.  We talked to the people for a little while to make sure they had someone coming to help them, and once we were reassured that they had assistance we got back in the car and quickly made our way home.    Once we got home, the sky had turned an even more aqua color and the atmosphere was eerily still and muggy, so we went down into our basement to wait the storm out. We prayed together and asked the Lord to be a shield around us, and that he would surround us with angelic protection according to Psalm 91: 9-11, and it says this: If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,” and you make the Most High your dwelling,  No harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”   We could hear the howling wind coming down our fireplace chimney, and there was an eerie glow from the strange sky color coming through the drapery in the basement windows, but we just simply talked and played with the children and waited until the sirens stopped blaring. About an hour later we went upstairs, and the sky was completely clear and dusk was setting in. Everything was very quiet and yet we still had power in our house. People were outside sweeping up broken glass around the neighborhood and as my husband and dad in law went for a walk around the block, they were stunned! There were individual homes  that were completely wiped off the street, giant old oak trees picked up and tossed like play toys, and then there were homes left completely standing! We knew that we had experienced the protection of the Lord two times that day, and the promise of being surrounded by his protective agents.  Wow! What a Birthday that was!      Dear Believers! We live in times right now where there is a tremendous amount of danger and uncertainty. There are a lot of desperate people, and a lot of people who are out of their minds on drugs and alcohol. It is at an epidemic level. When we bend our ear to listen to the Lord and ask him if we should be traveling or going somewhere, we are yielding our common sense and our way of doing things to the greater wisdom of God.  There have been several times that I have gone to travel on an airplane with Steve or by myself, and we always pray the prayer that if there’s anything wrong with the plane Lord, stop it from ever taking off the runway.  We also had one time where we were both very unsettled about a flight. We just did not feel right getting on the plane, and as we boarded that intensity grew stronger. While we sat in our seats we began to pray, and we asked the Lord if we needed to get off the flight.  We both immediately were impressed to pray that the captain upon final inspection of his plane, would spot what ever was wrong with it at would halt the flight.  Sure enough as he did his walk-through outside, we noticed the captain stopping and looking at something near the engine. He climbed aboard the back stairs and went into the cockpit, and within a few moments he announced that we were going to have to deplane and wait for another plane, because there was something he was not comfortable and was not going to fly the plane until it had been addressed.   When you feel uncomfortable or uncertain about traveling or going somewhere, that is the Lord allowing you to be discerning about Divine protection. Each of us have experienced where we know the Lord has intervened and often there are angelic interventions that save lives.  When our two boys were toddlers, we had a wall that we had put brackets and wood slat bookshelves up to store our library of books, and the three lower levels were to hold toys for the children at their height so they could pick them out and play with them.  One afternoon I was in that space with the children and they were playing with their toys. They were both toddlers at the time one of the babies was under just 14 months old.    I was strongly impressed to quickly move my boys away from the play area, and something nudged me in the shoulder to push me forward!  At the time I was so focused on moving them both at the same time that I wasn’t concentrating on the nudge! I scooped them up and pulled them away without alarming them and about the time I did this, the bookshelf broke free from some brackets and twisted, and hundreds of books fell down, as well as the wood shelves right in the very play space the boys had been sitting in. Of course I gathered my little ones up and held them close, and was stunned at how there could’ve been great harm done to them, and then I suddenly thought about what had pushed me forward in that very moment to get to them!    I knew that the Lord had permitted angelic intervention to move me forward to get the boys in that very moment.     Psalm 34:7 says,  "The angel of the LORD surrounds those who fear him, and he delivers them."    Of course, we never pray to angelic beings, and we certainly don’t try to turn them into some kind of "bizarre, supernatural guide".  Some self-styled “angel experts” instruct their followers to love their angels and to call upon them for health, healing, prosperity, and guidance. But angels are God’s servants, and all this attention and emphasis and glory should go to God, not His servants.  God says, “I will not share my glory with another” (Isaiah 42:8).    Scripture makes no mention of loving angels—only God, His word, and people. And, it never tells us to pray to angels, only to the Lord Himself. The church at Colossae had been invaded by false teachers, who were teaching a false humility and the worship of angels, claiming special mystic insights by way of visions in connection with their worship of angels (Co. 2:18). This was demonic because it was usurping the preeminent place and sufficiency of Christ as Savior and Lord. The claim was that Jesus was not enough for salvation and spirituality. So these people said you “needed” to worship angels, and so on.   These are the demonic, dark spiritual forces we’re up against today, and you can be assured that the enemy knows how to disguise himself as an angel.  His whole intent is to lead us into traps of destruction and to draw our worship away from God.  Live aware my friends, and don’t be easily deceived.  God promises to help us as we seek to honor Him and walk wisely in this life.  We can trust that even when we’re unaware of our needs or impending disasters that lay before us, God knows the way. He is at work, sending words of hope, protecting his children, attending to our needs, bringing justice and mercy to our land, drawing us closer to himself, and encouraging us to walk wisely, be aware, and live fully for Him.   A wonderful story has been told by a Moravian missionary in connection with angelic protection! An American missionary and his wife bravely went to their station, where, twenty years before, two missionaries had been killed by the natives. They said as they took up their work it seemed as if often they were surrounded not only by the hostile natives, but by the very powers of darkness. These powers of darkness were so real, that night after night they were forced to get up and strengthen their hearts by reading the Word of God. Again, they would pray.   One day a man came and said, "I would like to see your watchmen close at hand." The missionary replied: "I have no watchmen; I have only a cook and a little herd boy. What watchmen do you mean?” The man asked permission to look through the missionaries home. Every corner of the house was carefully searched, and the man came out of the house greatly disappointed. Then the missionary asked the man to tell him about the watchmen to whom he referred. Here is the man's answer; "When you and your wife came here we determined to kill you as we did the missionaries twenty years ago. Night after night we came to carry out our intentions, but there always stood around your house a double row of watchmen with glittering weapons, and we dared not come near.” “At last we hired a professional assassin, who said he feared neither God nor devil. Last night he came close to your house-we followed at a distance and he was brandishing his spear. There stood the shining watchmen, and the killer fled in terror. So we have given up our purpose to kill you, but tell me, who are the watchmen?”   The missionary opened the Word of God and read:  The angel of he LORD encamps around those that fear him, and delivers them. - Psalm 34:7  Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him. - Deuteronomy 33:12 The Lord had hidden them.   - Jeremiah 36:26   God often works in ways we can’t fully see, sometimes behind the scenes or with unexpected timing, yet he’s always working on our behalf. Whether we realize it or not, there’s a spiritual realm constantly around us.  May God give us eyes to see clearly that angels are among us and that God is working miracles, even today.   Let’s Pray Together For God’s Divine Protection Father, I thank you for the great authority and protection you have given your children in the person of Jesus Christ. Even as we go out into the world, your promise remains true to us. Nothing shall, by any means, hurt us. All authority in heaven and earth has been given to you, Lord Jesus, leaving none for the devil and his angels. Thank you for your divine protection and covering. You have put your angels in charge concerning us, to guard us in all our ways. You have sent your angels down to your true loyal children to rescue us from danger. Your angels will lift us up and keep us from harm, as we choose to trust in you and obey your promptings and warnings in an instant! Thank you, that by faith in the work you have done, we are protected and secure, everywhere we go! Amen!     Duplication and sharing of this writing is welcomed, as long as the complete message, Website, podcast link and information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank You! 2023 "THE MESSENGER"  - Mary Lindow   If you would be so kind and assist Mary helping her to meet other administrative needs such as website and podcast costs, or desire to bless her service in ministry with Spirit-led Love gifts or regular support:   Please JOYFULLY send your gift in the form of:  ► Personal Checks ► Business Checks ► Money Orders ► Cashiers Checks To:  His Beloved Ministries Inc.  PO Box 1253 Denver, Colorado 80614  USA    Or feel free to use our send a tax-deductible gift with Pay Pal  Under the name of - His Beloved Ministries Inc.    ALL gifts are tax-deductible under His Beloved Ministries 5013c non-profit status.   We are financially accountable and have been in full compliance since 1985 with Clergy Financial Advantage. THANK YOU! 💟
Jan 22 2023
By the Holy Spirit through Mary Lindow   "Whoever obeys his command will come to no harm,  and the wise heart will know the proper time and procedure. For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter,  though a man's misery weighs heavily upon him." Ecclesiastes 8:5-6   NOTE: At the end of this podcast there is a short spontaneous song of the Lord that was recorded in a small studio several years ago. There were other wonderful and gifted percussionists and musicians joining in as the Holy Spirit moved through us all and gave me the beautiful melody and orchestral keyboard accompaniment. My hope is that it will stir your heart to worship and be even hungrier for the Presence of the Lord in your life. In all of our lives as believers, we face times and settings where there is a feeling of being pulled and tested, stretched, and restrained. Often, during these excruciating events, those who avoid personal character development tend to give unrestrained advice, spiritualized platitudes, and often, trumped up words of so-called prophetic inspiration to help us not suffer so! As we begin to see the Lord's plan in all of this we also come to understand that if we are not first hearing His voice, His heart, His word in the matters that are straining us, nothing any man or woman says can bring the ultimate light of clarity and release! 
  We all face seasons of change that correspond much like the four seasons we observe yearly. Nothing is more surprising than to have an interruption of what we presume to be what is "normal" for an earthly expectation, in one of those seasons. When a sudden ice snow storm blows in unexpected in the late spring in the Colorado fruit growing regions and encrusts the tender blooms on fruit trees and garden plants, we are devastated by the loss of not only the blooms, but also the fruit it could have produced. It appears as if there has been a cruel storm sent to cause crop failure.   WHAT IS THIS CURRENT SEASON OF DIVINE TENSION ALL ABOUT? For many who are hearing or reading this message, you feel as if you have experienced a "Crop failure," perhaps several, and just can’t take one more aching disappointment. Many hearts have passed their tender agonies to me on paper, in emails, texts, and through the telephone.   ANGUISH HAS ITS OWN PERFUME  I too have heard the whispers of the voices of darkness try to entice, with wearisome words of worry, paranoia and doubting! "Give up!" they say! "What good is this time of shaking doing?" "What possible good can come out of believing that there is something occurring that will bring a fresh advancement when all seems to have stalled or strained?” And yet, another set of voices would tempt with words of esteem whispering; "Make it happen!  Proclaim mighty deeds and things to come with fervor, flair and well-honed words of impact! Use it or lose it! Promote, push, and publish! It is all yours for the taking!"   BOTH OF THESE VOICES COME FROM THE SUBTLETIES OF THE SOUL AND WELL OILED SPIRITUAL VOICES TRAINED BY THE PRINCE OF LIES AND FLESHLY IMPULSE.   But. In the midst of these strains and attempts to distract comes a clear undeniable "Divine Tension" that pulls and stretches the heart of the humbled believer. It calls simply, firmly, and does not lack a depth of confidence and direction. This “Presence” causes a clash with all that seems to be "the way of man" and will not relent.   THE EARTH IS IN TURMOIL
 It doesn't take much to understand that the earth is in upheaval, rivalry, and chaos wherever we look. There is a tangible and penetrating "tension" in the events we are seeing unfold every day. Parallel to this explosion of pure evil and lulling to sleep of many, there is a Divine Course being laid out for those who have come to the end of them.   ETERNITY IS IN THE SIGHTS OF THOSE LOOKING TO A KINGDOM YET UNSEEN. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have been preparing a bride.  This is done only through the shaping tools of heavenly choice. The chisel and hammer have been at times brutal and unflinching, yet, when the soft hand of The Almighty begins to apply the oil of polishing, He does it with His own hand as well. He makes it beautiful in His own timing, even though the “Divine Tension” seems as if it might cause us to "snap" under the pressure of His hand, smoothing away the roughness of our thoughts and soul's intentions.   Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; Yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.   HEARING, REFINING, HEEDING
  The King of all Glory is training those who have been thrust on the altar of fire to hear from Him as one who strains to catch the song of a bird in distant meadow. It takes the "spiritual ear" and training it to identify even the slightest note or sound, however distant, and to learn to silence the sounds and voices of distraction until the  "honing in" on the sound, the glorious sound of peace, finally directs and sustains us with all that we hear. And then, having drunk deeply of the Voice of the Beloved and Divine Counselor, quickly, without mental filing way of instructions or overthinking, we move and heed His mapping out of plans for this appointed time.   RISING FROM THE ASHES OF THE REFINING OF GOD
 So! Unto those who hear this word from heaven, claiming you are one of Heaven's very own, know that you are being formed and fashioned into sober, clean containers, prepared for infilling. My Spirit will fall upon those who are not seeking to lay claim to My voice, but instead HEED My voice and SEEK My face.  They shall be examples of purity in My Kingdom and will not strive among the self-promoting and “wordy". The broken will be safe in the arms of these who have passed through the current season of being pulled and tested, stretched and restrained and they will restore the devastated. My "faithful hearts" will not be compelled to build agendas for Me and My Presence, because I will BE the Presence that creates the Manifestations of Glory and Might in the earth, without the fanfares of men. YOU HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO DESPERATION IN ORDER THAT I MIGHT RESTORE YOU TO INSPIRED LIVING, IN FULL FELLOWSHIP WITH ME. Isaiah 61 The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, Because the LORD has anointed me To preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, To proclaim freedom for the captives And release from darkness for the prisoners, To proclaim the year of the Lords’ favor And the day of vengeance of our God, To comfort all who mourn,  And provide for those who grieve in Zion To bestow on them a crown of beauty Instead of ashes, the oil of gladness, Instead of mourning, And a garment of praise, Instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, A planting of the LORD For the display of his glory and splendor.   Duplication and sharing of this writing is welcomed, as long as the complete message, Website, podcast link and information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank You! 2023 "THE MESSENGER"  - Mary Lindow   If you would be so kind and assist Mary helping her to meet other administrative needs such as web site and podcast costs, or desire to bless her service with Spirit-led Love gifts or regular support: Please JOYFULLY send your gift in the form of:  ► Personal Checks ► Business Checks ► Money Orders ► Cashiers Checks To:  His Beloved Ministries Inc. 
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”The Timing of God and His Impeccable Attention To Details”
Dec 31 2022
”The Timing of God and His Impeccable Attention To Details”
By Mary Lindow Today’s podcast is one that I am going to share with you about “another wonderful story” of how the Holy Spirit can prompt us to do things for others at the most uncanny times, and as if they were perfectly orchestrated years and years beforehand. And, of course, the Lord knows the heart desire of every one of his children, but he often uses his own children to help bring about the heart’s desire for many other people by being obedient and acting when the Holy Spirit in first Corinthians says, “Don’t you know that your body is a temple that belongs to the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit, whom you received from God, lives in you. You don’t belong to yourselves.” 1 Corinthians 6:19   IT WAS NEAR CHRISTMAS TIME, and a local Women’s Aglow group, which happened to be a good sized chapter, was having a Christmas ladies luncheon and asked if I would come in and be their keynote speaker. The room was decorated beautifully and of course the tables were festive for the holiday! As I was sitting at the table next to the team members and the president of the group, there was a conversation about the beautiful table settings. I was just listening and enjoying hearing them talk about how they went about getting everything ready, and why they wanted to make it so nice for so many other women that were coming, because many of them worked full-time jobs and didn’t get a chance to come and partake of beautiful things during the holidays because they were also busy mothers.   ONE OF THE LADIES BY THE NAME OF BILLY WAS SHARING WITH EVERYONE THAT SHE HAD JUST GONE SHOPPING WITH HER DAUGHTER A FEW WEEKS AGO, and they had picked out Wedding China for her daughter and her husband, because her daughter was going to be married in the spring. She went on to say that she never did get to have Wedding China as a young bride and wanted her daughter to have a beautiful experience and opportunity to have a beautiful table.   I THOUGHT, "WHAT A WONDERFUL THING THIS WAS THAT THIS WOMAN WAS GETTING CHINA FOR HER DAUGHTER, AND THAT SHE HAD NEVER HAD WEDDING CHINA HERSELF." She went on to mention that she had picked out a special pattern herself as a young bride, but that it was just not possible for her family and friends to give wedding china at that point, because it was a very frugal wedding, and other wedding gifts were more important. I sat there and wondered about how wonderful it was for her as a mother, to be so concerned that her daughter would have a beautiful table to set with beautiful things, when she herself had never had any. Now, it was time for me to get up and share my Christmas message so I did, and afterwards told her how beautiful her story was to me about her daughter, and proceeded to go home for the day. On my way home, I began to remember that I have been given an entire set a Fine China from a dear friend, whom I had come to know while I was in Bible College.   NOW, THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING! This dear, godly, lovely man would take on students to help with jobs or different kinds of projects in his home or, other derelict properties that he would buy, and train them and also pay them so they could pay for their Bible college fees. He had been in the military with a high clearance type of job, and although he had wanted to marry, he knew that he would never be able to be home enough to justify caring for a bride. At 63 he began to take students into his home for meals and storytelling, and developing them for skill sets. He had been a trainer for all kinds of business components of the military. WHEN I MET HIM WHEN IMMEDIATELY HAD A BOND because he was also a gifted musician, and had a love for Fine art and Fine China. He would go to the thrift stores or take me along and different places where very wealthy Texans would drop off Crystal and China and dishes and silver that they were no longer using. So he was forever scouting out Havilland china pieces or different kinds of China to add to his collection. I went on to meet my husband and marry him later and we moved to Illinois. (That’s where my husbands from.) THIS LOVELY MAN BY THE NAME OF ALAN would occasionally sent boxes of pieces of things that he would find to add to a side of China for me, and I did have wedding China of my own. At one time we had three full sets of Fine China and I wasn’t sure what to do with all of it! Then came two boxes that he had found of a 1950s china pattern that he thought was exquisite! I had opened the boxes and noticed there were eight place settings, eight cups and saucers, eight salad plates, eight serving plates, and also a creamer and sugar set as well as a large serving bowl.   SOMEHOW, I NEVER FELT LIKE THESE WERE TO BELONG TO ME, and I really didn’t have storage for them. So, I put them away in a cupboard thinking that someday if we moved and I had a China hutch for them, I would use them as spring dishes. They had a platinum rim, they were white and off to the right side there was a spray of flowers that had a lot of teal and a little bit of touch of pink and a hint of orange, and of course soft green.   STEVE AND I WERE THEN CALLED TO GO HELP PIONEER A CHURCH IN MISSOURI, so we packed everything up and moved those dishes and everything else to Missouri. And understand these dishes have been shipped from Dallas Texas to Illinois. Now they were taking a trip to Missouri!   ABOUT TWO YEARS LATER STEVE AND I DECIDED THAT WE WERE GOING TO MOVE BACK TO DENVER, COLORADO BECAUSE THE LORD HAD PROMPTED US TO DO SO. So once again, we packed everything up and moved to Denver. There I was in Denver speaking at a Women’s Aglow Christmas banquet luncheon and I hear this woman-discussing find China for her daughter.   NOW! BACK TO ME ON MY WAY HOME.  The thought came to me, (prompted by the Holy Spirit) “Why don’t you give that set of China to Billy? What a wonderful Christmas gift it would be to gift to her, and she would have a lovely set of China for her own home.” I was absolutely thrilled to think that this would belong to someone else, and that the Lord would want me to give it to them. But I wasn’t sure if it was a pattern she would want or not.   BUT THE PERSISTENT NUDGING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT… … WOULD NOT GO AWAY!   I went into our basement storage area and found the two boxes and everything was still pristine and in great condition. I wrote a quick card, and told her that I felt like the Lord wanted me to give these to her after listening to her conversation about buying China for her daughter and then that I just wanted to bless her with it so she would have a beautiful table at Christmas time. I did get a hold of her telephone number and called and told her that I was having my husband and two little boys run some boxes by, just a little something for her. Would she be home? She said of course she would and she said she was “quite intrigued”. I BUNDLED UP THE BOXES AND HELPED MY HUSBAND GET THE TWO LITTLE BOYS INTO THE CAR AND OFF THEY WENT TO DO THE DELIVERY. I was downstairs folding laundry, and just thinking about how much I hoped it blessed her, and that she would be tickled that the lord thought of her.    NOW COMES THE MOST EXCITING PART! The phone starts ringing and I went upstairs and I missed it. (This is back when Cell Phones were way too expensive for everyone and we still had a landline with a long cord!) Then the phone started ringing again, so I quickly answered the phone, and on the other end, there was the sound of someone gasping and crying! Now Being a pastor's wife, we often received calls from people who were in distress or who were needing prayer, so, I began to saying, “Hello? Who’s there? Can I help you?” Finally, the person on the end of the line was able to clear their throat and gather their emotions, and it was Billy the lady who Steve had dropped the China off to.   SHE BEGAN SAYING, “OH MARY! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!” And of course I didn’t, and I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing, but I could tell that she was overcome! She then began to tell me that when the boxes arrived, she was tickled to think that someone thought of her, and my husband said my wife wanted to give these to you and wish you a Merry Christmas. But, when she closed the door and went to open the packages, she reached in and pulled out one of the dinner plates that was in a slotted cardboard area. The China pattern was the EXACT China pattern that she had wanted as a young bride, but never had. It had the platinum rim that she had desired to have on her pattern! And there were eight place settings, just enough for her Christmas table and her family that was coming to feast. Also, she was able to set a beautiful place setting and table, for the Mother of the Groom, who was going to come and visit.   THIS WOMAN WAS WEEPING AND LAUGHING, AND COULD NOT BELIEVE THAT THE LORD WOULD HAVE HELD ONTO THIS CHINA FOR HER ALL THESE YEARS. I told her that they have been given to me and shipped from Dallas to Illinois to Missouri to Denver. Imagine! The Lord had shipped those dishes, and had me move them “strategically”, until they got into the hands of the woman that he had planned to bless them with!   MY FRIENDS, GOD KNOWS THE DESIRES OF OUR HEARTS even down to the simple things like Fine China, and he knows that soft and beautiful things, in specific times of our life are so necessary, to show us how lavish and beautiful his care and love for us is.   THE STORY GOES ON BECAUSE MANY OF HER FRIENDS THEN BEGAN TO HEAR THE STORY ABOUT “THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE CHINA”, and they began to give her serving pieces that matched, or Silver pieces or Crystal, and one friend even gave her a set of family silverware to accompany her beautiful table. Everyone wanted to get in on the beautiful moment!   WHEN STEVE CAME HOME, WE JUST PUT OUR ARMS AROUND EACH OTHER AND LAUGHED AND CRIED at the joy of knowing the Lord had those dishes, literally moved and sent on his behalf, to this darling woman.   I WANT TO ENCOURAGE YOU TO NEVER, EVER, MINIMIZE THE FACT, THE HOLY SPIRIT ASKS YOU TO DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE. It could be something as simple as giving them a beautiful scarf that you are no longer wearing, or perhaps you have tools in your garage that you’re not using. IT’S IN THE ACT OF GIVING THAT THE PRESENCE OF GOD COMES DOWN AND TRANSFORMS WHAT WE ARE GIVING, INTO HOPE.     GIVING IS NOT THE NATURE OF THE DARK WORLD! Taking and grasping and hoarding is from the dark part of the world. But we as believers are to give freely because we have freely received everything we could ever need to save us from the doom and darkness of this world. When Christ himself came and gave his life as a lamb, as a child, he gave his life to us in the form of an infant so that when his day to die up on the cross came; he could truly say that he experienced life like we have, from cradle to grave.   AS WE ALL BEGIN TO DE-CLUTTER AND PUT AWAY CHRISTMAS ITEMS, I would encourage you to look at through the lens of what you have, and ask the Lord, “Is this something that I need to be sharing with someone else?” Is there another set of silverware in your house that you are not using that another family might need? Do you have several pairs of sports tennis shoes that you purchased and realized you don’t like them and they’re practically brand new?   FIND A FAMILY, FIND SOMEONE WHO NEEDS THEM. And yes, you have to look for them sometimes, but the Lord will direct your path because you are led by the Holy Spirit and you belong to Him, and the Holy Spirit wastes NOTHING!   WE ARE LIVING IN A TIME WHERE THE BODY OF CHRIST IS BEING CHAMPIONED AND CHALLENGED TO LEARN HOW TO CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER AND MEET ONE ANOTHER’S NEEDS SO THAT NONE ARE LACKING. There’s no place in the Bible that talks about hoarding or keeping everything to us. None whatsoever. But it does talk about sharing and at times, “sacrificial giving to others” so that they may know the love of Christ. I encourage you to go through your canned goods to look at your bedding, sheets, extra coats, and by all means that dozens of Bibles that we all have sitting on our shelves in abundance! There are those who would give anything to have a new Bible or perhaps a warmer winter coat.   WE CANNOT LOOK DOWN ON THOSE WHO ARE SLIGHTLY IMPOVERISHED OR IMPOVERISHED, BECAUSE THERE’S NOTHING "MORE GODLY" ABOUT BEING WEALTHY, THAN THERE IS ABOUT BEING POOR.   GOD JUDGES THE INTENTION OF OUR HEARTS, NOT THE ABUNDANCE OF OUR WALLETS.   THERE ARE THINGS AROUND YOU THAT THE LORD HAS PLACED WITHIN YOUR REACH and maybe even you have moved from state to state or move from one house to another that you could easily ask him about and ask him to prompt you to show you who is this to go to. You may be sitting in a restaurant and hear someone talking about something they need and you may be prompted by the Holy Spirit that you are the one that has it. It takes simple listening. It just takes simple listening! It doesn’t take a Herculean effort. But love acts!   ONCE WE SECOND-GUESS OURSELVES and never stop and buy that cup of coffee for the person in front of us that seems downtrodden. Or, we wonder if that $20 towards someone’s grocery bill in front of us makes any difference, then we miss out on the blessing. But you see it’s not for us to question the amount or the moment! It’s for us to act in loving grace and humility and kindness, and in that moment change the world!   HEAVEN COMES DOWN AND MEETS THE NEED AND KISSES SOMEONE’S HEART WITH HOPE, AND HE USES US TO DO IT.   I wish you all a beautiful week as you prepare  for this up-and-coming year. My message after the first of the year is going to talk about “Peace in the midst of chaos” because the world is becoming more chaotic, and unfortunately the world is covered with a gross darkness right now. Believers need to be strengthened encouraged not to quit, not to hide, and certainly not to hoard! I BLESS YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS AND I PRAY NOW THAT HE WILL TOUCH YOU AND GUIDE YOU AND SHOW YOU WHAT TO DO WITH THE THINGS THAT YOU DO HAVE, THAT YOU CAN GIVE FREELY. And, perhaps there are things that you are feeling a tug at your heart that you need to give but they’re going to cause a little pain to give away. That’s OK! The Lord does love, sacrificial, giving, and above all, he loves a joyful giver!   THERE IS NOTHING MORE JOYFUL THAN TO SEE THE ABSOLUTE SURPRISE AND DELIGHT ON THE FACE OF SOMEONE THAT YOU HAVE BLESSED IN KINDNESS, AND WITHOUT FANFARE.   Have a beautiful and Happy New Year, but above all, pray that the Lord would show you what he has to say to you in 2023 specifically for your life  and what kind of assignments he has for you.   THE CHURCH IS BEING CALLED UP TO BE THE FULL ARMORED BODY OF CHRIST, AND MY FRIENDS THAT MEANS YOU AND I. Goodbye for now please go to my website at where you can listen to this podcast directly there or you can read and listen to other things that I have posted there and a few videos. I say thank you to all of you who have been so gracious to send beautiful Christmas cards and little notes in the mail and also emails with encouraging words, sharing what these podcasts and stories I’ve been doing mean to you. And I thank those of you who have been prompted by the Lord to support this next year of ministry. Your response has been a bit overwhelming and I thank you for your help, and also I think you more than anything for your prayers for I truly do feel them. God bless all of you.   Duplication and sharing of this message is welcomed provided that complete article, podcast and website information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank You! 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“A “Chosen” Moment In Time - An Act Of Obedience - A Life Changed Forever”
Dec 14 2022
“A “Chosen” Moment In Time - An Act Of Obedience - A Life Changed Forever”
by Mary Lindow TODAY’S PODCAST IS ONE OF SEVERAL THAT I WILL BE DOING IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS WHICH I TRUST WILL ENHANCE YOUR CHRISTMAS SEASON, EVEN THOUGH THE MESSAGE IS ONE FOR ANY SEASON! I am compelled by the Holy Spirit to share with you, some very tender and beautiful moments where the Lord moved upon my husband, and I to obey the spirit of God promptly, and out of doing this God did great and amazing things! I also want to thank those of you that have been so consistent in helping me to produce podcasts. I am now reaching through the grace of God 60 countries freely, and also have been picked up by dozens of different podcast organizations. It does cost me to have to produce and publish these because they have to be parked somewhere. So again, I thank you and I know that at times it is difficult to give, and I do not take it lightly. It does help me do what I do because without you, I would have to stop!   NOW LET’S BEGIN WITH TODAY’S EXCITING “GOD STORY” PODCAST. My husband and I were given tickets to attend any movie of choice that we wanted to. Of course there’s not much to choose from out there anymore that isn’t filled with all kinds of trashy material and narratives which we just simply choose not to support. So, we were thrilled to find out that Season Three of the tremendously well done epic cinematic story of the apostles and Jesus, the epic production of “The Chosen“ was showing at our local theater! They were releasing the first two episodes of Season Three! We had just recently returned from a trip, and I had just returned from ministering at two different conferences. We were both a little tired, and to be honest, weary with the world. At the same time when we came home a day or two later after the last trip, my husband was rushed to the emergency room with excruciating pain, and we found out that he had a very large kidney stone. That night after 10 hours, we came home, I was sitting in our living room praying and just trying to be quiet and calm myself, and I heard a strange noise downstairs in our lower level closet area. I heard a grinding and a popping and hissing sound. Something was not right with our furnace!   COLORADO WINTER WAS UPON US AND THE FURNACE WAS NOT BEHAVING! I went downstairs and could not see that the gas pilot was lighting, nor was there anything remotely close to heat coming out of it, so I just assumed that the pilot light was out. To cut to the chase, there were no parts to repair our furnace due to supply chain issues, and the potential for us having had carbon monoxide poisoning going on was high! We were grateful that the Lord alerted us to this! But we were NOT happy that we were going to have to replace an entire furnace system, and up to the new specifications for “green energy requirements“ in Colorado.   WHAT AN ABSOLUTE HORRIBLE THING TO HAPPEN BEFORE CHRISTMAS! RIGHT? And, we had just finally caught up on paying for the last of Steve’s Father’s care in assisted living, as he had just passed away in March. He was 96 years old, and of course had planned to take care of himself, but no one knew he would live to such a ripe age of 96! So, we were feeling a little bit out of sorts and overwhelmed and COLD and decided that we would go to the movie and just enjoy something where the presence of God was allowed to flow, as well as something that was going to be meaningful and purposeful during this difficult time we were in, once again.   WE WERE SCHEDULED TO SEE THE MOVIE AT 1:45 PM IN THE AFTERNOON. As we walked into the theater, there was no one else IN the theater but Steve and I! We did arrive a few minutes early but as time passed, it was obvious we were at an afternoon matinee close to the end of the time they were going to show this film. So, we just sat there and held hands and watched all the previews of wonderful new films that were coming out by Christian groups and their animations for children.    THEN, OFF TO THE SIDE... ...WE NOTICED A YOUNG MAN COME IN THE DOOR. He had to be in his mid-20s, and certainly not any older than 30. He was dressed in a white snapback baseball cap, a white hoodie with red and black graphics of some type on the front, and off-white khaki type colored jeans and white tennis shoes with black laces. Now, I noticed all of this because there was not another single person to pay attention to at that point! Just a minute or two later another couple who were fragile and older, probably in their mid 80s, came in and sat far off to the side.   THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION WAS AS IF TIME WAS SUSPENDED, as we watched our own lives passing before us, as the Lord had called us so many years ago, individually as young people, and then as a married couple into the service of the King. The hardships, the “iron sharpening iron” dialogs that shaped and fashioned our marriage. And nd the things that the Lord needed to prune away in order for us to be better, used by his plan and hands.   WE COULD FEEL THE “DIVINE TENSION” BUILDING,and we knew that this production had been created for this very time in the earth. We sat in our seats and wept, and prayed for our world and our nation. We asked God to help us to be strong and to not be afraid, and that he would use us until our very last breath.   Toward the end of the production, there was a clear understanding, that the disciples and the women who were followers of Jesus knew that this next phase of ministry they were called to, was going to be very sobering and very difficult, and, that the pressure from external governments (the Romans) and then dealing with the religious dictators of the day among them Pharisees/Sanhedrin, it was pressing in on all of them.   THEY WERE BEING CALLED TO COMPLETELY ABANDON ALL OF THEIR OWN PLANS, and all of their own desires and everything they owned in order to be sent out two by two, to go preach the gospel. We watched them struggle to figure out how food was going to be provided and more, even though they had seen Jesus multiply in the crowds. We watched Peter and his wife look at each other, wondering if they would ever have the children they were longing for. And yet, we also watched Matthew the tax collector have a redemptive reconciliation with his parents (who had previously, literally, disowned him), because they too had come to be followers of Jesus. It’s uncanny that the words “The Chosen” are the key words that define the name of this production.   BEFORE I GO INTO THE NEXT PART, WHICH IS THE ABOUT COMMAND OF THE LORD AND SUPERNATURAL PART OF THE SUPERNATURAL EVENT, THAT TOOK PLACE, I would like to tell you that you can download the app on your phone or onto your computer and watch   season one and season two of the chosen absolutely for no cost. This entire production has been funded by crowdfunding only. It is the largest crowdfunded, crowd-sourced production ever to be done. How absolutely amazing of the Lord to have this kind of an event to be produced during the most difficult and tumultuous times that we are all now experiencing in this current era!   SO NOW, BACK TO THE STORY! Steve and I sat there very quietly once the movie had ended. The older couple had left. We were just watching the credits, listening to the music and quite honestly crying and being shaken by all that we have been experiencing lately with so many deaths, the hardships of travel and ministry and strange beds, and so many people hungry for a word, or a touch from the Lord and us knowing we have very human limits. We were weary from funerals that we had been attending or hearing about from the multiple deaths during the Wuhan COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Drug overdoses, many suicides.    WE HAD BEEN WORKING IN PASTORAL COUNSELING WORK WITH SOME EXTREMELY DEVASTATING AND HARD CASES WHERE WE KNEW THAT WE HAD STRETCHED OUR LIMITS TO THE FINAL POINT, AND ONLY GOD COULD DO THE FINAL WORK. And of course, burying Steve’s father in the spring, after having recently buried his mother during Covid, and not being able to see her was still weighing on our hearts. And then there was that shocking expense of that new furnace and entire new venting system. UGH! We were absolutely weeping over the movie, identifying with the struggles of the apostles and disciples, as well as contemplating this time in our lives, and what God needed to do to assist us as well!   Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement and I noticed the young man was now coming down the steps, and was going to exit the theatre.   As he went around the corner out into the hallway to exit, the Holy Spirit, clearly spoke to me, “Go after him! I want you to say something to him! I sent you here to this specific, showing so that you would see him.”   SO! I QUICKLY GOT OUT OF MY SEAT AND TOOK OFF AFTER HIM, and as the door was closing to the cinema entry section that we had just been in, I shouted, “Excuse me! Excuse me!” I made it to the door and outside of the door, because the young man had heard me and held it open. I simply looked in the young man’s eyes, and I said, “I feel that the Lord wanted me to come out and speak to you. He has something he wants me to tell you and I would be wrong if I did not take the time to stop and obey him.” I asked the young man if it was OK if I told him what I felt, I was to say to him, and he said,  “Yes, please!” very politely.   I BEGAN TO TELL HIM THAT HE WAS SENT TO THE MOVIE THEATER AT THE VERY SAME TIME WE WERE BECAUSE GOD WANTED TO MAKE SURE THAT SOMEONE SAW HIM, THAT WE SAW HIM, AND THAT THE THINGS GOD NEEDED TO SAY TO HIM WERE DELIVERED.   ABOUT THE TIME, I SAID THAT I WAS ABSOLUTELY HIT WITH AN UNUSUALLY STRONG SENSE OF TREMBLING. Now, when I minister to people, or when I am in a prophetic vein of ministry, whether I’m teaching, or whether I am literally delivering words of knowledge, words of wisdom or songs of the Lord, I am aware of an intense presence and weight of the glory of the Lord, but this was definitely different.   I WASN’T SURE I COULD FINISH WHAT I WAS SAYING TO HIM. I WAS LITERALLY WEEPING AND SHAKING TRYING TO TELL THIS YOUNG MAN WHAT GOD WANTED TO SAY TO HIM. And so I spoke in my weakness, and absolutely in this undone state that I was in. The Holy Spirit began to tell him that he himself is one of the chosen of God. That he has been called to minister to his people, to his own culture of people.(Side-note: I’m not sure if he was First Native/First Nations Individual or of Asian descent or a combination of both, but his features seemed to indicate that.)    The Holy Spirit then had me say to him, “you don’t know how you’re going to pull this off.”  You don’t know how you’re going to get to the people but the Lord says to tell you that he has called you and that you are being positioned and prepared and you were sent here today to receive this confirmation.” The Holy Spirit said to tell him, “You can do this! You can do this because I have called you and have chosen you and I have set you apart. I’ve set you aside to do this work for me. You’ve been struggling and you’ve been wrestling with the Lord today and asked Him to speak to you. The Lord says to you that he will give you the courage and the strength and the ability to do what he has called you to do.”   “YOU ARE NOT TO BE AFRAID AND YOU’RE NOT TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK. You simply step in and obey and begin to minister to those around you and the Lord is going to make the way for you. He’s going to open the doors and prepare the way for you. Then again, the Holy Spirit said, “Don't be afraid and question how God is going to do this, because you have been chosen, and we were sent to you today to tell you this.” I had told him that I had been a pastor that I had been a missionary, and continue to mentor, as well as do pastoral counseling, and have worked many hard side jobs, even now as we still serve the Lord.   I also told him it is not easy!   I told him that it will take great courage, and it will take great faith that only comes from God to be able to want to even continue. Especially during the times that you see the impossible as impossible to handle! But, that He would not be alone. That the Holy Spirit will come and give him the strength and speak to him and tell him what to do. Because He, is Chosen.   HE WAS WEEPING, AND GENTLY AND HUMBLY HAD HIS HEAD BOWED. THIS IS A YOUNG MAN GOD IS PREPARING TO USE, IN THIS TIME IN THE EARTH! HE WAS HUMBLE, AND HE WAS WILLING TO RECEIVE.   I asked him if I could pray for him and lay my hand on him. He nodded his head and said, “Yes, please! Please!” Now about this time Steve had come out the side door himself, and stood off to the side, and was praying in the spirit because he could tell that I was engaged, and he didn’t want to break the flow of what God was doing.   I GENTLY LAID MY HAND ON THE YOUNG MAN’S SHOULDER NEAR HIS COLLARBONE, and began to pray for him, and ask the Holy Spirit to impart and infuse him with great courage and great wisdom, and great direction during this time in his life. That he would surround him with people who would cheer him on, but also help him to be strong and accountable so he would not be taken out by the temptations that often come to young people in ministry, as well as anyone in ministry! Again, the power of God and the presence of God was so strong he and I both were shaking and weeping. This was as if a commissioning of God was taking place right there in that side lobby of a movie theater. And yet there was no one else observing this! Well, no one else in “the natural”,     except Steve, but it was as if the heavens opened up and there was a shaft of divine glory and a commissioning of the Lord taking place over this young man.   This year Steve and I have had the opportunity to ordain someone who served the Lord alongside us for many years, and then moved to another state. On top of that, the Lord has been sending us more and more individuals for mentoring and training and we believe there will be more commissioning and more ordaining in the days ahead because God is beginning to send out more and more people who have served faithfully, without ever having had a title or a position named out in a church function or a church body. They just continue to do the works of the Spirit of God without fanfare.   AND SO IT SEEMED AS IF THIS WAS ANOTHER DIVINE, UNSCRIPTED APPOINTMENT OF THE LORD. As I finished praying with this young man, I just put my arm around his neck and hugged him and told him that, “He could do this! God is with you!” He held on to me and was weeping and kept saying, “Thank you, thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much this means. Thank you!”  And then he simply took off down the hallway and went out the door to the parking lot.   Once again, Steve and I stood there and I had to go lean against a wall for a few minutes, because the presence of God was so very tangibly strong. I was saying to the Lord, “Here we  are Lord! Use us to your fullest!” Steve began to say the same things.  “Lord, we are weary, we are poured out, and we are tired! Yet, your presence and your power and your strength comes and ignites the fire to once again deliver the word of the Lord to whoever you send to us!”   We finally got ourselves together and decided to go to a nearby restaurant called Red Robin and split a hamburger and a salad. We had a few space heaters that we were going to use in our home to keep it warm while waiting for this furnace situation to be addressed, and quite honestly, we just didn’t want to go home to a cold house and cook dinner and try to warm everything up all at the same time.    I was still very tender hearted and contemplating as we came into the restaurant and sat down at the table.We were quiet and we were thinking of what just happened and just sat there for a bit until our waitress came. She looked at me and asked me if I was OK! I smiled at her and I said, “I’m actually really wonderful, but we just had an intense experience watching a movie and it has tremendously moved us emotionally and we’ve got a lot to think about.”   AND GUESS WHAT? She looked at us and said, “What happened? What movie was this?” And once again, that power of God dropped down on us. With tears pouring down my face, I told her about what “The Chosen” was. Now, this girl was not a believer! But! She tenderly looked at me and she said, “I need something like this !I need something meaningful! I need something that I can enjoy and that helps me to feel better during the Christmas season!” So I told her about the app, I told her about the season one and two being a free opportunity to watch. She said she wanted to watch season one and two, first, and then she would go with her friends to watch season three because she thinks her friends might need to see it too. We then ordered our meal and just sat there and looked at each other again and said this is what we live for! YAY GOD!!! Several times throughout the meal she came by and just stood there and wanted to talk to us. You could tell she was feeling something, she was sensing something.   She was sensing what her soul was longing for, and that was safety in the presence of the Lord and safety in the presence of his people.   She didn’t know how to define it, but she was longing for it. As we got ready to leave, she came over and thanked us and told us how much it meant for her to talk with us and meet us at that time.   STEVE AND I GOT OUT INTO THE CAR AND JUST SAT THERE AGAIN IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD, KNOWING THAT WE WERE SPECIFICALLY SET APART FOR THAT VERY DAY, FOR THOSE TWO INDIVIDUAL SOULS TO HEAR OF THE HOPE AND THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT OF CHRIST.   WE KNOW THAT WE ARE IN A TIME RIGHT NOW WHERE GOD IS LOOKING BACK-AND-FORTH ACROSS THE EARTH FOR HIS PEOPLE WHO HAVE PREPARED AND WHO DISCIPLE AND TO TRAIN OTHERS. BUT ABOVE ALL, HE’S LOOKING FOR THOSE WHO HEAR THE VOICE OF THE  HOLY SPIRIT AND OBEY THE VOICE OF THE SPIRIT PROMPTLY.   MY DEAR LISTENERS! I CAN TELL YOU THAT SOME OF THINGS THE HOLY SPIRIT IS TELLING YOU TO DO OR NOT TO DO IS CRUCIAL IN THIS TIME THAT WE ARE LIVING IN. If you have even the slightest hesitation inside of you about something you are about to commit to, and you do not feel at peace, no matter what others think about you, you must withdraw, you must not do that thing.   WE ARE IN A TIME WHERE THE ENEMY IS LOOKING FOR WAYS TO SNARE AND TRIP UP INDIVIDUALS, TO DESTROY BELIEVERS AND GET THEM OFF THE TRACK OF HEARING THE LORD’S VOICE, AND ABOVE ALL, OBEYING THE LORD‘S VOICE.   The word of the Lord says, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” (Isaiah 30:21)   IF YOU DON’T HEAR THE VOICE OF THE LORD TELLING YOU WHICH DIRECTION TO WALK, THEN YOU DON’T MOVE. But if you do hear him, you get up and run like I did towards that individual or that situation that God is going to immerse you into.   This powerful presence that can shake our flesh to the core is what God is about to pour out upon those who are willing to hear the voice of the Lord, and no matter what the cost, no matter what the assignment, they run towards it! He is also going to bring a strong conviction over those who are moving out of his will, because they are still moving in the patterns of the things they feel they want to do for him and he has not made that way clear. Others are pushing and attempting to motivate many, into things that are not of the Lord right now.   WHAT IS THE KEY ELEMENT THAT GOD IS USING RIGHT NOW?  It is an atmosphere that you choose to step into through worship. Through worshipping, waiting in his presence, and praying and interceding. And, there will be during that time, a great presence of the Lord where there will also be much repentance and adjustment done to our souls. Why? Because God knows that the days are dark, men are evil, and human beings are easily led away from doing difficult things.   WHAT IS THE LORD IS SHOWING YOU TO DO DURING THIS SEASON? There are hundreds of thousands of people that are longing for one word of encouragement, one word of kindness and the Lord is calling up all of his troops, all of his great army of believers to be on the alert for the opportunity to let the glory of God come and move through you to reach out to those who are now facing this confusing, dark time.     LET’S PRAY TOGETHER RIGHT NOW! Heavenly Father! I pray that you help people to be strong and courageous to not be troubled nor be dismayed for in Isaiah you said, I the Lord am with you and I will hold you up with my righteous right hand!    Lord, we ask that you use us to the fullest extent of your glory until there’s nothing left in us! Oh Lord, I pray that those that who are listening to this podcast today would feel your presence drop down around them and that they too would weep and stand before you, and pray saying those words, “Here I am Lord! Send me!”  Lord I ask that you would open their eyes to see the many who are just waiting for them to come and speak to them. We adore and give you all honor today Father, in the most marvelous and mighty name of Jesus! Amen!   I truly hope that you were encouraged and inspired by this wonderful experience that I shared with you and I also hope that you will pop back in next week when I will have another amazing Christmas “Miracle story” to share with you and that it will encourage you and challenge you to take a risk and step out and let the Lord use you in the most wonderful and seemingly impossible situations! Goodbye for now! May God greatly bless you with Peace, Joy, and great Anticipation of how he’s going to use you.   Duplication and sharing of this writing is welcomed, as long as the complete message, website, podcast link and information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank You!  "2022" "THE MESSENGER"  - Mary Lindow   If you would be so kind and assist Mary, helping her to meet other administrative needs such as website and podcast costs, or desire to bless her  ministry service with Spirit-led love gifts or regular support: Please JOYFULLY send your gift in the form of:  ► Personal Checks ► Business Checks ► Money Orders ► Cashiers Checks To:  His Beloved Ministries Inc.  PO Box 1253 Denver, Colorado 80614 USA  Or feel free to use or send a tax-deductible gift with Pay Pal  Under the name of - His Beloved Ministries Inc.    ALL gifts are tax-deductible under His Beloved Ministries  501(3)c non-profit status. We are financially accountable and have been in full compliance since 1985 with Clergy Financial Advantage. THANK YOU!
”Aligned and Armored Up” - Real Relationships Are Costly - A Prophetic Word
Nov 21 2022
”Aligned and Armored Up” - Real Relationships Are Costly - A Prophetic Word
By Mary Lindow   THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS SAYING... "Be very careful whom you share your treasures with. How many pearls have you cast before piggish users in the past, only to have them ground to powder? The servant Paul the apostle was more than a new herald in the order of the day. He stirred up old systems and disturbed demonic religious strongholds. You must be ready to "power up" for years of opposition and hoards of religious factions and fractures of truth! The past years of agony have been hard soldierly-like boot camp.  Elite forces training. It will not go away.  You must simply learn that it is My duty to do the fighting for you. Just be certain that you are only speaking, ONLY SPEAKING, what I have told you to. Speak Nothing more and Speak Nothing less."   THIS IS A TIME IN THE KINGDOM  WHERE WE ALL MUST SOBERLY COUNT THE COST  OF WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO STEP INTO ON EVERY LEVEL.   If there is not the peace of the Holy Spirit resting on those whom you are involved with, don't move into anything until the peace comes. Gatherings and movements can feel real exciting and purposeful, until conflict, control, and competition show up. The apostolic and prophetic saints in Acts, fasted, ministered to the Lord, and then the Holy Spirit spoke.  We have all learned many a painful lesson in the past from experiences of over planning, programming, and hurrying to help God out!   To everything there is a season, a time.  Until you have a full green light, don't move.   It will keep you from having to backtrack and...  …It trains you in humility.   Familiar Friends OR RELATIONSHIPS? Ask yourself the following question.  "Are you simply a familiar with people or are you working in relationship with others and those whom you feel are to move into a more Kingdom minded level of Spiritual intimacy with?"   IF YOU SHARE WHAT IS PASSIONATELY BURNING IN YOUR SPIRIT WITH THOSE WHO ONLY "RELATE" ON A CASUAL SPIRITUAL LEVEL THEMSELVES…   …YOU WILL BE CONTINUALLY DEVASTATED.   Spiritual intimacy can only be as deep as those who spend the time in spiritually intimate worship, waiting, and self-examining dialog with the Father, and in relating to others of a likeminded heart.  This is not easy for busy human life!   "If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves." Philippians 2: 1-3   A PROPHETIC WORD CONCLUSION: "Hear Me", Cries the Spirit of Holy Grace and Mercy!  I desire to move upon, in, and through each of you.  Not one of you alone can endure the onslaughts of evil by standing aloof and silent. Nor can the most vocal of gifts among you clearly communicate all that I long to express. Until each one is willing to step into the Holy place of pure relationship with Me and with one another, waiting, crying out, Yes - even waiting until I come and refresh, then the generation waiting in the wings will not fully come forward. Until it is branded into your spirits that this era in time is for the saving of the lost, the redeeming of the wasted, and the release of My power, of My glory, you will be so very very frustrated by the heaviness that doggedly harasses your soul.   What I ordain, I cover. What I command, I give direction to. Be certain that you have heard what I am saying. I am fully aware of the weariness and fatigue you have been experiencing. Heavier than anything you can recall from the past.   "Do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you!"   1 Peter 4:12 There are many many others globally who are also still wrestling out of the cocoon in new birth and are suffering also. PRAY FOR THEM!   Hellish warfare will be a normal activity in the days ahead.  Unless you harness the power of consistent prayer and train yourselves in regular gatherings of passion in prayer and worship together, you will shrink back into serious doubt, anxiety, bitterness and dread, when the trauma of warfare attacks!!   GIVE VOICE TO MY SPIRIT!  Awaken your mute tongue and give voice to My name, My power and My Kingdom Solutions! No weapon formed against you will ultimately prosper!  My Spirit longs to declare wonders, to decree Justice, and to destroy darkness with your lips proclaiming from the spirit. "So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it."  - Isaiah 55:11 Speak out in truth and in praise and I will step into your midst with the peace you have been craving, and groping for.    Quickly! Enter in before you reflect and exchange ideas.  After I am given My rightful place of honor and adoration, then I will speak and give you clear vision and direction.”   "In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I will lay my requests before you,  And wait in expectation."  -Psalm 5:3   My friends, this is a word from the Lord and I encourage you to heed the word of the lord and not immediately go to the assessing and the sanitization of what some would do with a prophetic word from the Lord. He’ll show you what parts aren’t accurate or what parts aren’t fitting for you right now. But the general overview of this word is that the Lord is calling us to a place of battle, a place of prayer, a place of growth, a place of tenacity, letting go of bitterness where we feel unfairly treated, where we feel like life will never get better. These are the things that God is saying! If you want to continue to say these things, then you stand in the way of me being the ONE who is the Redeemer of time. We need to have a challenge to each believer in the Body of Christ, each of you who are servants of the Lord. Every one of you! Every person listening has an assignment from the Father at this time to tell someone else about the Lord to tell others who are feeling weak and discouraged, angry or bitter, that the need to be understanding that they are called to now grow up into the faith and to not just listen to what other people say, not be inundated with media and false narratives and lies about what Jesus says in His Word. It is time to stand in the place of trust and ask God to strengthen us in every way, yielding every ounce of our being into His care.  I bless you today in the mightiest and most powerful and Supreme, dynamic name there is ever to be, and that is the name of Jesus Christ the Messiah. We know that God is Sovereign!   Duplication and sharing of this writing is welcomed, as long as the complete message, website, podcast link and information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank You!  "2022" "THE MESSENGER"  - Mary Lindow   If you would be so kind and assist Mary, helping her to meet other administrative needs such as website and podcast costs, or desire to bless her  ministry service with Spirit-led love gifts or regular support: Please JOYFULLY send your gift in the form of:  ► Personal Checks ► Business Checks ► Money Orders ► Cashiers Checks To:  His Beloved Ministries Inc.  PO Box 1253 Denver, Colorado 80614 USA  Or feel free to use or send a tax-deductible gift with Pay Pal  Under the name of - His Beloved Ministries Inc.    ALL gifts are tax-deductible under His Beloved Ministries  501(3)c non-profit status. We are financially accountable and have been in full compliance since 1985 with Clergy Financial Advantage. THANK YOU!
“CALM AND CRISIS” - A Prophetic Insight For Today’s Troubled Times
Oct 15 2022
“CALM AND CRISIS” - A Prophetic Insight For Today’s Troubled Times
By Mary Lindow through the Holy Spirit   Jeremiah was known as the 'weeping prophet’.  Some say he was called at the age of 17.    He was called to reprove a crumbling nation. The Israelite nation.  Unfortunately for them they didn’t  listen to him. But during his day, people were so hardened by sin that they neither believed God nor feared him. They seem to find Jeremiah's constant warning of judgment overbearing and frankly, annoying.   It's the same with us now.  Those that hear our warning find us obnoxious!  But as believers we are supposed to follow God's instructions to warn a lost and dying world of upcoming judgment. Even though most are not listening, we still have to persevere in courageously speaking truth in order to rescue some from the terrible judgment that will inevitably come. If we are so easily discouraged at fighting the rude behavior of our peers what are we going to do, when we are confronted by demons?    The LORD rebukes Jeremiah for his impatience, in Jeremiah 12:5 saying,  “If you have raced with men on foot and they have tired you out, Then how can you compete with horses? If you fall down in a land of peace [where you feel secure], Then how will you do among the lions in the flooded jungle thicket beside the Jordan?”   If we are distraught when we can't make a car payment, what will we do when we lose our job? If the footmen weary you what will the horses do?   If we are distressed at the terrorism going on overseas, what will we do when it’s in our own neighborhoods? Because it already is! If the footmen weary you what will the horses do?   If we are overwhelmed with the work we have now, what will we do when a double or triple portion is required of us?  If the footmen weary you what will the horses do?   God is reminding Jeremiah (and us) that there is much more to be concerned about than what we’re complaining about .  There is something ahead of us in this season my friends that is of more concern than petty grievances against those who seem to be better off or live easier than we do.  God is telling Jeremiah “ If you are not able to encounter lesser dangers, how will you be able to overcome greater ones?”  Jesus said to us in John 16: 33 “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! Take Courage! I have overcome the world.”   It’s natural that our hardest days and most difficult trials are ahead of us, not behind us. If you are worried and in great upset about these things, what are you going to do when you are forced to face extremely difficult trials and troubles that are most certainly just around the bend?   Matthew Henry said, “The faith even of strong believers may sometimes be sorely shaken and ready to fail them. There will be storms that will try the firmest anchors.” Now, Isn’t that the truth?  Jeremiah was consumed with grief about the prosperity of the wicked in Anathoth when just in a short time He would be beaten in Jerusalem by order of the priest Pashhur (instead of worrying about the prosperity of heathens in Anathoth, he was about to be severely punished by a priest in Jerusalem).    Let's take a sneak peek of what is in store for Jeremiah: “He had Jeremiah the prophet beaten and put in the stocks at the Upper gate of Benjamin at the LORD's temple.” Jer. 20:2   God saw this coming when Jeremiah was crying about the prosperity of the wicked! If Jeremiah had known what was going to happen ahead of him, He wouldn't have wasted time complaining about the men of Anathoth. Jeremiah was concerned about something insignificant when something greater needed his attention.  And, His own family was secretly conspiring against him — they spoke well of him to his face but were trying to incite a mob against him behind his back. They seemed to be friendly but they were really his enemies.   God's faithful servants shouldn't think it's strange that their enemies are in their own family, some living under their own roof.   Jesus told us in Matthew 10:34-35  “For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man's enemies will be the members of his own household.”   So friends, If the footmen weary you what will the horses do?  I know I keep repeating the statement because it’s what the Holy Spirit would have me consistently say so that you hear the challenge and that you are strengthened to stand up and be courageous, now!   God's answer to Jeremiah was to be absolutely determined to stay solid and immovable in his walk with God, because there were bigger trials ahead of him that needed his attention. But God does let him know what will happen to Israel and her enemies. Although God punishes Israel by allowing her enemies to overtake the land, God would not let her enemies sacrilegiously use that land which belongs to Israel. Even their land is blessed! “But after I uproot them, I WILL AGAIN HAVE COMPASSION and will bring each of them back to his own inheritance and his own country.” (Jeremiah 12:15) God will again deliver his people from their enemies by uprooting them just as he did when they were suffering in Egypt.    God shows that even his enemies may receive compassion and grace. “And if they learn well the ways of my people and swear by my name, saying, 'As surely as the LORD lives' even as they once taught my people to swear by Baal – then they will be established among my people.” (v.16)   God's Expectation Is Plain.  If Israel's enemies would pay homage to God the way they did for Baal, (a dead and dumb idol) if they could humble themselves to follow the God of Israel instead of teaching Israel to follow idols they would be rewarded, but if not... “'But if any nation does not listen, I will completely uproot and destroy it,' declares the LORD” (v. 17)   God's call and Plan and Instructions for us can be summed up in  I Corinthians 16:13 “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.”    Our greatest difficulties are ahead of us, not behind us. (If our troubles were always behind us, we would never grow as a Christian.)  We mustn’t waste time complaining about petty things.  Quickly put on your helmet, take up your sword and shield, tighten your armor and get ready! Get ready to run with the horses!   God offers Jeremiah a beautifully wise word picture for him to consider.  He essentially asks Jeremiah, “If footmen weary you, what will the horses do?”    Paul referred to life as a race.  Makes sense, after all, it has a beginning, a middle, and a strong determination to finish strong. It requires endurance, patience, devotion and a resolution to finish strong. At the end of his life Paul said, “I have finished the race.” And referring to Jeremiah's race God is saying: If running with others on foot, when everything is equal, what are you going to do when they are given horses?   In this verse the prophet Jeremiah has been complaining about his persecutors. God Divinely answers, and warns Jeremiah about his impatience, and then tells him that harder trials are in store for him.  What? More distressing times?    We all have had the experience of how in our lives, there are long stretches of uneventful days, and then, generally without warning, some crisis is sprung on us, which demands quite a different set of gifts to cope with it. Our monsoons in Colorado, generally come without any warning from a falling barometer.   We can at any moment be confronted with some hard duty which will exhaust our energy. We may at any moment be plunged in some huge calamity and the quiet course of our lives for years suddenly is interrupted with fierce storms and devastating fallout.    We won’t always have the easy foot race with footmen; there will some times come a call to strain our muscles to keep up with the gallop of the cavalry. We will have to struggle to keep our feet in the rising waters of difficultly, and must not expect to have a continual leisurely life in ‘a land of peace.’   With the power of Jesus in our spirits we shall never have to attempt a duty that we are not first strengthened by Him to take on.  And we never have to face a danger in which He won’t defend us.    With His life in us we will be ready for the long hours of uneventful, unexciting duties, and for the short spurts that make precise calls on each of us to respond to. We ‘WILL run and not be weary; we will walk and not faint.’    As I finish this podcast I’d like to share what Oswald Chambers said about patience during the time of great difficulty and when the world is filled with uprising.  It is so powerful and quite comforting.   The Duty of Patience "Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth" (Rev. 3:10). Jesus says we are to keep the word of His patience. There are so many things in this life that it seems much better to be impatient about.  The best picture to explain this is that of an archer:  He pulls the bow string further and further away from his bow with the arrow solidly fixed in its slot, then, when it is adjusted, with his eye on the target he lets it fly.  The Christian's life is like that. God is the archer.  He takes the saint like a bow which He stretches, and we get to a certain point and say,"I can't stand any more, I can't stand this test of patience any longer," but God goes on stretching.  He is not aiming at OUR TARGET mark, but at His own, and the patience of the saints is that we hold on until He lets the arrow fly straight to His goal.   Are you ready for a time of strengthening to come into your life?  The Lord promises that a dramatic transformation will take place in us when we abandon our agenda and open ourselves to His plan for us.    We can see this so clearly in the life of Saul before he had become the Apostle Paul. Saul had been intent upon his own evil strategy to persecute Christians. Then came his life-changing encounter with Jesus, when he asked the most important question of all in Acts 9:6:  “Lord, what do YOU want me to do?”   Are you ready to ask the Lord that same question?  Are you ready to give up your own fruitless designs in return for God’s better plan? Let’s pray that together now. Lord Jesus, I have been moving forward persistently with my own thoughts and plans. I have been intent upon seeing those accomplished. Now I see that despite my good intentions, my plans may not be in line with Yours. Right now, I humble myself before You.  I take this moment to ask, “Lord, what do You want me to do?”  In Your presence, I place my agenda on the shelf, and I open my heart and my hands to Your plans and purposes. I belong to You, Lord. Please forgive me for any stubbornness that may have captivated me.  I pull down that stronghold right now—any thought that needs to be taken captive to the obedience of Christ.  I place my future in Your hands, Lord Jesus.  Have Your way—and only Your way—in my life. Amen.   Duplication and sharing of this writing is welcomed, as long as the complete message, website podcast link and information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank You! 2022 "THE MESSENGER"  - Mary Lindow   If you would be so kind and assist Mary helping her to meet other administrative needs such as web site and podcast costs,  or desire to bless her service with Spirit-led Love gifts or regular support: Please JOYFULLY send your gift in the form of:  ► Personal Checks ► Business Checks ► Money Orders  ► Cashiers Checks To:  His Beloved Ministries Inc.  PO Box 1253 Denver, Colorado 80614 USA  Or feel free to use our send a tax-deductible gift with Pay Pal  Under the name of - His Beloved Ministries Inc.  ALL gifts are tax-deductible under His Beloved Ministries 5013c non-profit status. We are financially accountable and have been in full compliance since 1985 with Clergy Financial Advantage. THANK YOU!
Sep 25 2022
RED ALERT: A VISION OF THE COMING STORM “THE FORCE OF GOD’S POWER OVER THE EARTH” By Mary Lindow – through the Holy Spirit   BEFORE WE BEGIN: I’m going to kindly ask you to please be patient and take the time to listen to this as a crucial podcast, due to the important timing. I have recorded the entire vision as well as what the Lord has shown me as to what it all means in the audio form, but I will only be able to share with you in the text form here when I explained a little bit about what happened in this tremendous vision. It takes so much bandwidth to put the entire message into the text and it really is a very tedious and difficult process. Please listen! The vision alone is in the notes below.   I am returning now with a podcast that I had promised to have follow the previous podcast where I talked about “A time of review, before the new”. This podcast is one that I have sat on for about a year, due to the fact of it being pretty intense for me receiving this from the Lord. Trying to figure out how to put into words what you see in the spirit in a vision from the Lord, and understanding it and then, scripturally applying what you have seen and learned is daunting. For me it’s a very serious and holy thing, and I wanted to make sure that I really presented it at the time and in the way that the Lord would want me to. We’re going to get started with that but before I do I want you to know that at the end of my podcast I will be sharing about two different conferences that the Lord has opened the door for me to go and minister at, so those of you who often if ask if I’m going to be in your area, those doors and opening up again since the WuhanCovid19 bio weapon attack on our world, so you can look that up at the end and also my website has all the information you would need about those conferences.   THIS VISION HAS A LITTLE BIT OF GROUNDWORK IN IT. In my last podcast I shared about a vision or a word from the Lord that I had in 2016 called, “The Great Coming Whirlwind” and I also shared about what the Lord was wanting us to see and was adjusting what we needed to look at in our hearts, regarding where we are at right now in this time on the earth.   I BELIEVE THAT THIS VISION THAT I HAD FROM THE LORD IS SO “RIGHT NOW” IN THE TIMING, THE PRECISION TIMING OF THE LORD TO SHARE. I am almost shaking a little bit as I share it and I feel a little bit of trembling sharing it, because I know we are coming up to a climax of something in the earth, and God is not mocked, and he is not a fool, and God is not afraid, nor is he worried.   HE WILL NOT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM, ALLOW WICKEDNESS TO RULE AND REIGN. But in that process, God does a deep work within his own people, because if there’s wickedness in his own he must Judge fairly and rightly, and he’s so good to give us time to get repentance going, to be accountable, to get the help we need. When we don’t, he has to bring his pure and righteous hand of judgment, and he has to do “cleaning house” because, God does not tolerate darkness in his light.   I’M GOING TO BEGIN TO SHARE THE VISION WITH THE SCRIPTURE VERSE THAT STARTED WITH THIS VISION. It’s the picture that you will see on the podcast graphic itself. I’d like you to take a look at it and please, have mercy and grace over me, because trying to put a graphic together and combine it all with what I saw, and how I saw it, was a challenge. The scripture verse that started this vision was very intense and of course, when we don’t understand what the word is always saying sometimes we’re a little not sure what we do with this, so I did a lot of studying and praying and referencing, before I chose to really open myself up to recording this.   THAT SCRIPTURE VERSE IS NAHUM 1:3-4  ‘The Lord is slow to anger but great in power, the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet. He rebukes the sea and dries it up, and he makes all the rivers run dry.”   I WAS IN OUR LOWER LEVEL IN OUR BASEMENT AND I HAD BEEN WORSHIPING, JUST TALKING TO THE LORD, PRAYING ABOUT ALL THAT WAS GOING ON IN THE EARTH, and began to get up to walk towards the area to go up the stairway and all of a sudden I felt this presence of the Lord come on me, and I know when this happens, he’s getting ready to speak to me or show me something, or I’m being called into immediate intercession for something.    I’VE JUST LEARNED TO STOP AND STAND THERE AND SAY, “LORD WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT ME TO DO, TO KNOW? I’M HERE, SPEAK TO ME.” I was just absolutely feeling weak, just like I was going to faint. I was under such a strong drawing to his presence, and so I began to walk and went upstairs and went into my room, a guest room we have, but I use it as my reading and praying room, and sat down in the chair there.  About the time I sat down I was, (and I share this, it’s so uncomfortable to share when you have these experiences) because the world and often in charismatic environments, either they mock what happens to someone or unfortunately, in Spirit-filled charismatic environments, things get hyper sensationalized, to the point that someone’s having a vision every moment, every five minutes they’ve got a word from the Lord and they’re rushing to post it or print it (and that’s up to them), but we tend to get very critical and may be jaded that when something authentic really happens to someone we immediately put it through this filter of,  “I don’t know”,  and so I understand your possible hesitancy to say, “we’ll see”.   THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH TESTING A VISION OR WORD OF GOD, YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD, but what I’m saying to you is I come before you with this because the Lord has a warning and a promise in it, and I am compelled by him to share this as quickly and as succinctly as I can with you now, to the best of my ability, by the Spirit of God.   So, I was sitting in the chair and I am now suddenly standing out in a barren area, up on a slight hill, and I was looking out over the land in front of me, and in the back distance I can see some slight hills so I kind of recognize the horizon, maybe some foothills in Colorado, and there was a sun trying to somewhat set in the background, like it was at the low level before sunset in Autumn in Colorado. It kind of just rests there in a yellow type of reddish tint. I was standing there looking at all of this, my physical body was standing looking and yet I was above it in the spirit, watching this take place and the Holy Spirit was with me, instructing me about what I was to be observing.   NEXT TO ME WAS JESUS;  HE WAS STANDING THERE BY MY SIDE. Now before I step forward I want you to know that I had no idea why in this vision Jesus was the way he was, until after I’d had the vision because a week later we had been helping care for a little foster baby girl, and a brand new baby grandson. Our youngest son had gotten food poisoning, so we went down to help care for these children. The little girl tended to be very ill because she needed medical care and was forever getting respiratory infections.  So, we were cleaning and doing everything parents do to help and assist, and of course, holding the new grand baby!   I WAS IN THERE WITH CLOROX, GETTING “EVERYTHING” WITH CLOROX and my face was probably down in germs, so what we did not know at the time, is that my son probably had a second round of Covid, and was reacting to it, it was a different strain, but the little girl had RSV, so both my husband and I came home, and shortly within 48 hours began with symptoms of massive RSV also the “big gun” Covid strain that everybody got, and in that process it was weeks of fighting to get well. Colorado forbade any kind of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Of course we’d been taking all the vitamin protocols and so on, but we were able through missionaries, to get ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, but we did not know we had what we had until it got so bad.    WE KNEW WE WERE PRETTY MUCH ON OUR OWN WITH THE LORD, and we didn’t want anybody coming to take care of us, because we didn’t want to infect them.   I WAS LYING ON THE BED AND, JESUS WAS STANDING BY THE BED. I WAS AT A POINT WHERE I KNEW I HAD ONLY A FEW SHALLOW BREATHS LEFT, THAT THIS WAS IT! I was walking in the “valley” of the shadow of death, and I have learned since then, that there is death and there’s “the valley of the shadow of death” where you were in the shadow of it, that it’s right next to you, but there’s a shadow of death over you, and it says that, “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you are with me”, and sure enough, during that time when I had the last two shallow breaths that I thought that I was going to take, my words to Jesus were, “if I die and I don’t wake up, I have to sleep now, then I’m with you.” I was travailing and crying for a good 48 hours because I was sad. Then the other part of me said, “Lord, if I wake up and I’m still here then use me to the fullest all that you can until it IS my time!”   I WAS EXPECTING BELLS AND WHISTLES AND ANGELS, AND YOU KNOW! THE SMELL OF FRANKINCENSE AND SINGING BIRDS, AND THE GLORY OF GOD TO COME AND RAISE ME UP OFF THE BED!   I REALLY DID EXPECT IT!    BUT WHAT HAPPENED INSTEAD was that there was a steady “non-emotional”, INTENSE PRESENCE that stood by my side, and the voice spoke “I AM”, and it was with authority!    IT WASN’T MESSING WITH ME AND ANYTHING EMOTIONAL. It was a fact that whatever he was in that moment, sustained me.  I could see in the spirit a sash across him and I could see him holding my hand.  I was breathing so shallowly and I said, “I’m sorry Jesus, I have to go to sleep. Whatever happens, I trust you.” And I did!    WHEN I WOKE UP I WAS TOTALLY AWARE AND AWAKE AND KNEW THAT I HAD LIVED, (it was many hours later) and I immediately heard the Holy Spirit say, “Start the Ivermectin!”  From that point on I won’t go any further, because that’s when the healing process began, but I wanted to tell you about Jesus standing by my side looking at me intently, holding my hand in the spirit. There was not any kind of crying and he wasn’t showing sadness or compassion or emotion. He WAS the sovereign presence holding me together.      NOW WE GO BACK TO THE VISION. I am standing there, Jesus is with me I’m looking out over land, and the land was so parched! The ground was curling up and looked dry like rectangle sizes, you could just probably pull a piece up like a slab of cardboard that has sat out in the sun, and was curled up around the corners. The entire landmass in front of me was covered in this parched, dry desert, and I was looking at it saying, “it’s so dry! There’s just nothing of moisture here!”   I was asking Jesus, “What am I looking at, what am I seeing?” Jesus was just looking at me saying, “You’re learning, I want you to observe, you’re to learn to take this in.”  I kept looking and seeing this, as I was looking out further on the horizon. This was to the left of me Jesus was standing to the right of me.   I looked up past the shoulder of Jesus and in the distance to the right or him, I saw a swirling, boiling looking red cloud, and it was the color of terra-cotta, like garden pots that we used to put plants in, that earthy clay soil color. I’m watching this dust cloud boil and boil and grow larger and larger, and I’m getting a little concerned because it’s a pretty high in the sky, but it’s coming our direction, it’s kind of at a vanishing point angle. Here it comes, and it’s starting to make a noise, it’s swishing and beginning to drop the dust down on the ground and blow across this dry parched area as it began to come my direction. I was concerned and Jesus took me by the hand. It was again, “I AM here no matter what happens, no matter what comes, I AM!”    Then I suddenly begin to see that the cloud is being pushed by something! Something is driving this cloud forward and it was a sleek dynamic train. I tried to make it look right in my art piece that I created for it, it’s not quite right, it was more sleek and dynamic, but it was the best I could come up with.   This train had these massive wheels that were turning, and you could hear the power, the dynamic power, the clicking, nothing was missing, not one cylinder was off, it was churning and churning and chuffing and chuffing. Nothing was going to stop the destination of this train.  It was driving a storm forward pushing the storm.   The sound became so loud and powerful that you tremble at the strength and the might, and the power of the force of this train! As it was moving up above us, the dirt of this cloud of dust was sifting down over Jesus and me. It was such a fine, silty reddish soil. I could see it gathering in the beard of Jesus, then his hair and in the vision I had much longer hair, it was falling down into my hair and on our arms when I was holding his hand. I could see it gathering on the sleeve of my arm and on his sleeve. Jesus kept looking at me, and as long as I kept referencing back to him as the storm was dumping this mass amount of whatever it was, the substance that was being driven by this force, driven out - driven over, as long as I looked at him, I had a non-emotional response, but a steady understanding that knew I was being held by a power greater than anything that could ever come against me.   This went on and on. The dust was so clogged and cloudy that I could just see the silhouette of Jesus, but I had his hand and we held our hands and stood there as this loud, powerful, dynamic train began to just roar over the top of us. Then I heard a voice shout out over the sound of all this and it was firm!  “It’s DUNAMIS! Dunamis! The Dunamis Power!”   I STOOD THERE JUST SAYING, “DUNAMIS, I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS IN THE GREEK, IT MEANS DYNAMITE, DYNAMO, (saying this to myself in the spirit).”  I’m standing here in this vision trying to remember the power of that word as the train was passing and that word was written on the train, as I watched it finally pass by and begin to go further up in the sky and then pass by us.   SUDDENLY IT GOT QUIETER, AND IT WAS AN EARTH SHAKING VIBRATING STORM THAT WAS DRIVEN BY THIS FORCEFUL DUNAMIS POWER OF GOD.  Again, the Holy Spirit and I were standing up at the back watching this, watching Jesus and me at the same time, and the Holy Spirit was saying to me,  “watch, learn, observe.”   ONCE AGAIN JESUS TURNED HIS HEAD AND LOOKED OUT OVER THE VALLEY AND INDICATED TO ME, “I WANT YOU TO LOOK OUT HERE”. AS I LOOKED, THE DUST HAD BEGUN TO SETTLE AND I COULD IDENTIFY THAT WE HAVEN’T BEEN MOVED, Nothing was different, I’m in the same place, except the Horizon in the background looks the same, the sun is the exact same place it was, just about ready set, sitting in the same position in the sky, but the land that has been parched and curled up and dry, every single crevice or crevasse, every single surface was covered in this thick layer of this red dust. It had completely transformed into a different look, and different land.   AT THAT POINT I WAS JUST IN AWE AND I DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT ALL MEANT AND THEN... ...WHAM! I AM BACK OUT OF THE VISION AND SITTING IN MY CHAIR, gasping at what have I just had happen to me, and of course I started crying! I WAS ASKING GOD TO SHOW ME “Father! Father! Jesus! Holy Spirit! What have you just shown me? What are you saying?”   Then I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “These are things to come. Learn about them, prepare, and I’ll tell you when to share.”   FOR THOSE ONLY READING THIS -  THE REST OF MESSAGE  IS AT AUDIO TIME MARKER: 18:50   Duplication and sharing of this writing is welcomed, as long as the complete message, website podcast link and information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank You! Copyright © 2022   "THE MESSENGER"  - Mary Lindow   If you have been impressed by the Holy Spirit to assist Mary helping her to meet other administrative needs such as web site and podcast costs,  or desire to bless her service with Spirit-led Love gifts or regular support: Please JOYFULLY send your gift in the form of:   ► Personal Checks ► Business Checks ► Money Orders  ► Cashiers Checks   To: His Beloved Ministries Inc.  PO Box 1253 Denver, Colorado 80614 USA   Or feel free to use our send a tax-deductible gift with Pay Pal   Under the name of - His Beloved Ministries Inc.   ALL gifts are tax-deductible under His Beloved Ministries 5013c non-profit status. 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“FIRST A REVIEW - BEFORE THE NEW”  - A Prophetic Journey and Prophetic Insights
Aug 10 2022
“FIRST A REVIEW - BEFORE THE NEW” - A Prophetic Journey and Prophetic Insights
THIS MESSAGE WILL CONFIRM MANY OF THE THINGS THAT YOU HAVE STARTED TO SEE COME TO PASS   I’d like to welcome you to my podcast today with a greeting to those who are listening and who were wondering where is the podcast that I had promised regarding a very intense, vivid, open vision, that I had from the Lord (that I had said I was going to share with you the following week) from my last podcast.   AS I BEGAN TO PREPARE FOR THAT, I JUST COULD NOT GET IT TO COME TOGETHER, and I was striving and I was fighting it. So I got quiet before the Lord and asked him what I was to do. As I was in prayer, I had the impression from the Lord that there was something that I needed to prepare. He began to remind me that I had not done a review of the year 2022. Now, I usually do this midyear, after I’ve had a word at the beginning of the year from the Lord, or, that year that we are in.   AS I BEGAN TO PREPARE AND LOOK AT THAT WORD,  I realized that it was in fact, something that I needed to use as a springboard to share what the Lord had given me in the vision. And then the word came to me from the Lord, “First A Review Before The New”.   The Lord was letting me know that there was a little bit of reviewing, and again, sometimes we need to look at what the Lord has spoken to us previously and check our hearts, and also see if we have obeyed him, or if there is something we missed before we can really get a full handle on what he is trying to say to us currently. I’M GOING TO REVIEW THAT WITH YOU FIRST, AND, ALSO THE LORD BROUGHT BACK TO ME A VERY STRONG WORD THAT I HAD IN THE YEAR OF 2016.   IT WAS TITLED  "THE GREAT COMING WHIRLWIND" AND IT WAS A PROPHETIC INSIGHT FROM THE LORD.   WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT WHIRLWIND RIGHT NOW, SO THE WORD HAS TAKEN TIME TO DEVELOP AND TO PROCESS AND TO COME TO PASS.   I had several of you comment to me that this for some reason, struck a chord with you and that you were deeply moved, especially one of my good friends who is a pastor in St. Louis Missouri, a pastor by the name of Harry Schroeder, who said the seemed to really, stand out to him, so thank you Harry for letting me know back then that the Lord did hold on to something in peoples hearts with this. That is the second part of the review that the Lord would have me share again, in order to make sure that we have listened or “listen to” what the Holy Spirit has said, and what he is saying to his churches.   THIS WILL CONFIRM TO MANY OF THE THINGS THAT YOU HAVE BEGUN SEE COME TO PASS, but needed a reference point to remind you, that you had heard from the Lord, or that what I’m sharing with you as confirmation, for the things that you have been questioning and wanting to somehow have answers to.   BEFORE WE BEGIN, I WOULD LIKE TO SAY HELLO TO OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN SINGAPORE. I have noticed that many of you are listening to the podcast, and I feel like the Lord would help me encourage you to not be afraid at this time, to be bold and courageous in sharing the love of Christ. I KEEP HAVING THE NAME OF SOMEONE BY THE NAME OF “TING” WHICH IS SPELLED  - T  I  N  G -  being impressed upon my heart by the Lord.  This name, (I think it’s a female) but the Lord just simply said. “Tell Ting that you have been called to be an evangelist to your nation, and that the Lord wants you to be bold and courageous, and he wants you to know that if you open wide your mouth, he will fill it with the words that will begin to change hearts. Start with a small gathering in your home and begin to just lovingly share, as with dear friends, your own story. You don’t need to make it a big loud story, nor do you need to perform. Simply say,  “I want to tell you the story of what has changed my life”.  The Lord is going to enter that room with his Holy Spirit Presence, and hearts are going to be tenderly touched, as you boldly and courageously share.  Jeremiah 1:8-9 and 10 say,  “Be not afraid of their faces for I am with you to deliver you says the Lord, then the Lord put forth his hand and touched my mouth and the Lord said to me, “behold I’ve put my words in your mouth. See! I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out and pull down and to destroy, and to throw down, and to build and to plant.”   THE TITLE OF THIS PODCAST IS CALLED, “A REVIEW BEFORE THE NEW” OR, “A RE-view” BEFORE THE NEW. In 2022 I had a word for the Lord for that year, and I’m going to share with you “in review”, the prophetic word from the Spirit of God, that is most important and a kind of an introductory for what we’re about to enjoy next podcast regarding this vision that I had. I believe the vision is right where we are literally moving into right now, in the world, in the Body of Christ, and literally all over the globe.   The prophetic word from the Spirit of God was/is called, “FOR THOSE FACING THE NARROWING PATH”, (2022) The word said this; “Darker and broader and louder come the shouts of world to draw you into its intricate webs. These webs of deceit are spun with silken tongues and with the softness of the promise of an easier life. There is a reckoning coming to those that sell lies and imprison those who buy their wares. But for those who are determined to not walk on a fence, trying to balance between their own thinking and me, there will be a “Divine Might” that will empower them to continue down the narrowing way.  Where does this narrowing journey lead?  What is the payoff at the end? As you become more determined and lay aside the things that have hindered you over and over again from fully entering into the deeper places with me, a lightness and freedom will propel you toward a place of Living Light. That Light is Me, and you will soon know Me in a different way than you have in past years and seasons. My one warning to many is that they cannot argue that the path is “too narrow”.  What mankind might call “rigid” I call “Straight and Direct”.  If you choose to alter the plans that I have set down for your protection and safety, you will grieve my Spirit and allow a searing of your conscience to override the truths that you know deep in your heart. “The path of those who do right is straight and smooth. I, who am upright, make the way of the righteous level.” -Isaiah 26:7   “The Narrowing” has begun to increase, and the love for it has decreased among those who choose to remain passive to conviction and pure living.  Allow my Holy Spirit to move freely again. I know what I must do, to break the constraints of man. Let me move! Are you afraid that I might be ridiculed? Or, are you more concerned for your image and patterns before men?    “Do not stifle the Holy Spirit. Do not scoff at prophecies, But test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.” -I Thessalonians 5:19-21   Choose the “Narrowing Way”.  For I, Am there.  Choose the pathway of “rightness” with me, even when others scoff at your “narrow mindedness”. When the days become darker and the world tilts and twists in further unrestrained darkness, You will be the carrier of My Light, which can lead the lukewarm and lost, down the narrow, but safe, and integral way, to Me.   “THE GREAT COMING WHIRLWIND”   By the Holy Spirit through Mary Lindow   “The LORD is slow to get angry, but his power is great,  And he never lets the guilty go unpunished.  He displays his power in the whirlwind and the storm. The billowing clouds are the dust beneath his feet.” -Nahum 1:3    We Are In High-Pressured Days That Seem As If Everything Around Us Is In A Great Whirlwind. The noise coming from the media, the weather patterns, the sounds of war, the sounds of people crying out for “Justice” and the sounds of people crying out because they feel like there's been too much “In-justice”.   The Lord Would Like To Speak These Words In This Hour To Those That Have Ears To Hear.  I know there are many prophetic words being ushered into the media outlets by so many people and many have been spoken out in meetings and conferences.  I wish that I could tell you that every single voice you're listening to and every promise that is being made to you regarding great wealth, great promotion, and great open doors are accurate. But deep down inside of your spirit-man, there is something stirring that you cannot explain. It's that knowing that something is coming, that something has begun out there in the world that we cannot see, but that we know in the spirit.   We Are In A Time Like None Other On And In The Earth.  But, we do have reference points to go to that tell of similar warnings and events that took place in the past. We can remember when Lot chose to go for the things that were more pleasing to his flesh and where he would have more abundant provision and opportunity for business trade, but in the end he was stuck in the city where there was nothing but illicit sex, graft, stealing and robbing, and eventually total desolation and demolition. Even as the Lord provided a way of escape, his wife still had the smell, the stench of the worldly life in her heart, and she turned around to look one more time, fondly, over her shoulder, at the home that she dreaded to leave behind.   Look At The Days Of Noah When He Was Mocked And Laughed At. He did not build that famous ark in a month! No! It took a long, long period of time to build the ark out in the middle of nowhere!   A simple study of the Bible text shows that the time from when God told Noah to build the ark, till the rain fell was no longer than about 75 years. And yet he obeyed God. If we read carefully, it says that the Lord himself drew the animals to the ark. First, it is necessary to note that Noah was not told to gather the animals. He was commanded only to build the Ark, large enough for all the animals, and simply receive the animals when they arrived. "And of every living thing of all flesh, . . . two of every sort shall come unto thee, to keep them alive" (Genesis 6:19-20).   I Want To Encourage All Of You To Understand Clearly That There Is A Whirlwind Coming. In Jeremiah 23:19 God is talking about a whirlwind that He has sent—a violent windstorm. The false prophets have said, "No bad is coming" (verse 17). God says, "Do they ever listen to me? I've said, 'I'm sending a whirlwind, and it's going to fall on the heads of the wicked.' How dare they say that everything is going to be okay!”? What is coming is bigger and broader and wider and more destructive than anything else that we have ever seen. I don't know if it's a nuclear war! I don't know if it's bizarre weather patterns! And I don't know if it's not just a whirlwind of new kinds of ideas being foisted upon mankind.   What I Do Know Is This.  There are people who are aware in the spirit that the only stronghold in place right now, a place of immunity and safety, is in prayer and in surrendering to all that the Lord is asking of them. Many of you are stretched beyond the point that no one can understand. Their financial resources have been given and given again to help others, and yet their own supply seems to be dwindling. There are those who have poured into the lives of others, poured into businesses, poured into mentoring and training others, and yet it appears as if when they reach out there's nothing left in the pantry for them.    The Lord Wants Those Of You Who Have Been Giving, Giving, Giving - To Check Your Hearts One More Time. If HE told you to give and to serve and to sacrifice, then you can be guaranteed one thing. He does not withhold from those who have been faithful. “But this I say, He which sows sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which sows bountifully shall reap also bountifully. - 2 Corinthians 9:6  "And God, who supplies seed for the sower and bread to eat, will also supply you with all the seed you need and will make it grow and produce a rich harvest from your generosity." -2 Corinthians 9:10   I want to encourage you right now in the spirit to understand the time that we are in, is a time when nothing is making sense when trying to apply the past patterns and methods or, the natural way of living.    It's Going To Take A Determined, Dogged, Supernatural Approach To Understand The Seasons The Days And The Times. God already understands all of this, but He is not going to communicate to people who will then try to communicate it in natural terms to those who don't have ears to hear. He's going to communicate truth and wisdom to those were willing to allow their own hearts to go into the fire of refining and changing the way that they have done things in the past.   “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise.” -Psalm 111:10   DIFFICULTIES REQUIRE NEW STRATEGIES. Hard times require sober minds and the determination not to be towed under by destruction and despair.   We Are Not To Be Focusing On The Noise In The Whirlwind Around Us In This World, even though it sure does draw our attention from the left and the right! We are to instead, focus on a specific path, a narrowing of vision and a “one direction” place.    And what exactly does that all mean? It means that we are to seek the Face of the Father.  And I mean seek and to seek, and to seek again. Continually. “Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.” -1 Chronicles 16:11    WE HAVE GOT TO BREAK DOWN THOSE THINGS THAT ARE HOLDING BACK THE MOVE OF GOD IN ALL DENOMINATIONS OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH.    It will only come by Seeking His Face, Seeing His Heart for people And  Hearing His Plans for them, and for us! Oh how the Father wants to bring a fresh move of his presence through His word and through His glorious goodness and mercy!   HE IS GOING TO BRING CORRECTION TO ALL DENOMINATIONS  All walks that claim to have Jesus Christ as the head of the faith! So many smugly think that because they have been charisma tics or that they have been “spirit-filled” they have a higher attained level of wisdom and discernment! This is nothing but plain arrogance. If anything, there should be a more refined level of humility and thankfulness for the fact that we have access through the gifts to flow in the fruits of the Spirit.   “The LORD Almighty has a day in store for all the proud and lofty, for all that is exalted (and they will be humbled).” -Isaiah 2:12   THE HOLY SPIRIT WOULD SAY THESE WORDS TO US TODAY “Yes, the winds are blowing and they are harsh winds and some are absolutely destructive winds! Everything that does not stand under the power of my word and is not anchored in Me shall be shifted and blown and shaken, and at times the winds of drastic change will draw away the dross from the wheat. I am sifting and shaking, and shaking and sifting again and again until my people understand they do not live in a time where making demands and commands to Me operate well. I am looking for a people who will bow low enough before Me and get quiet and seek My will, MY WILL for planet earth! This world is fading away quickly and mankind is corrupted each day more and more to go the way of the flesh. YOU MUST PUT AWAY THE NOISE!  You must put away the noise in your life and enter into the place were in the center of the storm is the eye.  MY EYE is upon the righteous, My eye is upon those that are fruitful and faithful, and fruitful to Me may be different than fruitful to you!  You cannot serve two masters, yet many have tried to justify the shutting away of My convicting voice when I have told them to go back and make right the situations where they have done grievous damage to others who are supposedly their family members in Christ. If you cannot repent and get relationships right in the Kingdom now, I cannot use you to forge new relationships in the future in My Kingdom. If you have bitterness, anger and jealousy in your heart, it will manifest with shaming and name-calling, as well as condescending and destroying another's capability to serve me well. The days of selfish ambition and immaturity are closely coming to an end. My light, My life, My word and My ways are perfect!  I will not deviate from My plan for the Kingdom of God in the earth. I am looking for a people who will not listen to the accusation of others nor slander and destroy their brother and sisters because of another's opinion, or perhaps because they themselves were brought a loving correction or warning and instead, turned around and shamed the messenger. I see you all and I am fully aware of the things that have been done in My name to hide behind selfish ambition. A judgment time is coming!  Know this. I am about to expose those who abuse the gifts, abuse their titles and abuse the finances that I have deemed for the kingdom and I'm going to bring their names to the forefront to save their souls! Yes, the whirlwinds may blow, and the storms and winds will be continuing to cycle and swirl. But I'm looking for those who are willing to stay in the center of My Eye, where there is quiet and there is calm and there is discernment, direction and wisdom for these devastating days. To those in the center of My Eye, I will pour out a wisdom beyond mankind's understanding and they will rise up and have the words that will bring direction, correction, and light into dark places. The eyes of the Lord keep watch over knowledge, But he overthrows the words of the traitor. -Proverbs 22:12 "For a man's ways are before the eyes of the Lord, and he ponders all his paths." -Proverbs 5:21 Stand prepared, for I'm doing this thing regardless of whether man is ready or not. I am that I Am and I will have my way in the earth, says the Lord of Hosts. For this is what the high and exalted One says-- He who lives forever, whose name is holy: "I live in a high and holy place, but also with the one who is contrite and lowly in spirit, to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the contrite.” -Isaiah 57:15    Duplication and sharing of this writing is welcomed, as long as the complete message and all websites and information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank You! 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Jun 15 2022
By Mary Lindow The words, “The Harsh Winds of Life” have been playing themselves over and over in my mind. As I have pondered them and have allowed the Voice of the Holy Spirit to instruct me as to why I have been impressed with this statement, I sense the Lord addressing many deeper issues that are well anchored and maintained within our souls as believers.   HARSH WINDS These blustery currents in the natural can be devastating to property, trees, and all living-breathing creatures. We have all seen what the devastation of hurricanes and tornadoes can do in a very short amount of time. Often when listening to the traumatic stories of those who have lived through a nightmarish storm, the realities of what they hold near and dear have been laid bear and brought to the surface. Many weep over the loss of family photographs or tender things like Grandma’s old chipped china and are unconcerned about larger material items, but are deeply thankful for the safety of family members after a traumatic event. Others, are shaking fists at the sky and are enraged that they have been infringed upon during a difficult time, and want somebody else to pay for it!   THE HARSH WINDS OF LIFE BLOW UPON THE GODLY AND THE UNGODLY.  NO ONE IS EXEMPT. There are some of life's storms that threaten to blow away everything we've depended on as well. Friendships are tested, relationships are strained, and the Lord uses these harsh winds blowing against our lives to remove the crusty chaff that can form and harden around the seed of our lives. Those who are independent in nature find a bitterness creeping into their attitudes and heart. They feel infringed upon when things are not easily controlled or maneuvered in their favor. And so, the Holy Spirit allows the winds to blow until a conviction penetrates the self centered soul, and exposes the fleshy comfort zone of, ‘My Way, My World, My Rights”! No man has power over the wind to contain it;  So no one has power over the day of his death. And no one is discharged in time of war, So wickedness will not release those who practice it. Ecclesiastes 8:8   HOW LONG WILL THE HARSH WINDS BLOW? As long as we practice wicked behavior in the eyes of the Lord, and no matter how hard we try, we cannot stop it! He is winnowing us, allowing us to be caught up into the refining wind of the Holy Spirit's conviction so that the chaff and waste places in our souls are removed. And trust me my friends, anything that you may be hiding or pretending wasn’t “that bad”, that harmed someone else, well God will allow it to come to the light to be either judged or to be cleansed and yes, there may be consequences that you don’t like.   WE CAN’T HARM OTHER PEOPLE, OR ABUSE THEM, SEXUALLY PREY UPON THEM, SPIRITUALLY ABUSE AND DOMINATE OR SLANDER, and then pretend that it wasn’t “that big of a deal”! It’s a huge deal to God and he will continue to pursue us in order to cleanse us if we will allow him access. (Yes you can say "ouch" right about now!)   CHAFF MUST BE REMOVED.  BUT WHY? Chaff is a waste material plowed into the soil or burned. Chaff, as a waste product from grain processing, shows us a symbolic use of the idea that refers to something seen as worthless. Now, this is where we read, "to separate the wheat from the chaff" from Matthew 3. It means to separate things of value from things of no value. Another example is in Psalm 1 which says: "Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away".   WE CHRISTIANS OFTEN PRESUME THAT BECAUSE WE ARE REDEEMED THROUGH THE BEAUTIFUL SACRIFICE OF CHRIST FOR OUR LIVES, THAT WE HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR AN EASIER AND MORE PRIVILEGED LIFE. This is simply not so! We are given a shield and a holy stamina to withstand the wiles of this world, but no free passes to a life of ease.   THE LORD LOVES ALL OF MANKIND. He longs for ALL of mankind, (that includes you and I) to come to a place of trust in His way, not “our way”. Fully stripped of self-will, self-gratification, self- justification, and self-focus. Matthew 5:45 says~  “He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, And sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”   I KNOW! I KNOW! THIS STINGS! But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. James 3:14   About now, I can hear a few righteous folks saying, "I would never boast about envy! " Well! Selfish ambition is well hidden in our personal behaviors. We offer gifts or opportunities for others to be blessed or helped as long as we are feeling in control and benevolent at the time of the offer or good intention. But when the winds of life shift and the Lord allows the chaff of "waste materials" in our soul to be Tornadoed —bitterness and exclusive rights abound! Huffiness, abrupt harshness and passive aggression (which means getting even) will manifest and expose the soul's clinging nature, which does not want the hand of God striping away any safety veneer that we use to protect our approach to life.   A CHANGE IN THE SPIRITUAL CLIMATE HAS OCCURRED! John 6:18 says, “A strong wind was blowing and the waters grew rough.” Jesus allowed the wind to be a teaching point for his disciples. They had walked with Him, talked with Him and served alongside Him. But trusting Him when the Storms and Harsh winds blew revealed a weakness that we all must look at, and often. We trust the Lord when things are going our way, but when the Harshness of a storm blows us off the course that we set, many times we run to our own devices or “Plan B”.   SO MANY AT THIS TIME IN THIS DIFFICULT AGE ARE SCREAMING, “Lord! Don’t you care about me? The winds are blowing, and I am fearful for my life! If you Love me, why are you allowing this horrid event to occur?” Even Peter in his zeal to get out of the boat and see if it was indeed Jesus calling to him to come, once he was out of the safety of his own control and the winds blew against him, he focused on the wind, and not upon Jesus, who was there the whole time. Peter cries out, "LORD I am perishing! SAVE ME!”   CONTROL IS A DEEP, DEEP NEED. Perhaps THE deepest need people have, is for control. When we feel out of control, we experience a powerful and uncomfortable tension between the need for control and the evidence of “inadequate control”. Without the Presence of God in our lives, we will attempt to control everything, every event, and every person around us in order to attain the sense of order and “identity power” that we crave.   DRAWING NEAR TO GOD It was James, the brother of Jesus, who wrote to the believers in Jerusalem, "Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, sinners, and purify your hearts, you double- minded people!" (James 4:8). If we draw near to God, he will respond and draw near to us. Drawing near to God is spending time with Him, worshiping Him, praying and talking to Him, inviting Him into every aspect of our lives. EVERY.  PART.  OF.  OUR.  LIFE.   BRING YOUR HEART UNDER HIS LORDSHIP James gives us the blueprint for drawing near or “right up close” to the Lord.  If you've committed sin, confess it, get rid of it. Next, ask the Lord to examine your heart, your motives, and the things that make you do what you do.   Bring your heart under His Lordship as well. May our actions be manifestations of a clean heart and conscience. Allow HIM to remove the Chaff, the wasted time controlling things, and TRUST Him to align your life. Notice that when he writes about this he says, "Purify your hearts, double-minded people."   WHAT DOES HE MEAN BY "DOUBLE-MINDED"? Well, a person who is double-minded is drawn in two completely different directions. And so he or she will get nowhere fast because loyalty is divided. They will vacillate between faith and unbelief. And, a double-minded person is unstable in all his/her ways and his/her spiritual walk is inconsistent because he/she tries to serve God and his/her own interests, and gamble their life against the Harsh Winds. We've all learned that this kind of living never works.   YOU CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS. Friends again I say this under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the master that you serve whether it be hiding something that is a secret sin or offense to The Lord, or things that you are aware of that have dishonored others, they will be brought into the light one way or the other. If you think you can hide it, if you think you can gloss it over, God will eventually bring it into the light and have you exposed for deception. Or, you choose to get the help you need and you can humble yourself! Yes, there may be consequences you don’t like, because of your actions and choices. But repentance and accountability will save your soul. It may not save your marriage, it may not save your ministry, and it may not save your job or your relationships. But it will save your soul, because humility enters, and God can re-create what has been destroyed and damaged.   GOD DOESN'T PLAY GAMES! No one is going to get very far with God by playing spiritual games. It will soon be discovered that the only people playing the game with you will be you, yourself, and again, YOU.  It's just like people thinking that they can "ride the fence" into the kingdom. There is no riding the fence; there is no lukewarm support group. You’re either in or out. If we really want to know Him, we are going to have to get serious about our relationship with Him.   WE DON’T WANT DIFFICULT! I will tell you right now, that even as I write and speak these words, I can feel the resistance to pruning and more change in my gut!   Are you in a pruning, shocking, "getting trimmed back" difficult season right now? Most everyone is! Feeling like your wings have been clipped? Are you seeing a pattern of lethargy and a dullness of joy maybe in your daily life?  Don’t waste those struggles friends! Know that God is very... VERY... intentional. And, He has a good plan for all of it.  Every challenge is an opportunity to practice walking one day at a time, with really clear thinking and gratitude, and He is right there, inside you, to help you.   LIKE I SAID BEFORE! WE DON’T WANT DIFFICULT!  But my oh my, I do want to be like Him! So I’m in surrender-mode now, friends. I’m saying, “Cut away, Lord. Go deep.”  WHY? Because I want ALL that He has for me.  I want the fruit. I want all that abundance, and I know it’s waiting for me when this weird and awkward season changes.   THERE IS ANOTHER PHENOMENON I FIND THAT HAPPENS DURING THE PROCESS, WHEN THE HARSH WINDS OF LIFE ARE BEARING DOWN. And, one that I find that is unhealthy to ignore. The enemy of our soul is observing and is feverishly “taking notes” about this difficult process, and I believe he finds it quite enjoyable; he laughs and ridicules and flings missiles of insults that shout that, "only a loser needs this kind of difficult adjustment ”.  This of course, is a lie but, one which we can tend to believed on a bad day! Listening to the wrong voice can tempt us to believe the blowing away of chaff in our lives is punishment, and comes from God being mad at us.  It can cause us to pull back from deeper fellowship or social engagements (social distancing tools too, like Face Time, ZOOM, integral) these paralyze honesty, transparency and humility. It can lead to self-hatred, self-protection, denial about how we hurt others with half-truths, and so on!   I AM TRULY BECOMING MORE AWARE IN MY SPIRIT THAT GOD CAN ONLY USE ME—OR “BEST USE ME”, THROUGH THE PARTNERSHIP OF HIS POWER AND MY WEAKNESS.    A wise and well-tested man by the name of Alan Hood must have had a few pruning clippers dig into his life at time or two and learned this lesson. He stated, “To Be Pruned Is To Lose The Resources, Whether Monies or Physical Strengths Upon Which Everyone Around You Measures You As Successful.” LET’S READ THAT AGAIN…      …S  L  O  W  L  Y !  “To Be Pruned Is To Lose The Resources, Whether Monies or Physical Strengths Upon Which Everyone Around You Measures You As Successful.”   TRYING TO USE OLD THINGS WHEN GOD IS TRYING TO GIVE US NEW THINGS IS REALLY SUCH FOOLISHNESS! Psalm 85 talks about Restoration, Re-tooling and Revival. Verse 8 says,  “I will listen to what God the Lord says; He promises peace to his people, His saints —but let them not return to folly.”   I’M TRUSTING THE LORD’S GOOD AND GRACIOUS HAND IN THE PROCESS THAT THE WORLD IS EXPERIENCING RIGHT NOW. I know God does not intend to leave even a healthy fruit-bearing branch how it is, but He is always after a more abundant harvest for His people. I don’t get it, I don’t like or want difficult! But I also don’t want a puny little sick looking basket of bitter, green, unusable fruit out of life!  He will “give the increase” when I reach the end of this seeming devastation of stymied ideas and “put on hold” plans, and let me tell you something crazy, I feel it coming!  The increase! I’m learning to WALK in harmony, in tune with the truth that, “He is dwelling like healthy sap, in me, and will keep sin and despair from having dominion over my life”. (Romans 6:14) YOUR LIFE TOO!    A MOMENT IN HIS ANGER - A LIFETIME IN HIS FAVOR. God disciplines for a moment when He wishes to get our attention and our lives may indeed become painful for a period, but then comes His favor. God doesn't delight in either our depression or our damage. And, when He begins to deal with the chaff in our lives, it is for our advantage, that we may be conformed to His likeness and reflect His holiness. When we sense God’s disapproval, when it appears He has withdrawn from us, it is only so that we see our utter need of Him.   WHEN LIFE SEEMS TO BE SO SOUR, WHEN EVERYTHING CRUMBLES, then we must remember what we “say we believe”, that God’s favor is with us, because of Christ’s worthiness given to us, because we are adopted and are His - which means, that His favor always wins out over His disapproval.   THIS PICTURE IS PAINTED WELL BY THE WORDS "WEEPING REMAINS FOR A NIGHT." Weeping and sorrow are pictured as a traveler who comes to stay for a night. The pain and sorrow we feel may seem as though it has moved in with us like an unwelcome guest, who decides to stay for a very long time.   REJOICING THOUGH, COMES IN THE MORNING. Your “mourning”, will dissipate in the morning”. Your winter, will melt into summer. God will replace your sighing, with singing. Grief, will give way to gladness. What was once bitter, will be made sweet. And, what was once a desolate wilderness, will be transformed into a paradise.   LIKE THE FIRST RAYS OF THE SUNRISE WHICH DISPEL THE HARSH WINDS AND GLOOM OF NIGHT, GOD GIVES US JOY WHEN THE DARKNESS OF OUR PROBLEMS SEEM AS THOUGH THEY’LL NEVER LEAVE.   YOUR CROSS IS HIS GLORY What is so crucial to understand is that as a Christian, your life will be filled with times of weakness and strength, with want and wealth, with disgrace and honor, with crosses and comforts, miseries and mercies, joys and sorrows, delight and mourning. As this cycle of separating “Chaff” from our lives reoccurs many times in our lives, and it moves us from the cross to glory. For your own health and so that you find all your satisfaction in Christ alone, God will send you times of great growth and other times of emptiness. When the harsh winds blow, know that God desires that you find your hope and comfort by His own fire. When the balmy breezes come, give Him praise and thanksgiving for the warmth He provides. Psalm 57:1 says, "Have mercy on me, O God, Have mercy on me, for in you my soul takes refuge. I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed.” (PROPHETIC EXHORTATION AND WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE NOT INCLUDED IN WRITTEN MESSAGE CONTINUE IN THE AUDIO MESSAGE FORMAT BEGINING AT AUDIO PLAYER TIME MARKER 21:38) Duplication and sharing of this writing is welcomed 
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”You Oh Lord Know Exactly Who I Am” - Measuring The Honesty Of Our Hearts
May 16 2022
”You Oh Lord Know Exactly Who I Am” - Measuring The Honesty Of Our Hearts
By Mary Lindow  I am by far not an expert on the subject of plumblines and righteousness, so take what I say in the light of one who at time gropes like a child in the dark, ever reaching for the hand of the ONE to lead me into a safe place filled with His Hope, His Mercy, His Light and Life.   WE LIVE IN A CORRUPT WORLD and therefore, have the “effects and affects” of that corruption ever influencing, ever tainting and ever wooing the flesh.  Plumbline: a tool that consists of a small, heavy object attached to a string or rope and that is used especially to see if something (such as a wall) is perfectly vertical or in alignment)   A plumbline is a simple but accurate tool used for determining whether or not something is perfectly vertical or upright. The Lord also used, and uses, a "plumbline," His Word, to determine how upright His people truly are in His sight. How upright they think they are, or how upright they proclaim themselves to be, means nothing to God.  "Behold, I WILL set a plumbline in the midst of My people".  -Amos 7:7    A PLUMBLINE SET OUT BY THE HAND OF GOD IS ONE THAT WE CAN ANCHOR OUR HEARTS TO. It will always, always, ALWAYS, direct us to the truth in a matter; even if it requires pain, loss, persecution and perhaps death in areas we feel we may well have rights to.  It will also be a shield, a balm, a comfort and a teacher to those who will yield to the directive positioning of the Master.  “I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumbline.” -Isaiah 28:17    LIFE – DISTRESS - AND PERSECUTION  I have found that in my life, distress and persecution do not feel like God’s care being poured out on me. My heart is not immediately drawn to thanksgiving and gratefulness for the faithfulness of God on display as I cling to the battered pieces that look like potential “rafts” of hope, only to find out that many of them have gaping holes or slow leaks in them.  Rather, it feels like yet another hurt is being permanently woven into my tattered and war-torn soul. It seems as if another mound of questions are piling up and just waiting for an answer and a true solid REAL anchor of hope.    I CAN REALLY CONNECT TO THE WRITER OF PSALM 42  He said “Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me?” It’s at those very times that the words of the Savior are so important. When we are down and in turmoil.  But, how do we connect the dots between what we know is true about God’s faithfulness and what our hearts feel? When flipped and flung around by the waves, weary from crying and when no answer seems at hand, what is the answer?  When my circumstances show many foes and tyrants rising up against me and my heart is prone to wander and fear, what hope is there of peace?  When my feelings start controlling my thoughts, how can I rest in God’s promises?    AT THIS POINT… I HEAR THE “GASPS” …  …And perhaps shocked comments of a few who are amazed that someone who appears to walk so fervently and intimately with the Lord would have such difficulties!  Well! Guess what? I do struggle, I do hurt, and yes I do doubt when I have been side swiped or “rammed” by skilled cons and those who, although may have the appearance of godliness and offered friendship or fellowship, end up having private and evil agendas behind their well placed and planned schemes. And boy oh boy! Those skilled players know the wicked art of wounding the heart and causing people to reel in pain!    BUT, THERE IS ONE WHO FULLY SEES IT ALL  The main skill in the issue of dealing with life as a spiritual person, is to know how to handle yourself when things not only crush and grind your heart, but what to do with the anguish and toll of their aftermath.  We have to get ourselves into a place where we hear clearly again.  We need have to address ourselves, preach to ourselves, and ask questions about ourselves.  We must say to our soul: "Why are you cast down –Why are you so anxious and lacking in peace?"  We must urge ourselves, and say ‘Hope in God’–instead of remaining in this paralyzed, aching state!”    AND THEN WE MUST TAKE IT A STEP FURTHER We must go on to remind ourselves just “Who “God is, and what God is and what God has done, and what God has promised that he Himself said that He would do.  Having done that we can stand up and sing out strongly, defying the torment of the soul, and resist other people’s wicked tongues and arrogance, and refuse to go along with the devil and the whole world, and say: ‘Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God.”  The hope and promise of the fairness of God’s justice when dealing with the hurtful things and presumptions of others gives me the confidence to know that God will never turn away from me in my need. No matter how they seem to prosper in the short term, wicked men and women will ultimately pay for their sins, in this life or the next. Jesus died to meet my greatest hardships and sorrows for me, and I need to preach this to myself every day. His power is greater than my weariness and suffering.  The comforting and instruction that comes from simply running to feed upon His word instead of the toxic poison of the replaying of trauma reminds me that what Jesus has done is strong enough for my soul to rejoice in and to be set into a place where it can rest and regroup, gaining a healthy perspective about what to give out to others and what is simply… …. To be enjoyed by the Lord Himself.    THE NATURAL IMPULSES OF MANKIND ARE SINFUL AND DECEITFUL!  Human willpower alone will never be able to change this.  We need God's help to truly change our hearts.    REMEMBER. You cannot change the heart of anyone else either.  If you try to, you will feel the bite of stinging venom or be laughed out of a room. Only the power of the conviction of the Holy Spirit can permeate and get around the jam-packed hardhearted egos of the self sufficient and bitter.  Jeremiah 17:9 says that the human heart is deceitful in all things and is even beyond cure! We must be cautious and wise in reproving and warning such types of people about their bad behaviors and wicked actions where there seems to be no appearance or hope of change and where there is danger of experiencing great and heart wrecking retaliation and slander.  These types trample the warnings and urging for repentance and humbling of the heart under their feet, and turn again and slash at you, despising the warnings that are “tearfully and fearfully” given, and often hurt the persons who give them, either by words or deeds.    "Don't waste what is holy on people who are unholy.  Don't throw your pearls to pigs!  They will trample the pearls,  then turn and attack you.”  -Matthew 7:6    "GIVE ME THE FACTS MA’AM JUST THE FACTS”  I remember that phrase from a TV show called “Dragnet”. The detective would not allow the details of the case to be skewed by any assumptions or pontificating from those he interviewed. He stoically and firmly demanded only the facts.  And so, here are the “facts” about the heart of a good man or woman. 1.) The good man or woman: Brings good things out of the good stored up in his/her heart. And the facts about an evil man or woman.  2.) The evil man/woman brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his/her heart. For out of the overflow of his or her heart his or her mouth speaks. Luke 6:45    THE FRAILTY, BRIEFNESS, AND INSECURITY OF LIFE  The frailty, briefness, and insecurity of life should hold down the vanity and presumptuous confidence of all of our projects and boasting about future greatness and bragging rights! We are always to depend on the will and leading of God.    OUR TIMES ARE NOT IN OUR OWN HANDS, BUT ARE INSTEAD IN THE TIMING OF GOD. Our heads may be filled with cares and plans for ourselves, or our families, or our friends; but Divine intervention often throws our plans into bewilderment. All we have in mind, and all we do, should be with a humble and deep dependence on God. It is foolish, and it is hurtful, to boast of trendy “latest happening” things and prospective projects, and it will bring great disappointment and will prove destructive to relationships and meaningful help to others in the end.    “For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions. These are not from the Father, but are from this world.”  -1 John 2:16   LISTEN KINDLY - BEFORE SPEAKING YOUR THOUGHTS  People don't need a lecture on the meaning of suffering or to have a barrage of scriptures “machine-gunned” at them as a reprimand for sharing their moment of grief or struggle! (Especially when their hearts are breaking, weary of the battle and if they are fatigued.) Job could have done without some of the self-righteous answers that came from his “well-meaning” friends. All of the answers could have even been true, but Job didn't need to hear any of them.  He needed their love, not their value judgments.  In fact, it appears as if God judged THEM for trying to offer simple solutions to things that were beyond their comprehension. They had never walked in the loss he was in anguish over.    WHEN WE SUFFER UNJUSTLY WE HAVE A MAJOR CHOICE TO MAKE How will we respond? We can feel sorry for ourselves (and understandably so, for a while), become bitter and cynical, get drawn into a war of words, or even become mixed up in a major conflict. On the other hand, we can take our suffering to the cross and allow our pain to draw us into a deeper place of understanding of what Jesus went though in his sufferings. This does not remove the pain, but does help us to know what to do with our hurt.    This is the 'fellowship of his sufferings' (Philippians 3:10), one of the gateways to closeness with God and the release of his power in our lives. The weight of heartbreak shared with a loving friend cuts it in half. When the burden is shared with many friends, we can cope with almost anything. We never feel more revitalized than when a friend loves us enough to walk with us in our pain. Not lecture us.    The apostle Paul wrote these words to the church in Corinth:  "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God". -1 Corinthians 1.3-4    SOMETIMES GOD GETS INVOLVED WITH DIRECT MIRACLES, Giving supernatural strength to those in need. But for the most part, he depends on us, his people, to do his work in the world. We love each other, work for healing, and suffer with those who suffer.  The next time you see a friend who is suffering, Jesus may just invite you to be the warm embrace! We comfort each other with the comfort we have received in Christ. And when we do, we become the Body of Christ and he receives the glory!    THE BIBLE IS CLEAR!  We are to bear one another's burdens.  We are to comfort others as Christ has given comfort to us.  Your hard time becomes my hard time.  We join hands in the journey.  When you succeed, I succeed.  When you suffer, I suffer. But we do it together. We share it together.  And we do it, not so much in our wisdom or our words, but in our availability, our understanding, and through our presence.    THAT'S WHAT FELLOWSHIP IS ALL ABOUT!  But not “bland” fellowship. It is CHRISTIAN fellowship. It is the business of burden bearing. Authentic CHRISTIAN fellowship says that when you need me . . . I'll be there. Support in suffering is at the core of what it means to share life together in Christ. The word for "comfort” is the same root word as the name Jesus used to describe one of the functions of the Holy Spirit in our lives (Paraclete). “I will be a comforter, one who comes alongside to give help.” And so as God comes alongside you, now you are able to come alongside another. As the Comforter is at work within you, so you also can be of comfort to those around you.    WE ARE CALLED TO BEAR ONE ANOTHER'S BURDENS.  To mourn with those who mourn. To be a follower of Jesus means to come alongside people who are hurting and find ways to help them walk even through the valley of the shadow of death. We are called to do this, as the word of God and care of God is shared with the intention of stirring, plowing up hardened hearts, creating a place for repentance and challenging saints to hope again, I know and believe that as we learn again as believers, to care, to truly listen and to hope fully again, that the sweet and heavy weight of HIS Glory will be made known and will manifest in unfettered and uncontrolled waves of worship and spontaneous adoration of the King of Heaven.  HE REALLY DOES KNOW WHAT HE WANTS Let's focus on bowing low and seeking His heart and plans in what matters to Him. Indeed, HE is the Plumbline.    Prayer  God, I ask in Jesus' name, that you comfort, strengthen and encourage all who are hurting deeply right now and are going through so much pain and heartache.  Don't allow them to give up in the heat of the battle.  Let them feel your arms wrapping around them and your love overflowing and filling them up. Lord, I will pray often and I know that you will hear my voice, even when I speak to You in my silent thoughts.  To You, I am crying out and my prayers are now before You.  Father, I give to You my problems, I do not want them.  Father, please restore them to You. I know that you have compassion for your children. Father, show them your ways and teach them your paths. Lead them in your truth and teach them you are the God of our salvation and on you we will wait.  Protect them from the evils of this life and guide them through all of their days. Father, thank You for hearing my prayer Father and for considering and for having compassion on all who hear and read these words, and all who hurt, in this troubled world we live in.  Keep them in the center of Your love.  In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen    Duplication and sharing of this message is welcomed provided that complete article, podcast link and website information for Mary Lindow is included.  Thank You Copyright © 2022 " THE MESSENGER " ~ Mary Lindow Your Gracious Support and Donations Are So Very Helpful And Assist Mary In Publishing Her Teaching Podcasts and Audio Messages. THANK YOU! Please go to PAYPAL to donate  or support this blog:  Donate to the tax-deductible ministry name of:    (His Beloved Ministries Inc.)  Or  You Can Mail a Check or Cashiers Check to:  His Beloved Ministries INC  PO Box 1253  Eastlake CO 80614  United States
”OH LORD! WHY ALL THE DELAYS?” - The Encourager Hears You!  -  A Prophetic Word Of Hope
Apr 20 2022
”OH LORD! WHY ALL THE DELAYS?” - The Encourager Hears You! - A Prophetic Word Of Hope
By Mary Lindow I HAVE AN UNUSUAL STIRRING IN MY SPIRIT FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT AS I WRITE THIS MESSAGE. The Lord is revealing a sound in the earth coming from the hearts and deep cries of so many of His people right now.  Perhaps it might even be yours as you read. There is a cry of hunger for His sure, safe presence in difficult times and in changing times.   A NEED FOR “QUIET” The world and it's voices of influence, humanistic subtleties, and constant technology and it's sounds bring about an overload of weariness to all people, and there is a greater need for a place of rest for the warriors of truth who are very aware of the pressures that have not stopped mounting for many years now.     THERE IS MUCH TREACHERY OCCURRING IN THE EVIL PLANS OF DARKNESS ANDTHE PEOPLE HELD CAPTIVE BY IT THESE DAYS It can bring a real sense of despair, broken-heartedness and shock when you encounter this type of thing and when it attempts to destroy your hope and confidence in what the Lord Jesus has set you apart for to express in His Power and in His name.  OH LORD! WHY ALL THE DELAYS? I don't know fully why it seems as if good people who are sincere and pure hearted seem to go through more persecution and repeated difficulty than those who seem to be the ones perpetuating the majority of it!!   SO MANY RIGHT NOW ARE NEARLY AT THEIR WITS END WAITING FOR GOD TO RELIEVE THEM OF SORROW, DISILLUSIONMENT AND BATTLE FATIGUE!   “My soul faints with longing for your rescue, But I have put my hope in your word.” -Psalm 119:81   FEAR NOT! THE ENCOURAGER HEARS YOU! “You hear, O LORD, the desire of the afflicted; You encourage them, and you listen to their cry.” -Psalm 10:17   WHAT IS THIS VERSE SAYING TO YOU AND I RIGHT NOW? It is saying that the Lord Himself will encourage us! That is why we must continue to fight for that place of Divine “refuge!” That “get away from it all” place of craving and longing for His comfort. He knows our hurt, our loneliness, our scorched and heart torn issues! He understands how agonizing and bled out we can get when it seems as if battle after battle we begin to wonder if something might be wrong with us!   “Hope delayed makes the heart sick, But when dreams come true, there is life and joy.” -Proverbs 13:12 (NAT)    NOTHING CAN SATISFY DRY LIPS LIKE WATER! We are in a time where no persons opinions, no one’s books, no one’s TV shows are going to satisfy that craving, that need for a thirst quenching drink of companionship with God. We long to hear words from someone that tell us everything is going to be all right! That our children will be safe, our homes protected, our basic needs provided! And yet! Nothing “out there” satisfies us fully!    YOU SEE DEAR BELOVED ONE…  …The season of great hunger for the simple walk with Jesus has blossomed! Only time spent with him like a dear dear friend will fill the gaping ache you have.  He will speak, He will comfort and He will show you what is true and what is false in the days ahead if you will return to that PLACE of companionship with Him. Away from the opinions of men and the noise of this life.    “Every word you give me is a miracle word-how could I help but obey? Break open your words, let the light shine out, let ordinary people see the meaning. Mouth open and panting, I wanted your commands more than anything. Turn my way, look kindly on me, as you always do to those who personally love you.” Psalm 119:129-131 (The Message)    ~ A PROPHETIC WHISPER TO YOUR HEART FROM THE SAVIOR ~ “ To know of My ways, you must know ME! To Know Me, you must spend time with ME. To spend time with Me, you must purpose, to put aside the lists of things you have to do, before you can spend time with Me.” “Order you days first in My Presence, and watch the desires of your heart be fulfilled.  Man and his counsel will always fall short of the full truth of My Wisdom. I have blueprints and a Master plan for so many things yet to build upon in your life.”  “Come. Let us talk again together.” “You are the temple, the house of My Holy Spirit. I desire to build you up in spiritual strength as you walk in prayer conversations with me. “I will fulfill your longing for peace and direction as you step up again into a heavenly trust and rest.” “People will change, man will fail you, friends will turn, if they are not seeking My Voice above the clamor of the day. And you My child will fail others, if you listen to your own voice of reason and intelligence.  As you turn to Me, you will see My compassion poured out upon you and you will then have My power of pure godly compassion and Wisdom driven grace to pour out on others.”  “I too, long for you as well!  Seek Me-with all of your heart, your longings, your heartaches, your dreams. And I will be there with arms of strength to rescue you from Despair.” “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” -Jeremiah 29:13   “The LORD is good to those, whose hope is in Him,  to the one who seeks Him.” -Lamentations 3:25   Duplication and sharing of this message is welcomed as long as complete article, podcast link and website information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank You. Copyright 2022  - " THE MESSENGER " ~ Mary Lindow To Bless This Ministry with a Tax Deductible Donation PAYPAL
Mar 2 2022
By Mary Lindow THE WORDS “HELP ME!” ARE THE DEEPEST CRY OF EVERY HUMAN HEART. It perfectly describes the anguish of the soul, that agony in need to hear God lovingly respond with redemptive help. He answers as the very person and the very place of help through His son Jesus Christ, providing help for the helpless, a Father to the fatherless, and Hope for the hopeless. One of the most amazing things about of God and so very precious to the humble needs of we humans is that he is actually the very BEING, the very exact place, where we find help. Nothing and no one else is so truly and so really, THE place and person from who help comes like he is. Our need for help is more accurately termed “rescue” when it’s expressed in the fullest sense, and only Jesus himself can provide it! He rescues us from our daily “sneaky and self gratifying” sins and he rescues us from our falling and our faults, and he rescues us from our helplessness and hopelessness!   JESUS ALONE IS THE PLACE OF RESCUE. He is the ultimate single person of help and we can find no one else to fill that break in the bridge of life! There is no one else, and when we come to this place we realize we need no other fixer! Now, this doesn’t mean that we don’t need one another as brothers and sisters in Christ and as friends. But unless those brothers and sisters and friends are walking in the light and brokenness of the Lord, they really aren’t much help anyway.   SOME PEOPLE RESIST AND PROLONG THE INEVITABLE, and will resist you when you are going through times of struggle and difficulty. There is a certain “ugly distain” in an individual who does not want to admit that they are infallible. These individuals still feel that they can control the environment around them through their education, their income, and their attitude.   OFTEN, THESE KINDS OF INDIVIDUALS CAN CREATE PAINFUL DARKNESS in the lives of others, because instead of extending mercy and compassion, they have a lot of advice that comes out of simple textbook reading, rather than out of any real experience in dealing with their own darkness and personal places of being stuck in dysfunction.   SAD AS IT MAY SEEM, MANY PEOPLE APPLAUD THEIR OWN DYSFUNCTIONS, claiming that they are actually “just fine”, and they will pretty much verbally “whack anyone else in the head” that dares to challenge them!   THESE ARE THE FRIENDS THAT JOB HAD, AND THESE ARE NOT REAL FRIENDS. They will never understand the life of the disciple of dear Jesus, being refined in the fire, in order to come out of that fire more radiant, and expressing the hope and light of Christ without a lot of pompous preaching or fanfare.   The way to the fulfillment of all of life‘s highest peaks and deepest longings is in knowing the depths of the love of the Rescuer, Lord Jesus Christ himself. It’s not a quick process by the way!     HOW MUCH LIGHT DOES A PERSON NEED WHEN PRESSED UNDER by evil pressures, nightmarish reoccurring losses and disjointed, painful relationships?  Only a very tiny pinhole of light, if it is the Light that comes from God.   ONE PINHOLE OF GODLY LIGHT IS STRONGER THAN A UNIVERSE OF DARKNESS.    It is enough for a surrendered and determined believer to cling to and depend on when all else has failed.   Psalm 89:15 says, “Blessed are those who have learned to give praise and honor to you, Who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD.”   When we focus upon the Light of God's enduring and endearing Presence, all darkness will eventually be swallowed up into the Light of His Fountain of light. His Light is victorious over the darkness. ALL OF IT.   Psalm 36:9 says, “For with you is the fountain of life; In your light we see light.”   WE ALONE CANNOT BATTLE THE DARKNESS. Our strength is not enough. Accept that and know that God’s light comes to dispel darkness. His strength and Righteous arm smashes dark deeds, enemies, and deceivers and He will bring out into the light the things men think that they have hidden or have justified away.   Psalm 90:8 says, You spread out our sins before you—our secret sins—and see them all.   WHAT IS HAPPENING WHEN YOU FEEL BLIND AND LOST IN A DARKENED SEASON? Just as a caterpillar in a cocoon must experience a time of confinement and seeming darkness, there comes a time when it is lead out of darkness into light to stretch its newly found wings of liberty and gracefulness to soar and express Resurrection power, to those who gaze upon its beauty. Few will fully understand the pain of this difficult process, unless they too pass through it.   Isaiah 42:16 says, Along unfamiliar paths I will guide them;  I will turn the darkness into light before them And make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.     SO! WHO ARE THE GENUINE WORKERS OF GOOD AND HONEST DEEDS? Now, there are those who do acts of benevolence and kindness whose aim is to only gain personal gratification and a sense of power when they “stoop to help others” in times of distress and sorrow.   Often times, folks with this fleshly and condescending behavior, (although claiming to have some spiritual godliness) will test those whom they share with. This can be either in monetary gifts, acts of service, spiritual gifts, or in counsel.   In basic terms, it’s set up. You better perform up to the standard they expect! Because it’s their reputation on the line if you fail! (Imagine if Jesus held us all accountable to the acts of His goodness towards us!) This is NOT a Worker of A Righteous or Good and Honest deed. This is a form of selfish ambition, entrapment and control.   A RIGHTEOUS DEED OR ACT OF GOODNESS IS DONE WITH THE INTENT OF IMITATING THE NATURE OF GOD’S MERCY AND KINDESS. It does not expect performance or groveling in return. It never holds others over the fire with a critical eye, expecting perfection.   Often we have failed and disrespected His grace. Yet He continues in love, and Redemptive acts towards us. Because He has, no insecurities whatsoever.   TO BE RIGHTEOUS OR “DOING WHAT IS RIGHT IN THE EYES OF GOD” MEANS TO BE: VIRTUOUS  - MORAL - GOOD  - JUSTICE LOVING HONORABLE  - HONEST - RESPECTABLE - DECENT   I HAVE PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED IN THE PAST AND EVEN AS RECENTLY AS THE PAST FEW WEEKS, OVERWHELMING ACTS OF KINDNESS AND PATIENCE FROM THOSE WHOM I KNOW, GOD MUST CALL HIS WORKERS OF HONORABLE AND KIND DEEDS.   THE COMMON THREAD I SEE AMONG ALL OF THESE BELOVED GIVERS OF GRACE and care is that they have all experienced a time of great loss, depravation, near death, or sorrow.  A Ray of Hope. A beam of light that draws you out of the darkness that attempts to tow you under in despair or fear.   I JUST LOST ONE OF MY SEVEN BROTHERS. Sudden liver failure and organ failure. He was 63. He was brilliant, funny and kind.   I LOST ANOTHER FRIEND A WEEK LATER.  One moment a successful surgery, moments later a clot was formed and a stroke took place. Gone in a moment. She was 62. A giver, an artist and lover of God.   I HAD A VERY DEAR FAMILY MEMBER THAT I LOVE, TURN ON ME SUDDENLY and share privileged information with others who are not considered safe or wise people. Trust was shattered!   ALL THREE OF THESE EVENTS WERE AND ARE PAINFUL! All three events were and are out of my ability to control! And friends, grief and loss and betrayal are very, very real, and they are very painful events in our lives.   YET, GOD SEND US OTHERS INTO OUR SPIRAL OF PAIN AND LOSS, who "get it", because not only have they been through similar events, they learned that hard won growth can come out of pain and loss, or, you can choose to grow isolated, insulated, and bitter.   Jeremiah 9:24 says, But let him who boasts- boast about this:  That he understands and knows Me, That I am the LORD, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight," declares the LORD.   WHEN TORMENT AND LYING SPIRITS DECEIVE OTHERS  and they foolishly accuse you; know that there are others whom God will place in your life that will bring sober and Godly counsel, as well as loving kindness and help.   Proverbs 27:9 says, Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of one's friend, springs from his earnest counsel.   DO NOT STOP IN YOUR KINDNESS AND IN YOUR CARE FOR OTHERS! The testing in this hour of the hearts of men and women will only grow more intense as the Lord examines the intentions of the hearts of those who call Him Lord.   The hoarding of comfort and help can’t ever be allowed   in the life of a follower of Jesus.   Your comfort, is not number one!   SOMETIMES, WE PUT ASIDE OUR OWN NEEDS AND COMFORTS AND SECURITY, AND FORGE THROUGH THE DARKNESS TO BRING HOPE AND RELIEF TO THOSE BEING BATTERED BY A RELENTLESS STORM! We speak peace to them IN the storm. Jesus did it! So He gives us the courage and strength to do the same!   IF YOU HAVE PERSONALLY CAUSED TRAGEDY, DESTRUCTION OR SHAME to fall upon any of your Family in Christ, and have yet to openly apologize and make the situation you were a part of “right”, know that the risk of a deep darkness of the soul is reserved for those who choose to walk in self-deception and who cloak their denial in passivity.   QUICKLY WHILE YOU STILL HAVE TIME, HUMBLE YOURSELF in the sight and the light of the Lord and HE will lift you out of your darkness. Be humble enough to apologize specifically, for the harm you have done to someone. Own it, apologize, and ask for their forgiveness.   Then, Light will come again into your soul, and so will a flooding peace that cleanses you from shame and the claw of bitterness that demons use to torment and immobilize you with.   Philippians 2:3 says, Don’t be selfish; don’t live to make a good impression on others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself.   DEAR BELIEVER! THERE IS THE OPEN OFFER OF AN ABUNDANCE OF JOY FOR WORKERS OF RIGHTEOUS AND HUMBLE, HONORABLE DEEDS!   Psalm 45:7 says, You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.   Psalm 33:1 says, Sing joyfully to the LORD, you righteous it is fitting for the upright to praise him.   NOW, I’M GOING TO SHARE A PROPHETIC WORD FROM THE LORD THAT DOES ADDRESS SOME OF THIS AND IT’S IN AN ACTIVE AND VOCAL WAY THAT THE LORD WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO US, TO PUT A TYPE OF SEAL ON THIS MESSAGE.   “HOLD ON! HOLD FAST! REACH OUT!”  - A PROPHETIC WORD -   "I the Redeemer of those who cry out to Me day and night, compel you to hold on to My hand of Faithfulness and Light. Keep your eyes on the light I provide for you in the darkness.  Hold fast to it and I will stir the hearts of the Righteous and faithful in me, to reach out a hand of compassion and they will obey Me with acts of blessing, restoration, and supply. They will do this willingly, for they have tasted of sorrow and know the secret of My abundant Joy! They have gone out weeping themselves, sowing seeds when they didn’t understand, all now growing up in compassion, only to produce a harvest, abundant in Joy. Psalm 126:6 says, Those who weep as they walk and plant with sighs Will return singing with joy, when they bring home the harvest.   I the Lord have tasted sorrow, loss, torment, and death. Yet in one Redemptive act, mankind was brought the opportunity for the fullness of Joy and the open door from darkness into light, when they too, choose to call upon My salvation, cleansing, and light. Quickly. Cleanse your hearts of any act of unkindness, false humility, and the use of a heavy hand over your brothers or sisters, or your children. The pinhole of light... ...My Light, Is drawing you into a New Day.   For Even in darkness light dawns for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and for those in right standing with God. Psalm 112:4     Dear Believer! I encourage you to chew on this message. Let us all bow before the Lord. Get low and sit at the feet of Jesus. Ask Him to wash you clean of fear and weariness and feeling displaced.   This is a different type of warfare that we are experiencing right now! It’s not one that a lot of us have experienced on this level of pressure. Ask the Lord to show you that single pinhole of light. From that light, God shows us He is there with us.   Be strong in the Lord And in the POWER of His Might.   Duplication and sharing of this message is welcomed Provided that complete article, podcast link and website information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank You. Copyright 2022 " THE MESSENGER " ~ Mary Lindow  GLOBAL PRAYER ROOMS   To Bless This Ministry with a Tax Deductible Donation PAYPAL
Feb 15 2022
By Mary Lindow TODAY I AM GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE TRUTH AND REALITY OF HOW GOD, AND WHY GOD USES DREAMS AND VISIONS, WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE, WORDS OF WISDOM AND PROPHETIC WORDS TO DIRECT US, ENCOURAGE US, AND TO PROTECT US! I’m also sharing a very recent dream that I had and how it confirmed God’s plan for a local church that Steve and I were invited to minister at. SO OFTEN PEOPLE THINK THE LORD ONLY SPEAKS TO “SPECIFIC PEOPLE” AND THAT HE CANNOT SPEAK TO THEM IN THE SAME WAY.  So, I think we need to understand clearly as believers what the Lord said in Jeremiah 33:3. ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’ He also says in the book of James if any man lacks wisdom let him ask of God who will give to all liberally and will not withhold it! The one big catchall is that people think God‘s going to speak to them at the same time or in the same way or in the same fashion he has previously, and so when they don’t hear from him the same way all the time, they wonder somehow if they’ve missed it.   TIME AND TIME AGAIN THE BIBLE TALKS ABOUT NIGHT VISIONS AND DREAMS THAT THE LORD USED TO INSTRUCT HIS PEOPLE, AND TO PROTECT THEM!  Here are a few Bible verses that give examples of biblical dreams, provide guidance on how to verify the source of this type of revelation, and show God's purpose in using them. Amos 3:7 – "Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets." Daniel 1:17 – "To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds." Job 33:14-15 – "For God does speak—now one way, now another—though no one perceives it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they slumber in their beds.   ONE THING ABOUT HEARING FROM THE LORD IS THIS.  There has to be an element of the Word of God undergirding anything you receive in a vision, in a dream, or through other people who are used in the prophetic gifts of word of knowledge and word of wisdom! It is out of the word of God that prophecy then is solidified!   I’M GOING TO SHARE WITH YOU ONE OF MY MOST RECENT EXPERIENCES  to encourage you to know that as we act upon what the Holy Spirit shows us, he can then move corporately. He likes to move among groups of people!   STEVE AND I WERE RECENTLY INVITED TO SPEAK AT A WONDERFUL FELLOWSHIP NOT TOO FAR FROM OUR HOME IN A CITY CALLED BRIGHTON, COLORADO.  So, we were praying about it and told the pastor and his wife that we wanted to pray first before we committed to saying we would come, because, we wanted to make sure what we were supposed to share, and to be sure it was the right timing. We had gone to bed one evening and I had gotten back out of bed up to get some water and was just restless and not ready to sleep. I read for a while and finally got tired enough to go back to bed and fell into a deep sleep.   I THEN HAD A VERY VIVID DREAM.  In the dream I was standing up behind a pulpit or podium, and Steve was standing there with me and I looked out into the congregation and I saw a young man who was very tall and had on a gray colored t-shirt, he had a beard and had a baseball cap on and was wearing black framed glasses. He was halfway between the congregation and about six seats in and he was to my right as I was facing him.   AS I WAS STANDING THERE, I FELT THE HOLY SPIRIT STANDING BEHIND ME.  He said to me, “People want to receive their prayer language. If you will tell people exactly what I want you to say, I’m going to move on and within them today. They’re going to experience the fullness of my joy with their prayer language by speaking in tongues.”  So, in the dream I said these words, “I had a dream and the Holy Spirit showed me that they were people here who would be moved on by the Holy Spirit and will receive the blessing of praying tongues, and there are many here who have been afraid of it or who have not been able to get a release for some reason when they were prayed for. As I stand here and begin to pray the Holy Spirit‘s going to come on you in a very gentle and soft presence, and we’re just going to all lift our voices and in that moment and you’re going to be able to be released to pray in tongues.”   In the dream, I was watching the young man and I pointed out him and I said,  “You are one who has been wanting the Lord to bless you with speaking of tongues aren’t you” and he raised his hand up and was crying and he said “yes”, and in that moment I just said to him that the Holy Spirit is gently touching you right now, just begin to open your mouth and begin to speak, and he did! He immediately began to pray in this beautiful prayer language and then the whole place erupted with people cheering and crying and the room was filled with the Spirit of God and the whole room was lifted up in worship and praise to God with people praying in tongues and laughing joyfully. There was lots of crying and worship, because they could feel the love and kindness of the Lord everywhere.   I THEN WENT BACK TO SLEEP AND SLEPT DEEPLY I GUESS, BECAUSE WHEN I WOKE UP IN THE MORNING I WAS AWARE THAT I HAD SLEPT LONG AND HARD. Steve was already up and was drinking coffee and reading, so I told him about the dream and that the Holy Spirit had said that there were people at this church (the church’s name is “Fearless Church”) that had been wanting to receive their prayer language and speak in tongues, but they just had not had the release, or, anyone help them with that. So I told him that the Holy Spirit said if we will tell them that the Holy Spirit said that there were those to be filled today, the Lord would honor it and he would do a great and precious thing in that service.   NOW, WE HAD NOT YET BEEN IN THIS COUPLE’S NEW CHURCH FACILITY BEFORE BECAUSE WE HAD KNOWN THEM FROM THEIR OLDER BUILDING LOCATION. When we walked in, it was exactly like the building that I saw in my dream which was amazing, because I didn’t even realize it until we walked in, so I knew this was definitely the time and the place for what God was wanting to do with this special meeting. After very beautiful worship, Steve got up and began to share his message and was teaching. I was just kind of looking around and then paying attention to what Steve was sharing and you could begin to feel this calm and peace come over all of us.    STEVE SHARED ABOUT THE LOVE OF THE FATHER AND ABOUT HOW MUCH GOD IS CALLING US TO A PLACE OF GREATER HUNGER FOR HIS PRESENCE. As he began to wind up that part of the message, I joined him on the platform and began to share about what words of knowledge and prophetic ministry, (what they were), and as I looked out into the congregation, there was the guy halfway down the middle to the right about six seats in that I had seen in my dream.  He had on the exact same gray T-shirt, he had the beard he had the black glasses and he was very tall.   I JUST BEGAN TO ACT OUT AND SPEAK EXACTLY WHAT I SAW IN THE DREAM THAT THE LORD HAD GIVEN TO ME AND I SAID THE EXACT WORDS, and sure enough this young man lifts up his hand and we began to lift our voices and he was immediately overwhelmed with the power of God, and began to speak out in his prayer language.   WE BEGAN TO TELL OTHER PEOPLE TO BEGIN TO LIFT THEIR VOICES  and do the same thing, and the entire room began to speak out in their tongues or they were praising God or just praying in English, and some people were praising in Spanish, but for a long time there were many people were just spontaneously being filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking with the evidence of tongues in languages they had never spoken.   NOW, THIS LED TO A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF JOY AND ALL WERE SHOCKED AND IN AWE AT THE PRESENCE OF GOD SUDDENLY OVERWHELMING THEIR CONGREGATION!  They had been through a very difficult time since they had had such lockdown and restriction problems and pressure from the local government. There had been a lot of grief and death and a lack of continuity in the people. It seemed as if the Holy Spirit just wanted to come in and bring this peace and hope to them.   NOT TOO FAR AFTER THAT THEN, WE BEGAN TO MINISTER IN THE PROPHETIC GIFTS OF WORD OF KNOWLEDGE AND WORD OF WISDOM. People stayed for an additional full hour! We did not ask them to do this!  They were hungry to be loved, they were hungry to be at peace, and they were like gentle lambs receiving the word of the Lord, even some words that were not easy to receive.  But the atmosphere was primed, simply by a dream that the Holy Spirit had given to me, and then asking us to obey him and act on what we had seen and heard in the dream.   WHAT I’M SAYING ABOUT ALL OF THIS IS THAT, SOMETIMES IT TAKES JUST A DREAM OR A VISION OR A THOUGHT THAT COMES TO YOUR MIND WHILE YOU’RE GOING ABOUT YOUR DAILY BUSINESS. It is a catalyst then that the Holy Spirit can use to open the door to a sweeter or greater move of God in a meeting or a gathering, or in a coffee shop, depending on where the Lord happens to have you go. He knows exactly what to do in every situation that we are sent into, and knowing the timing of the Lord was right for us to go minister to this body of believers, was all because of the fruit of prayer.   I NOW WOULD ALSO LIKE TO SHARE OR UPDATE YOU ABOUT SOMETHING THAT THE LORD HAD ME SHARE A FEW MONTHS AGO REGARDING CANADA. I will include the link right below for you to go read or listen to the entire word again, but again, when the Holy Spirit begins to speak he does confirm these things. LINK: WORD FOR CANADA STARTS AT MINUTE MARKER 11:34   MANY OF YOU ARE AWARE OF THE THINGS GOING ON AT THE CANADIAN BORDER AND OF COURSE, THE ENTIRE GLOBE IS FIGHTING TYRANNY.  In this prophetic word the Lord had me share something that I did not understand at the time, but I knew that I needed to deliver the word AT that time. Now in review, it is happening and coming to pass.   HERE’S WHAT THAT WORD SAID. “Canada will experience one of its most prosperous seasons ever known, for a short season.  The Lord would have Canada know that they must deal fairly with the wealth that they will produce and pay back the First Native families, and with Godly equity.  If this is not addressed with wisdom and integrity, Canada will have to pass through the sorrows of disobedience. Canadian Intercessors are being awakened and called up to stand in the place of prayer for its leaders and tribes. Now is the time for soberness, It is not a time for silliness and laughter.  It is a sober day, with a command for sober prayers.   "Accordingly then, let us not sleep, as the rest do, but let us keep wide awake (alert, watchful, cautious, and on our guard) and let us be sober (calm, collected, and circumspect)". - 1 Thessalonians 5:6  “So get up! Stand UP! Be Purposeful,” says the Lord! How do you not know that through your borders I can bring a North American Wave of Justice and Restoration?”    As you have just heard or have just read, the Lord knew these events were going to take place on the border of the United States and Canada way before I ever spoke it out. I am certain that the Lord spoke these words or similar words to other men and women of God.   MONTHS AGO HE BREATHED THESE WORDS OUT SO THAT OTHERS MIGHT HEAR THEM AND PRAY ABOUT THEM. I believe that when the Lord gives a word especially specific to any nation, it is first a call to prayer and repentance. From that then, the outbreak of moves of God can take place.   I ENCOURAGE YOU TO NOT FEAR THE SUPERNATURAL.  If you are grounded in the Word of God and a person filled with the spirit, God is going to speak to your spirit and instruct you in the way you should go. He is not going to talk to your mind, because you will talk yourself out of anything that takes risk or costs you laying down your own intellectual reckoning.   WE ARE LIVING IN A TIME WHERE HEARING FROM GOD  WILL LITERALLY SAVE YOUR LIFE.  It is not a time to hope we have everybody else hear from God, and tell us what to do. I am almost certain that anything I share today is something the Lord has been stirring in the hearts of the majority of you that are listening. And it is confirming things deep in your spirit that you needed to have sorted out in order for you to proceed.   MY PRAYER FOR YOU TODAY IS THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THERE IS A STIRRING IN THE HEART OF GOD TO MOVE UPON HIS PEOPLE IN A DYNAMIC AND EXTREME POWER THAT SHAKES THE CORE OF EVIL IN THE WORLD. It will cause a great upheaval, because darkness resists light.  But light penetrates past darkness.    YOU ARE A LIGHT IN THIS WORLD, BECAUSE OF THE LAMP OF CHRIST INSIDE OF YOU.  Take the bushel basket off and let that light shine. Yes it may cost you something. If it doesn’t cost you something to be strong in the Lord then we are pretty much guaranteed to be lukewarm and passive.   THESE ARE THE DAYS THAT GOD HAS PREPARED FOR YOU AND I. He planned for you to be here today in this very hour in this very moment. He has words to speak out of your mouth that are his words that will help break the darkness over peoples lives that have no ability to understand how captive they are to the narratives of the world.   Don’t underestimate the power of God’s words coming out of your mouth when you are talking to someone.  It takes just one anointed obedient act to set a captive free. It takes just one obedient act done while stepping out in courage to open the ears of someone who has been deafened to truth most of their life. If the words are rejected, understand that a seed went inside of them and was planted. Someone else may come along and water that seed, and someone else may harvest what comes from that. But in the end you were obedient to plant the seed, and all of the joy and the glory and honor of a new soul or someone set free, goes to Jesus.   Psalm 31:24 is what I want to speak over each of you today!! TAKE COURAGE! “Be strong and take heart,  All you who hope in the LORD.”   Duplication and sharing of this message is welcomed as long as the complete message, podcast and website information for Mary Lindow is included. 
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“DETERMINE NOW TO NOT LOOK BACKWARDS”  - Everything Will Be Brought Into The Light - Specific Prophetic Insight
Jan 21 2022
“DETERMINE NOW TO NOT LOOK BACKWARDS” - Everything Will Be Brought Into The Light - Specific Prophetic Insight
Prophetic Insights From the Holy Spirit through Mary Lindow   Do you not say, 'Four months more and then the harvest'? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.  - John 4:35     PLANT YOUR FEET AND DETERMINE NOT TO LOOK BACKWARD. The enemy will assault you to press you backwards. Have I not said, "without a prophetic vision the people perish and go backwards?”  I am ready to revisit areas that have advanced my purposes but retreated at the day of battle.    THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE SHAKING OF GOVERNMENTS.  There must be a confrontation of governments. My government on earth is arising and causing entire regions to shake. I am restoring and rising up leaders.    IN THE PAST SEASON, MY GIFT WITHIN LEADERS COULD NOT FIND ITS PLACE IN MY GOVERNMENT. However, now I am causing governments and gifts to divinely “find one another" and to connect.   This is creating great shakings from region to region throughout this land. This alignment is creating a shift in civil government.   TODAY IS A DAY OF BREAKING OFF THAT WHICH CAUSED MY LEADERS TO RETREAT FROM THE VISITATIONS OF THE PAST.  Many advanced and then quit and retreated!    NOW IS A TIME TO ADVANCE!  I am restoring many of you to lead this advance.  There will be great connections occurring in My Body in this advance.  This will be the beginning of confronting sorceries, astrology, and witchcraft, which have produced control. I am sending you forward and I am releasing supernatural wisdom. This wisdom will cast down the sorcerers, astrologers, and those practicing witchcraft throughout regions.    LOVE AND CONFIDENCE IS ARISING IN MY BODY.  The past three years have been a time of restoring a level of worship, humility, meekness and purity in your calling and boldness in the choices you make!    FROM WORSHIP YOU WILL NOW MOVE INTO A NEW SUPERNATURAL DIMENSION.  Do not fear this call to the supernatural! The Baal systems of this nation will begin to strengthen to keep my new refreshing strategies from forming and advancing in your region. Do not fear these systems, but keep confronting through prayer, the powers that have attached themselves to the structures of governments in your region.    I WILL MAKE YOU INTO A SUPERNATURAL PEOPLE WHO CAN RISE UP AND OVERTHROW THAT WHICH HAS CONTROLLED YOU IN THE PAST.   MY PEOPLE ARE BECOMING A NEW, SHARP THRESHING INSTRUMENT. This threshing is producing shaking. This shaking is releasing harvest. The harvest will not rot in the fields of neglect or laziness.    THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A POWERFUL CONSUMING FIRE.  When these occult structures are overthrown, consuming fire will sweep through this nation. And you will set my name upon the high places! My all-consuming light will address the idols and temples of religious shame and control.    I HAVE GIVEN SO MANY WHO CALL THEMSELVES “MY ANOINTED” MUCH, MUCH, TIME TO DEAL WITH THE HIDDEN SINS. Sins in their marriages. Sins of competition, jealousy over who is used by me, and harsh verbal words of shame used to control and break the will of another servant in my calling. Some have called themselves my servants but have only served their own purposes in a place of self-comfort and self-promotion, letting others do the labor in prayer.    Jeremiah 7:24 says, “But they did not listen or pay attention; instead, they followed the stubborn inclinations of their evil hearts.  THEY WENT BACKWARD AND NOT FORWARD.”      DEAL WITH YOUR WEAK AND COWARDLY ATTEMPTS AT HOLINESS, THROUGH REPENTANCE AND HONESTY OF HEART BEFORE ME AND OTHERS WHOM YOU HAVE BEEN WALKING IN FELLOWSHIP WITH. THE DAYS OF PERSONAL AMBITION AND HIERARCHY ARE NUMBERED.     MY FIRE MUST BE IN YOUR HEART! The fear of the Divine Supernatural is to be removed from you. Many have fallen into fear over the supernatural spirits that have surrounded them. Therefore, they have retreated in their prayer life and fallen into passivity.    1 Samuel 12:24 says, “But be sure to honor the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things He has done for you    THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW DAY! PLANT YOUR FEET. The window of opportunity for change is short and sweet.   THIS WILL BE A TIME THAT NIGHT WATCHES ARE RE-FORMED IN YOUR REGION, AND I WILL REVISIT YOU IN THE NIGHT WATCH. I will visit my bride as I described in the Song of Solomon and knock upon her door. This is not a time for hesitation. Night watches will spring forth across the nations. Once again these watches will open the door to me, and I will come again.   Therefore, I am calling watchmen to rise up and cry out day and night for my bride to be positioned near the door of opportunity in these lands. Be positioned, ready to open the door of opportunity in your nation.   MY BRIDE MUST NOT HESITATE TO OPEN THE DOOR SINCE HARVEST IS WAITING TO COME THROUGH THE DOOR INTO THE STOREHOUSE OF MY KINGDOM!   MY WILL HAS BEEN ACTIVATED ON EARTH. I AM ADVANCING. ADVANCE WITH ME. I WILL LEAD YOU INTO WARFARE.   MANY HAVE GROWN FEARFUL OF CONFRONTING THE ENEMY. I CAME TO DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE ENEMY. I confronted both legalism and liberalism. I say rise up in worship that you might confront. Without confrontation, your enemy, the legalist, will gain much strength against you and narrow the boundaries of your freedom. If you will align yourselves properly and allow your gift to work within my government, I will guide you like a troop into warfare and make you victorious.    WORSHIP IS ARISING. FROM WORSHIP, YOU WILL WAR! For a sound of war is coming into the heart of my people.   John 4:23 says,  A time will come, however, indeed it is already here, when the true (genuine) worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth (reality), for the Father is seeking just such people as these as His worshipers    DO NOT GO BACKWARDS.  Take off the old garments that would hinder you. My advance is now in the earth. YOU HAVE BEEN BLINDED FROM THE SUPPLY OF THE FUTURE!   A NEW SEER ANOINTING IS ABOUT TO ARISE IN MY PEOPLE. What you couldn't see in the past, you will now see. You've tried to connect and align with some, but now I will release a new anointing for connecting. You will see strategies of supply that have been hidden from you by occult powers.    The seer anointing is coming back into your region. My people's eyes are about to see their supply. Advance is now in the earth. Open your eyes and advance with me!    YOU WILL KNOW ME AS THE GREAT PROVIDER. YOU WILL KNOW ME AS THE GREAT HEALER. YOU WILL SEE ME BRING FULFILLMENTS AND ANSWERS TO MY MANY PROMISES!   YES!  You will now begin to release a manifestation of My joy of release from captivity from region to region throughout the land and in all nations crying out for more of Me!    “He will wipe every tear from their eyes.  There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain,  For the old order of things has passed away."  - Revelation 21:4   Let’s pray about this word from the Lord and share it with others! ___________________________________________ Duplication and re-transmission of this writing is welcomed provided that complete source of podcast and website information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank you copyright © 2022 " The Messenger " ~ Mary Lindow
“2022” - SQUEEZED, STRAIGHTENED AND A NARROWING PATHWAY - Insights and Words From The Holy Spirit
Jan 10 2022
“2022” - SQUEEZED, STRAIGHTENED AND A NARROWING PATHWAY - Insights and Words From The Holy Spirit
WE THINK THAT WE ARE SO KNOWLEDGEABLE about our own needs and ourselves! But, more often than not, we are just opinionated and headstrong people!    By Mary Lindow through the Holy Spirit   WE THINK THAT WE ARE SO KNOWLEDGEABLE about our own needs and ourselves! But, more often than not, we are just opinionated and headstrong people! We refuse instructions from anyone who could tell us about the deeper things of the spirit, because “We know”, or… “Don’t want to know!”  (How DARE you address this Mrs. Lindow)!!! Hmmmm!  I think I will continue!! **smile**   We stumble along without anyone's help, and all the while we are overlooking that gnawing, “unsettled sense” inside of us, though if we paid attention to this we would see our true inner condition. It is in this way that we acclimate our souls to straggle along in a dark spiritual wilderness, and how we do ourselves so much harm.   MANY, MANY OTHER CHRISTIAN SOULS ARE JUST LIKE THIS. They don't know how to do anything other than let their human senses guide them, and then one day, God intervenes. He arranges things so that one day when you are all alone, there will heave from within your heart a sudden surprising awareness of absolute emptiness. He may also cause you to have a feeling of complete emptiness, but an overwhelming sense of isolation from others, and a lot of loss. “All of a person's ways seem right in his own opinion,  But the LORD evaluates the motives.” -Proverbs 21:2   You see, there is nothing but a bottomless crater to look down into the deadness of our own souls if we are not fully committed to God. If you ever come to this place you will know how quickly your soul wants to run away and to rush to find something, anything at all, to "fill" itself up again with noise and activity. Art! Food! Beautiful Clothing! The doing of generous deeds! Perfectionistic exercising and self-improvement to show your “Self” discipline!  After all... PEOPLE are watching! The reality of this is, So Is God.   VERY FEW SEE THIS BLEAK MOMENT FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS.      It's a chance to see their need for something that is beyond themselves. But my friend, this can be a moment where the soul can cross over from its own empty silence into an expected quiet that is alive with His presence. It silences the anguish, the anxious restlessness into a calm and still place of peace. It's as if the soul finds that in this dark place, there is secret well of sweet water, and it springs up and overflows with light and life.  Learning to pass into this place of the Spirit and allowing God to keep your soul in refreshing silent tranquility is a true act of the maturing believer.   ALL OF YOUR FLESHY SOUL WILL WANT TO RADICALLY FIGHT THIS,  and it will do so by trying to analyze what's happening! All of this kind of behavior will just weigh you down, and it'll pull you back from walking in the spirit, to walking simply in your own understanding.  The choice we all must make is encapsulated in this statement made by John the Baptist. “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  -John 3:30   Another translation of this verse says it even more plainly. “He must become more important while I become less important." WHEW!   HEAVEN CAN BE ENTERED ONLY THROUGH THE NARROW GATE!  The pathway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide enough for all the multitudes that choose its easy way.   But the Gateway to Life is small, and the road is narrow, and only a few ever find it. –Matthew 7:13-14   THE WORD “WAY” TRANSLATED FROM THE GREEK WORD HODÓS LITERALLY MEANS “A NATURAL ROAD OR TRAVELED WAY”.   It refers to a way of life or a way of thinking. The word is used six times in the book of Acts as a substitute for Christianity itself.   We can quickly understand that the Christian faith is more than a one-time decision to accept Christ. It is a faith, which alters the very course of a life.   THE WORD “NARROW” COMES FROM THE GREEK VERB THLÍBO, WHICH MEANS TO PRESS OR CRUSH AS A WORKER IN A VINEYARD MIGHT CRUSH GRAPES OR A CROWD OF PEOPLE MIGHT PRESS AGAINST ONE ANOTHER.  This word also means to experience trouble, difficulty, or affliction.   COMBINED WITH THE GREEK WORD HODÓS, IT INSINUATES A SQUEEZED, STRAITENED, OR NARROWING PATHWAY. The cramped condition of the path seems to imply two valuable truths about the nature of the Christian life. It is a way marked out by the will of God, and it is a way marked by difficulty and struggle. Remember, when your soul discovers how to let the Holy Spirit bring it into this place of inner peace of learning to rest in this stillness, it’s only because God is carrying you in his arms and that you sense no toil or drive on your part. Friends, this accomplishes much more than all of your own actions or works of performance, since God Himself, is at work inside of you.   “I am confident that the Creator, who has begun such a great work in you, will not stop in mid-design but will keep perfecting you until the day Jesus the Anointed, our Liberating King, returns to redeem the world.” -Philippians 1:6 (The Voice)   IF WE FACE “THE NARROWING”, THE CHALLENGE OF ALLOWING OUR SOUL,  OUR FLESH, TO BE FULLY HANDED OVER TO GOD’S PATHWAY, HE WILL TEACH OUR SOUL HOW TO OVERCOME    THREE OF THE MOST TOXIC OF SINS.   These sins are -   Anger, Envy, and, an unwillingness to obey the Lord.    These run wild through our stony and hardened hearts and they eventually can crumble and ruin us.   YOU SEE, OUR SOULS DESIRE TO FIND COMPLETE HAPPINESS, BLISS, CONSOLATION AND SECURITY IN THIS WORLD, AND THIS CAN NEVER REALLY HAPPEN! So, God has to show us our great darkness when our soul tries to find spiritual strength there, because there is no sweet and vibrant life when our soul is attached to the things of this world!  It’s a wide and gregarious path in the world, and the crowds on the pathway adore gratification and pleasure of every sort. Our souls have a natural demand for wanting our own pleasure and achievement, and frustration causes these sins to grow, and they bring the very ugly fruit that is produced from them right into the light! OUCH!   THE LORD ALLOWS HIS TOOL OF DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES TO CRUSH AND TO CRACK OUR HARD SOULS. He plants His word of light deep into our darkness. And He pours the living water of His spirit on our dryness and then we soften, as he uproots our old sluggish ways and our complaining about obeying God. Meaning, having to pass up our soothing comforts and pleasures.   NOW, I URGE YOU TO QUIET THE COMPLAINING OF YOUR SOUL, WITH ITS REBELLIONS. We will naturally want to turn back to its pleasure and demands!   But as the world goes further and further into broad deviations of every kind, you as a believer will face a fork in the road. One of the most cunning temptations of the times that we live in right now for believers is the mindset that says, “I’m not going to get into any trouble! I can handle things as a Christian just fine! I wont actually “touch the fire” I’ll just play around it!”    WHAT IS THAT FIRE?  It’s justifying and adapting God’s often narrow and absolute instructions about relationships, marriage, sex, self-indulgence, arrogance, “harmless" Occult involvement and lording over those whom you feel are less astute or affluent as you.   GOD WILL AND HE MUST BRING THIS DRYNESS OUT OF OUR SOULS AND KILL THESE DEADLY ROOTS! Quiet the pathetic demands of your soul for soothing comforts and a right to be angry and judgmental! When your path seems empty and silent and desert dry, put your soul’s concentration on God alone. You can hardly imagine the harvest of a lasting joy that comes to you, when you learn to be free of your soul’s whining. It's there that God can speak quiet words!  They will be so sweet and tender, and he will speak of his great love to us.   KNOW THIS. DRYNESS WILL TRY TO COME AGAIN AND AGAIN.       It wants to lead you to self-justification and an easy escape from the hammer and chisel of God shaping your being, turning it into a reservoir for His purposes.  It will try to come back with greater strength each time you resist. So stand your ground and stand firm in the quietness of your brokenness.     Focus upon His presence guiding you down the narrowing path.  He will come to you and His fresh guidance will be more amazing than anything your natural mind can imagine.   A PROPHETIC WORD FROM THE SPIRIT OF GOD FOR THOSE FACING “THE NARROWING PATH”   “Darker and broader and louder come the shouts of world to draw you into its intricate webs. These webs of deceit are spun with silken tongues and with the softness of the promise of an easier life.   There is a reckoning coming to those that sell lies and imprison those who buy their wares.   But for those who are determined to not walk on a fence, trying to balance between their own thinking and me, there will be a “Divine Might” that will empower them to continue down the narrowing way. Where does this narrowing journey lead?  What is the payoff at the end?   As you become more determined and lay aside the things that have hindered you over and over again from fully entering into the deeper places with me, a lightness and freedom will propel you toward a place of Living Light.  That Light is Me, and you will soon know Me in a different way than you have in past years and seasons.   My one warning to many is that they cannot argue that the path is “too narrow”.  What mankind might call “rigid” I call “Straight and Direct”.  If you choose to alter the plans that I have set down for your protection and safety, you will grieve my Spirit and allow a searing of your conscience to override the truths that you know deep in your heart.   “The path of those who do right is straight and smooth.  I, who am upright, make the way of the righteous level.” -Isaiah 26:7   “The Narrowing” has begun to increase, and the love for it has decreased among those who choose to remain passive to conviction and pure living.  Allow my Holy Spirit to move freely again. I know what I must do, to break the constraints of man.  Let me move! Are you afraid that I might be ridiculed? Or, are you more concerned for your image and patterns before men?    “Do not stifle the Holy Spirit. Do not scoff at prophecies, But test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.” -I Thessalonians 5:19-21   Choose the “Narrowing Way”.  For I, Am there.  Choose the pathway of “rightness” with me, even when others scoff at your “narrow mindedness”. When the days become darker and the world tilts and twists in further unrestrained darkness, You will be the carrier of My Light, which can lead the lukewarm and lost down the narrow, but safe, and integral way, to Me.   Duplication and sharing of this message is welcomed, Provided that complete message, podcast site link and website information forMary Lindow is included. Thank you! "The Messenger" ~ Mary Lindow 2022 ©
”HEAVEN ON EARTH” - Signs, Songs and Wonders Of His Love
Dec 25 2021
”HEAVEN ON EARTH” - Signs, Songs and Wonders Of His Love
By Mary Lindow Last year on December 21st 2020 (which was the 1st Day of Winter) Steve and I drove to pick up salads for our dinner. It had been a challenging month having just had his Mother pass into heaven while in WuhanCovid-19 lockdowns in a nursing facility.    To be honest, we were a little weary and tender in heart, and still had preparations to do for our Family Christmas Day dinner and celebration with our Son Joel and his wife Angela and our 4 Grandchildren. Our youngest son Tim and his wife Liz were in Texas with her family. This had also been during the most severe time of lockdowns and restrictions in our State. Everything felt hard, and dark, and mean.   As we were driving away after picking up salads, my sister texted and asked if we were going to look for the  “Christmas Star”, Or, the two planet convergence taking place that evening at dusk. I had wanted to see this and had forgotten! So we aimed the car West and watched the sky!   We live at an altitude of 5290 feet above sea level and have a glorious view of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. At this specific time of year the sun sits at a very low angle in the western sky and when it dips behind the mountains, there is an almost greenish-aqua reflective light, and at 5:15 MDST we saw the "Christmas Star" or two planets very closely spaced together (to human eyes) start to take shape in the Western sky.   We quickly drove to a favorite hilltop location, not too far from our home where we often go to walk and enjoy a complete 360-degree view of our surrounding area and state. We thought that at night and away from city lights we’d have a great place to see this phenomenon and view it away from too many people. This event marked the first time since 1623 that the two planets Saturn and Jupiter have passed this close to one another and also marked the nearly 800 years since the planets aligned at night. As a result, some have referred to the planetary alignment as forming a "Christmas star," in reference to the Star of Bethlehem, since the event falls only a few days before Christmas.   As we drove in thinking we’d take the dirt road up to the hill where there was a parking area, all around us there were HUNDREDS of people parked on the dirt driveway up the hill and on the side streets of the neighborhood surrounding it!   HUNDREDS of people were standing on the hill, looking Westward and upward, looking for the "Christmas Star". The most unusual thing was taking place though. There was a hushed "awe" in this big crowd.   People were either talking low or they were whispering, as if this was a sacred moment not to be disrespected by loud noises. No one was talking on his or her cell phones! WOW!   You could feel the questions and the cries and thoughts of those standing there watching and looking up into the sky.  You could sense the desperation of many wanting to know what to do in such and strange and dark time on planet earth and wondering why this event was taking place at this time!   We drove around the entirety of the hill's lower neighborhood road, looking in amazement at all of the people, and a sudden wave of what I would call "travail" moved me to tears and prayer.   Steve and I began to cry out the Father to touch the souls of those looking up into the sky, knowing that all of them are fully aware of the troubled days that they were living in. We prayed that they would risk and speak from their weary hearts to the God who hung those radiant planets that were glowing in the sky, just for them, just at this very moment in time.   God SO Loves the World! He sent his Son... …So the world might know His full expression of deep commitment to the people He created with the tips of His fingers and the breath of His being.   We saw more than just the "Star" that night!  We saw people, engaging in wonder!   Of course we know it wasn’t "THE" Christmas Star shining so very brightly in the sky, on the longest and darkest day/night of the year! (The Winter Solstice), but doesn't the Lord create things that would show signs and wonders in the heavenlies?   WHY DID GOD ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN THAT NIGHT, DURING THE CUSTOMARY SEASON ON EARTH WHERE PEOPLE CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF CHRIST, WHEN THE EARTH WAS IN SUCH TURMOIL? (And still is!)   Because He knows that if He can use something to draw people to himself, He will do it!    Psalm 57:10-11 says, “Your love is so extravagant it reaches to the heavens; your faithfulness so astonishing it stretches to the sky! Lord God, be exalted as you soar throughout the heavens. May your shining glory be shown in the skies! Let it be seen high above all the earth!”   Of course it’s was not the actual date of the birth of Jesus Christ in December, nor was this the actual star that was seen by the shepherds and Wise men. But God knows mankind knows the stories and that there was a Star to guide them, so, He wastes nothing in order to draw all men to himself.  "This is what I will do in the last days— I will pour out  MY Spirit on everybody and cause your sons and daughters to prophesy, and your young men will see visions and your old men will experience dreams from God.  The Holy Spirit will come upon all my servants, men and women alike, and they will prophesy.  I will reveal startling signs and wonders in the sky above, and mighty miracles on the earth below.  - Acts 2:17 -19   These planets would be closest to each other in the sky on Dec. 21, appearing only a tenth of a degree apart but they would remain in close alignment for a few days and would be easily visible to the naked eye when looking toward the slight southwest west just after sunset on first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere.   NOW! THIS IS THE PART WHERE THE KINDNESS AND SUPERNATURAL TOUCH OF GOD, TOOK PLACE FOR STEVE AND I!   We had had a very intense and sad family upset with some stressed out relatives the night before and had done a bit of damage control and counseling of everyone, but our hearts were hurting over words that had been spoken and the pain that they had caused for many. (Holidays can often bring out the dysfunctions and anger in some people who tend to not address personal issues.) We gently but firmly coached a few involved to see things more accurately and to go and correct there bad choice of words and apologize. They did, but the upset left everyone feeling grieved and raw.   On Christmas Eve we like to take a tray of home baked treats to a few of our neighbors and wish them a Joyful Christmas. I had asked Steve to run a final tray across the street to some neighbors who hadn’t been home earlier.  As I was standing at the kitchen sink rinsing out a bowl that had held cookie dough, I was talking to the Lord and sharing my heart and sadness with Him about missing my precious Mother in Law, the strangeness of the dark world of a bio-terror weapon that was causing such fear and sickness, and the grief I felt after the tense family situation.  I asked Him to pour over Steve and I, his holiness and peace and I asked him to receive an offering of praise out of this sorrow, thanking him for coming to earth as a Savior in such a dark and wicked world.   I then had a thought that reminded me, that the “Christmas Star was still visible in the sky on that night and I realized the timing right then would be perfect to view from our front porch. We have this unusual glow in the West in the winter months when the sun is setting and I could see the hue as I walked toward our front door, which has glass in it.  As I stepped out onto the porch I could see the two stars, which were a bit more separated at this point, but absolutely clear.   What took place next was something I have no explanation as to where it came from, but the timing of it was so precise and overwhelming that I just stood there in awe, and wept.   A CHORUS OF VOICES BEGAN SINGING SILENT NIGHT, Holy Night, Son of God, Loves Pure Light, Radiant beams from thy holy face, with the dawn of Redeeming Grace, Jesus Lord at thy birth, Jesus Lord at Thy Birth. There were no instruments accompanying the voices and it wasn’t coming from a house or car nearby. It was out in the open air and reverberating over our street, softly and simply.   Steve was coming back across the street about the time the voices began to sing and we stood there on our lawn looking at the stars growing brighter as the sky grew darker, and marveled at this singing. It was just one song. Then no more.  (We wondered if there was an outdoor service somewhere and maybe the sound was travelling, but the words were very clear and understandable.)   THE MOMENT WAS AS IF WE WERE SUSPENDED IN TIME, and the Presence of God softly fell on us and around us, and soothed our weary souls.  We felt His Rest come upon us, and understood the awe that the shepherds must have experienced on that first real nativity night when, “Suddenly there appeared with the angel a great multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests!”   -Luke 2:13-14   ALL I CAN TAKE AWAY FROM THESE EVENTS IS THAT GOD ALMIGHTY SEES AND KNOWS EVERY MINUTE DETAIL OF OUR EVERY DAY. He sees our struggles and our sorrows and our love for Him as well!   WE ARE IN A TIME LIKE NO OTHER TIME BEFORE ON EARTH, and yet the history of evil men and women attempting to stop the power of the Savior and the King of Heaven moving on earth among His people, has been a non-stop war since time began.   We are to be expecting HIS evidence in the earth with great exploits and moves of His Dynamic Force.   He is not unaware of our great need for His Help and Protection from filthy and evil men and women who are given over to demonic possession.   We live in day and age where it will take Divine Intervention to shake the lukewarm believer out of passivity, and for the world to know that God is Sovereign.   BE READY AND EXPECT SIGNS AND WONDERS. Test them. Be alert. Be Ready to tell of the Wonders of His Love.   LET EVERY HEART PREPARE HIM ROOM! AND LET HEAVEN AND NATURE SING OF THE WONDERS OF HIS LOVE!   Duplication and sharing of this message is welcomed provided that complete message, Podcast and website information for Mary Lindow is included. Thank you. Copyright © 2021 THE MESSENGER " ˜ Mary Lindow
Dec 16 2021
By Mary Lindow Through The Holy Spirit   TODAY’S PODCAST IS GOING TO BE AN INTERESTING ONE! What I’m sharing on this specific podcast is about a vision that I had when my husband and I were first engaged. I was staying in his parent’s home and my husband had his own house about 10 miles away. We spent a lot of time talking together and praying and just contemplating what our future would look like in the Lord, and how he was going to use us, when Steve would come over to spend time with me after work. One evening I had gone into the living room of my in-laws to play the piano and worship and sing to the Lord, and while I was worshiping Him and enjoying being in His presence, I had what would be described as a screen being dropped out in front of my eyes take place, and I had a very visual picture to watch or as the Bible would call it, a vision. I SAW MYSELF RUNNING ACROSS SOME SEMI-ROCKY LAND and Steve was behind me. He was trying to direct a group of individuals to stay in line and be in unity together. All of us had what looked to be like a stretchy headband wrapped around our heads and across our foreheads. Attached on the front of these were round lights like miner’s lamps. Some of lights on the people in the line where Steve was trying to get them to come into unity and walk together would flicker and not come on brightly. Others were very bright and consistently steady. I was running ahead like a scout and the word “forerunner” came into my mind as I was running ahead. I turned around and looked at what Steve was doing and he was trying to stop these individuals from elbowing each other and fighting over whose theology was the most correct.   ABOVE THE HEADS OF THESE INDIVIDUALS I NOTED THAT THERE WERE DENOMINATIONAL CHURCH ORGANIZATIONAL NAMES AND ALSO NONDENOMINATIONAL TITLES. I turned back around and continued my scouting and forerunning and was jogging at a relaxed pace, but I knew I was heading towards something in front of me that I needed to get to. The path had embedded rocks and bumps that I had to avoid so I wouldn’t trip. The lamp or miner’s light strapped to my forehead kept a bright light steadily beaming in front of me. Suddenly, in front of me, was a large chasm or a gap and I had to stop and pull back so I wouldn’t fall headlong into the huge gap. There was no possible human way to run and jump over it and I was at a dead stop staring over the edge. Intuitively, I knew I needed to get to the other side and that there was something very important for me to engage in and be a part of. But! I didn’t see a ladder or a bridge long enough or safe enough in any direction, to try to cross over with.   I Heard A Voice In The Vision Tell Me To Take A Step Of Faith, and that as I walked forward, not in my own strength, not in my own might or power, but in the spirit, that I would make it safely to the other side. I remember feeling hesitant and thinking I needed to warn Steve. I turned around and told him I’m going to take a leap of faith to get to the other side. He looked at me and seem to understand what I was doing and turned around and tried to tell the other individuals that they were going to have to lean upon God‘s power and might and supernatural ability, to get them all to the other side. I once again turned around and backed up and took a running leap across this wide chasm. I was immediately on the other side and waited for Steve.   I REALIZED THAT I HAD TO DO THIS ON MY OWN WITH THE LORD, and not depend upon Steve to get me to where the Lord wanted me to be. Nor could I get him there. We were each responsible to trust in the Lord with all of our heart. It was as if I was lifted back over the chasm for a moment so I could observe what was taking place with Steve and the others. Several of the individuals who were irritated that others were not listening to their great rhetoric and interpretation of things, began to break loose and run forward while telling everyone how they were going to make it across the gap/chasm. Several of them literally walked off the edge of the cliff into the chasm due to not paying attention, and fell completely to the bottom.   OTHERS WERE FIGHTING AND SEVERAL WERE IN FEAR AND WOULD NOT ATTEMPT A LEAP OF FAITH. They wanted to build a structure or devise a plan to get them there. Their lights were flickering very low by this point. Steve finally said, “I have to go”, and he too, took a running leap of faith and threw his arms upward, eyes closed, trusting in the Lord’s provision to get him over the chasm. He met me standing on the other side of this wide gap.   IMMEDIATELY WE BECAME MEMBERS OF A LARGE ARMY. Everyone was dressed in a white robe and had different colors of sashes to indicate which battalion or team of army members they were marching with. Everyone’s headband with the lamp on the front of it was brilliantly white and the lamps were shining intensely! Everyone was in order and marching in unison, with thousands of members.   OVERHEAD THERE WAS SOMETHING LIKE ARTILLERY FIRE TAKING PLACE IN THE SKY.  It seemed as if there were missiles and different kinds of weaponry clashing above us, but we were all marching calmly and firmly in unity and we knew we were marching under the direction of our Leader, King, Jesus Christ.   Shortly after this surprising vision I “came to myself” again and sat there and pondered what I had seen, for a very long time. Steve and I have often talked about this and have often shared the details with each other again as we l pray and ask the Lord why he would show it to us at that time, and what we were being prepared for.   CHRISTIAN ALLEGIANCES ARE  “STRANGE AND STRAINED AFFAIRS” Many denominations and non-denominational groups as well as progressive and New Age influenced churches have chosen to embrace a corporate world structure and more eagerly, “hunker down” into a “murky version” of the word of God. Many have embraced the cultural pressure to push away pure living, and interpret the word of God to fit the current day embracing of immoral sexuality and freethinking on many levels.   THE CURRENT BLATHERING INTELLECTUALS OF THE ERA mock and criticize those who choose to live a morally and biblically pure and truthful application of God’s word. You know, It just not "cool or hip" right now to not be a little edgy and nasty!   I believe that in the vision that I had, those who were elbowing and arguing and posturing while on their way to what they felt was an event (that would be in fact an important moment in the collective body of Christ), these individuals had “dimmed” their approach to allowing their minds to be renewed and cleansed by the word of God. I believe the headbands that weakly flickered with the mining lights were symbols of what they fed their minds with, weakening their discernment.   THOSE WHO WERE FOCUSED ON HAVING THEIR MINDS RENEWED by the word of God, being illuminated by his word and having their minds renewed had no wavering or angst taking place. Those that were fighting and pontificating the most, had the dimming lamps that flickered and seemed to short out, and they insisted that adaptations and adjustments could be made according to the way that they interpreted faith and how to walk with Christ. THEY REFUSED TO LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE AND THEY REFUSED TO HAVE ANY KIND OF UNITY, BUT NEEDED TO PUSH FORWARD TO PROVE THEIR POINT.   When Steve kept telling them in the vision that they had to be unified and that they had to be humble and to humbly care for one another as brothers in the Lord, they became all the more enraged, condescending, and began to rush ahead in arrogance and with great irritability.   ONE INDIVIDUAL WAS WALKING BACKWARDS lecturing everyone and literally fell over the cliff edge into the chasm, screaming all the way down.   SO WHERE ARE WE? Anyone who is doing all they know to do to have a close walk with the Lord right now at this time, who desires to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the churches and us individually, is fully aware of the deceptive clouds of wickedness and filth hovering over the world.   LYING HAS BECOME AN HONORED AND CUNNING ATTRIBUTE in order to confuse, control, and break other human beings. Sadly, many in the faith have chosen to become rabid political activists to the point that it’s all that they devour and think about day and night. They shun anyone who will not listen to them and certainly have embraced on many levels, the message of a “one world unified socialist lifestyle”. This is where a great delusion has been allowed to deceive many. Second Thessalonians 2:11 warned us about this! “Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false.”   THERE IS GOING TO BE A LOT OF GODLESSNESS IN THE LAST DAYS In 2 Timothy 3:1-5 we have quite the strong warning about how it was going to roll out and unfold. (I think that we are already there.) “So! Understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty.  For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, but treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but they deny its power. Avoid such people.”   WOW! AVOID THESE PEOPLE? These are strong and difficult words to hear aren’t they?   When I was forerunning ahead in the vision, I believe it was a indicator of a prophetic forerunner seeing the things to come as well as seeing what God was asking of his people, as the world became more corrupt and dark, and decisions that were difficult that were coming, were about to be made.   THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS RUNNING I WAS WATCHING AND LOOKING TO MAKE SURE THAT MY FEET WOULD NOT TRIP, and when I came to the edge of the chasm I knew that I had to completely abandon myself, to everything that I could possibly fashion or create in my mind, leaving behind the hopeful use of any personal skills to get to the other side of where God wanted me to be.   THERE WAS NO POSSIBILITY TO RUN AND JUMP AND MAKE IT ON MY OWN. I had to abandon myself to the fact that God said to take a leap of faith. That I must trust Him spirit, soul, and body, to be moved into position in His kingdom where I would be in unity marching with His great army of servants. Somehow in my spirit, in the vision, I knew that Steve was going to be okay and also knew that we had to individually make a choice to trust God completely with our lives, no matter what difficulties we were about to face. There was great sadness on Steve’s face when he turned around and knew he had to now leave those who were rushing ahead and jumping or still arguing on the edge of the chasm, and that it was his time to risk everything and take a step of faith out into the unknown. The minute Steve arrived on the other side of the chasm with me we were side-by-side marching to the sound of thousands of feet in unison and voices praising God. There was a look of determination and sobriety on every face that was in every battalion of people, but everyone knew why they were there, and what they were being assigned to. The flashes of light and military type of war going on above us was constant but no one broke rank and everyone was marching in the battalion that they were a part of. Praise and powerful prayers were coming out of all of all of the people’s mouths as they raised their hands forward in honor of what was up ahead, which I believe was King Jesus himself.   In Joel 2:11 it says “The Lord utters his voice before his army, For his camp is exceedingly great; He who executes his word is powerful. For the day of the Lord is great and very awesome; Who can endure it?”   NOW, I WILL NOT PRESUME TO TRY TO UNPACK ALL THAT IS GOING ON IN THE EARTH TODAY, nor will I say that I understand all of the applications of the book of Revelation or End Time thoughts. What I will say is that the Lord has told us that the difficult days would come and that antichrists and deceivers would rise up from among us, even trying to deceive the very elect, God’s own precious, set apart children.   1 John 4:3 tells this clearly! Every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.   You see, This is a time where God is already showing those who have ears to hear what He is saying and that we are being called to take great steps and leaps of trust and faith in Him, like we have never, EVER done before.   IT’S SCARY OUT THERE IN THE WORLD, and tyrants and wicked men and women defy and mock anything that interferes with their corruption and filth. They are absolutely not interested in the sound of the voice of the Lord or in his people challenging them. But this is where our faith and trust in God must exceed and excel.   It is a time where you and I must continually and constantly renew our minds by intentionally reading and listening to the word of God.   HOW MANY TIMES A DAY DO PEOPLE CHECK THE SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATES and news feeds on their phones and I Pads? Is this where the light of Christ is found and minds are renewed? No. It’s a place where distractions and debates and the opinions of man drown out truth and any trust in God.   RUN AWAY FROM THE PACK Believers! Get a firm pace going in your pursuit of the truth! Be aware of those snares and rocks placed there to intentionally get you to change course or quit and become part of the world’s narratives!   There’s no need to figure out what you are going to do in tough times if you stay close to the word and voice of God!   He absolutely WILL guide you, and His word IS the lamp for your feet and the light that will keep your path lit up as you journey through dark days!   Psalm 119:105  "Your word is a lamp to my feet
, AND a light to my path.   IN CLOSING, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO ALLOW THE LORD, TO DO A DEEP PURGING AND SEARCHING OF YOUR HEART. Don’t push away where he is trying to get you to give up your own, personal opinions about how things are to be done in a time where recklessness and chaos are rewarded. Get quiet and be still in his presence, and ask him to tell you exactly what to do.   HE WILL DIRECT YOU THROUGH HIS WORD! He will bring people across your path who are either like-minded or who will point the way to absolute sustaining truth. Stay away from those who are so full of themselves, and who love the sound of their own voices, so that there is no room for tenderness and dialogue for a soul that is hungering after God.   YOU AND I ARE RIGHT NOW, A PART OF THE GREAT ARMY OF GOD. We are to march to the sound of His voice and have our voices raised in praise of who He is and in declaration that we are of another Kingdom. Even if it seems as if nothing is changing or that God is at a distance, we are not to walk by how we feel, or how things look around us. We are to be determined to be in union and in communication by the spirit with the Spirit of the living God.   Ask the Lord to draw you close to him. Choose to run after him!   Don’t wait for others to lead you or guide you to answer the questions that you have in your heart right now. Jesus by the Holy Spirit is able to speak clearly to you and he is able to give you direction, because, He IS the great I AM. He IS wisdom. He IS light! And, He has promised… …To never leave us in the dark.   Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, But will have the light of life.” - John 8:12   Duplication and sharing of this message is welcomed provided that complete message, Podcast and website information for Mary Lindow is included.   Thank you. Copyright © 2021 THE MESSENGER " ˜ Mary Lindow
Nov 29 2021
Before we go into today's podcast, I would like to let you know that this is a prophetic word from the Lord and it’s addressing where the majority of people are right now, and where many others have been.  I’ve also been prompted by the Holy Spirit to begin sharing with you several  near-death experiences that I have had in past years as well as a few truly humbling and powerful supernatural events with the Lord that were not at all something I asked for nor expected.    I would like to ask you to please take the time to listen to this specific podcast as well as the next two or three. The stories I will be sharing will not only move your heart to joyful tears, but also stir courage and hope!   At the end of this Podcast, there is a Spontaneous Prophetic Song of the Lord that flows with the prophetic Word you will hear beforehand. Please sit back and enter into worship and listen to what the Holy Spirit of God would sing over you in this time.    God Hears All - God Sees All - God Will Not Fail You  “A Word And a Song From the Heart of the Father” By Mary Lindow through the Holy Spirit   As the days begin to change and the seasons take their course, so am I also beginning to adjust the path you have been treading out. “I have been keeping track of all of your sorrows, Collecting them and all of your tears in a bottle. I have written down your tearful sorrows… …In My journal.” Psalm 56:8   MANY HAVE PASSED YOU BY ON THE ROAD OF SORROW THAT YOU HAVE HAD TO BEAR, too busy to stop and comfort, too concerned about what others might think of your condition. Others are only focused on their own forms of grief and have yet to learn to comfort others in their weariness and tiredness.   I HAVE ENCOURAGED ALL OF YOU WHEN OTHERS ARE HAPPY, BE HAPPY WITH THEM! If they are sad, share their sorrow. (Romans 12:15) Even the Samaritan, one least likely to reach out, stopped and cared for the man battered, hurt and sorrowful left on the road. Many who claim spiritual piety and goodness, turn their heads and hearts when they see another brother or sister aching in sorrow or tragedy. Let it not be heard about you my child in the heavenly realm, that you protected your own comforts or your own position and turned away from a brother or sister in their prolonged agony.   I HAVE BEEN TESTING THE HEARTS OF MANY WHO LAY CLAIM TO A WILLINGNESS TO DO ANYTHING I ASK OF THEM, but sadly then “pass on the other side" in order to avoid involvement with what "appears to be" one who is struggling or failing. As you do to others, so in your time of need will it be done to you! I YOUR FAITHFUL REDEEMER HAVE HEARD THE HEART WRENCHING CRIES FROM YOUR PRAYERS, and I am even now giving you strength and empowerment to stay firm and continue to believe that I will restore all to you that has been shattered, stolen, or shamed! "It is God who gives us, along with you,  t he ability to stand firm for Christ has commissioned us. He anointed us!"   -2 Corinthians 1:21   I HAVE ANOINTED YOU EVEN IN THIS SEASON OF SORROW! And I will bring a fresh and pure expression of Godly living and giving into the earth through those we who see that they are being prepared as good Samaritans and who themselves are also being cared for by others who require nothing in repayment. Many are hearing my voice calling to them to bring relief to those who have been faithful in obeying my voice but have been persecuted heavily for doing so!   OBEY MY COMMAND QUICKLY! ACT NOW! Bless them, help them heal, providing for them like I would! You will be greatly rewarded for this effort. “As you give them even a cup of cold water in my name,   You have done it for Me!”   - Matthew 10:42   As you have been faithful to believe that I have better plans and a better way than the schemes of men, Very soon I will wipe away your bitter tears and despair. You have begun to understand what it is to fellowship with My sufferings! In the days ahead, you will also share in the first fruits of harvest. "God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful."  -1 Corinthians 1:9   COME JUST A LITTLE NEARER TO MY HEART NOW. THE NIGHT IS NEARLY OVER. You will see that the time of sorrow and weeping will pass, and a breaking through into the greater plan for you is in motion. I have been into the future for I AM all that you will need. YOUR ONE SIMPLE ACT OF OBEDIENCE SETS INTO MOTION WAVES OF MY REDEMPTIVE GRACE AND PURE HOLY CLEANSING. The Nations are waiting for those who will only speak out of clean motives and pure hearts. I have prepared you for this time in the earth and I will fulfill all I have planned concerning you. ENTER IN BY HUMBLING YOURSELF FURTHER BY DOING SIMPLE ACTS OF MERCY AND SELFLESS GIVING. Remaining anointed… … Even in times of sorrow.     The spontaneous prophetic music and lyrics that you are about to listen to were not edited in any way and were left just as they originally were expressed. You are hearing the prophetic words and music exactly as they were recorded and might even hear my voice falter at times because of the strong presence of God touching me as well while recording.  Those who stood faithful in intercession while I recorded made it like heaven on earth as they bathed the studio in the beauty of prayer and in the honoring of the Presence of the Lord.   May the Heavenly Father sing and rejoice over you as you sit back and listen! “Heaven is Watching You” Prophetic Song of the Lord   Duplication and sharing of this message is welcomed as long as the complete message, podcast location and website information for Mary Lindow is included. 
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”HARDSHIP - HURT AND HOPE” - Jesus Understands Suffering and Fear
Oct 26 2021
”HARDSHIP - HURT AND HOPE” - Jesus Understands Suffering and Fear
I KNOW SUFFERING IS EXHAUSTING AND PAIN HURTS! That is why it is called pain and suffering. If there were an escape a person of great wisdom and insight would have done it already! By Mary Lindow SUFFERING AND SORROW ARE A PART OF LIFE Knowing this, however, doesn’t make it any easier to cope when you find yourself in the midst of the deepest, darkest trials of faith, and mentally anguish and strain. Don’t you wish Christianity could make you exempt from suffering? That would be great, but as most of us have learned, following our faith doesn’t give us a free ride. We catch as much trouble as unbelievers—often more. The difference, of course, is that we can turn to Jesus when things go wrong. Unbelievers might argue that we’re only turning to our imagination, but we know better. At some time in your life, however, suffering will hit you so hard that you won’t be able to do any of those things, and that dark time will probably visit you more than once. “Even in darkness, light dawns for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.” Psalm 112:4   WE ALL WANT THINGS WE DON’T GET. Maybe it’s a person you’re sure would make a perfect spouse, and the relationship crumbles apart. Maybe it’s a better job or promotion, and you don’t make the cut. Or it might be a goal you poured your time and energy into, and it doesn’t come to pass or others sabotage it all. All of us have prayed for the recovery of loved ones who were ill, but they died anyway. It takes real spiritual maturity to stay faithful when things go wrong, but severing our relationship with God punishes us, not him. It’s self-destructive behavior that can put us on the path to a miserable life. The parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) teaches us that God always wants us to come back to him. Whether your problem is discouragement, illness or aging, sometimes all you have left is Jesus. When you’re angry and bitter, you can still cling to Jesus in the midst of your tears. You can grab onto him and refuse to let go until he brings you through it. You’ll find, to your surprise that he holds on to you even tighter than you hold on to him.   JESUS UNDERSTANDS SORROW He knows about being hurt. He remembers the terrible moment on the cross when his Father was forced to abandon him, because he was filthy from taking on our sins. Jesus won’t let you go. And as you age and start down the path from this life to the next, Jesus will take your hand to guide you. He appreciates all that you have done for him through the years, but what he has always wanted most is your love. So there you are in the middle of one of life’s train-wrecks-dazed, wounded, wondering what shoe-or bomb-will be dropping next, and up walks Job’s comforters. We all remember Job from the Bible. A rich, powerful man, a great father and good in every way was Job. Then, in a series of overlapping upheavals, he lost everything and everybody except his wife-who turned out to be a whole lot less than sympathetic in her changed status. Battered Job ends up sitting alone on a pile of dirt, scratching his boil-covered body with some broken pottery.   WE CAN IDENTIFY WITH POOR JOB. Life drags us through some tough times of loss that make us feel every bit like Job. Caught in a vortex of pain, and wondering if we’ll ever make it to safety. And, boy, do we recognize Job’s so-called friends who showed up to by all accounts offer support and comfort. As they sat with Job in his misery, they took turns playing a self-centered, self-righteous, can-you-top-this game of knowing for certain that every bit of Job ‘s disaster had to be his own fault or a lack of trust in God. They weren’t sure how or why because Job seemed so decent, but deep down, they insisted, he just couldn’t be all he pretended to be.   THIS IS FAMILIAR TERRITORY You get fired, and friends smirk knowingly when you try to explain the political nature of the event. Your child gets into difficulty-well; you know the kind of comfort you’ll get from friends about that. (It probably started sometime during potty training.) Yet others try to “help” you with what I call “prayer lecturing.” While praying “for and with you” they let you (and God) know just how lucky you should be to even have running water, had a meal that day and more! Not really comforting in any way, and very very short on compassion. Yet, from the story, it’s clear that Job was completely innocent. Dreadful things do happen to completely innocent people, good people. Because of their opinion of Job’s guilt, history has bestowed his friends- (and their current replicas) – the label, “Job’s comforters.” So-called friends who add to a suffering person’s anguish by piling on false charges of blame and guilt and harsh reprimand for daring to show sadness or agony. You may never have met anybody like Job, but you’ve met his comforters on more than one occasion. They seem to be everywhere.   WE CAN CHARGE SOME OF IT OFF TO JEALOUSY Job had everything a person could dream of wanting-and then some-so jealousy was never more than a stone’s throw away. The green-eyed monster is a little more subtle with people living everyday, typical lives, but jealousy doesn’t need much ground to take root and grow with vigor.   WE DON’T WANT TO ADMIT BAD THINGS MAY HAPPEN TO US! If bad things happen to people who don’t deserve them, they could happen to anybody, including me. If I don’t want bad things to happen to me, (who does?), I have to persuade myself and everybody around me that the victim’s actions caused the problem. If blame can be assigned, then I’ll be safe as long as I’m good. In other words, if I can claim that the cause of your problem is something you do that I don’t do, then what happened to you can’t happen to me. There is, of course, no logic to this, but it brings some shaky comfort to frightened hearts. We see this thinking at work when people stare numbly at adversity and ask, “What did I do to deserve this?” Sometimes the answer is, “nothing.”   HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF "WHY ME?" And it doesn’t have to be bad; you could be excited from something wonderful. Most often then not, I ask myself this after something I am looking forward to goes wrong. Even at times when something goes wrong I lay awake at night and my thoughts wonder to what previously occurred. I am sure everyone does it at times, wishing for another try or chance. You may lay awake thinking about your suffering, part of life’s suffering is misery’s shadow persisting/hanging on; not only do you suffer but you have to think about suffering. I can’t prove this with statistics or find it any book I know of, yet I would say that more people either come to the faith or fall away because of this reason above all; the disturbance of suffering. YOU SEE GOD USES TIMES OF SUFFERING… ...TO TEACH AND GROW US. If you allow yourself to recount your sufferings, did you not learn more about faith while suffering then any other time?  It has been said that; “Blessings are God’s whispers, he speaks in our conscience, but shouts to us in our suffering.” “O my Comforter in sorrow, My heart is faint within me.” Jeremiah 8:18 Suffering becomes the only way to realize our hollow spiritual self. Pain is unmasked, and every person knows when something is not right when they are hurting. Pain insists upon being attended to. So when you travel down this line of thought you come to the idea, why do I or someone else suffer when others don’t?   I KNOW SUFFERING IS EXHAUSTING AND PAIN HURTS That is why it is called pain and suffering. If there were an escape a person of great wisdom and insight would have done it already. Yet Discipleship demands such trials to compel us towards renewal. Read Hebrews 2:10 “God, for whom and through whom everything was made, chose to bring many children into glory. And it was only right that he should make Jesus, through his suffering, a perfect leader, fit to bring them into their salvation.” The real question is what to do when life has just punched us a good one, and Job’s comforters show up at our door. Nobody says we have to let them in. And certainly nobody says we have to entertain them. And, most positively, nobody says we have to believe them. “For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, So also through Christ our comfort overflows.” 2 Corinthians 1:5 We can sort out the who’s-to-blame-for-what after we get some solid ground under our feet and a little energy back into our lives. But we still won’t want Job’s comforters anywhere around us… ...We will want people who care. "Compassion" To me not to be kind  is evil of the mind. No need to pray or preach, Let us our children teach  with every fond caress, Pity and gentleness: So in the end may we God’s Kingdom cause to be. Author - R.W. Service Duplication and sharing of this message is welcomed provided that complete article, podcast link and website information for Mary Lindow is included.  Thank You Copyright © 2021 " THE MESSENGER " Your Gracious Support and Donations Are So Very Helpful And Assist Mary In Publishing Her Teaching Podcasts and Blog Materials. THANK YOU! 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