Island Talks - Cyprus

A podcast from the alternate Cypriot universe - by Esra Aygın & Yiorgos Kakouris A Cyprus podcast. News commentary and political satire from both parts of the island by two Cypriot journalists from the two communities of Cyprus.

Buffering - Episode 13: The times, they are dark! (12/2/2022)Buffering - Episode 12: Elections, elections and animal welfare (27/1/2022)Buffering - Episode 11: Silently going crazy (23/2/2021)Buffering - Episode 10: This is it. We solved it. (12/2/2021)Buffering - Episode 9: Trump when it's no longer in fashion (4/2/2021)Buffering - Episode 8: Dream Team vs Golden Team (21/12/2020)Buffering - Episode 7: Don't panic, there's no strategy (23/11/2020)Buffering - Episode 6: Art of politics and politics of art (19/9/2020)Buffering - Episode 5: The Virus (and passports) Strikes Back (11/9/2020)Buffering - Episode 4: Things fall apart, the (political) centre cannot hold (31/7/2020)Buffering - Episode 3: "Hey, student, leave the Church alone!" (3/7/2020)Buffering - Episode 2: It's the looming pre-election campaigns, stupid (25/6/2020)Buffering - Episode 1: Podcasts, scandals and virus spin (17/6/2020)