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The podcast for urbanists fighting climate change. Hosted by Ross O'Ceallaigh, a planner and urban designer based in London, this show explores how architects, planners, policy makers and designers can make cities more sustainable, healthy and happy.

#44: Steve O'Reilly (The Rediscovery Centre) - Circular Economy and Social Value#43: Primal City (Part 2) - Housing for Homo Sapiens#42: Primal City (Part 1): Why Urbanists Should Study Hunter Gatherers#41: Michael Pawlyn (Flourish) - Regenerative Design, Biomimicry and Systems Change#40: Disability Mobility with Anna Zivarts, Abby Griffith and Micah Lusignan (Disability Rights Washington)#39: Simon Pitkeathley - Camden High Line and Climate Action for Local Businesses#38: Dr Morgan Phillips - Climate Adaptation#37: The Problem with Net Zero Carbon (an Urban Design Perspective)#36: Chris Churchman - Soil, the Forgotten Carbon Sink#35: Rachel Hoolahan (Orms) - Circular Economy and Material Passports
Rachel Hoolahan is an architect and sustainability co-ordinator at Orms Architects, a leading London practice with extensive experience working with existing buildings. For the past few years, the practice has engaged in a series of deep research assignments and is utilising this data and knowledge to push the boundaries of sustainable development – both in refurbishment and new build projects.Recently, she led a research piece on material passports as part of a wider Grosvenor Estate Innovation Project into material reuse. The outcome of this work is a methodology for encouraging more meaningful material reuse, by creating a material database for the project. The approach is deliberately open source and flexible, allowing design teams of any size or skill set to apply the work to their projects.Rachel is the recipient of the 2021 AJ100 Sustainability Champion AwardThis episode covers:What circular economy means for buildings Material passportsBuildings as Material Banks (BAMB)Building a culture of sustainabilityConsumerism and fast fashioned As you may have guessed, this episode is all about Circularity, also called Circular Economy. Rachel explains so clearly why reusing construction and building materials is so important, but also practically how to do it, with examples from her own work. We also talk about how Orms Architects are embedding sustainability in their work culture, which is fascinating. And we end with a discussion on consumerism, the fashion industry and how we need a change in mindset to live within the planet's boundaries.Follow the Green Urbanist:https://twitter.com/GreenUrbanPodhttps://www.instagram.com/greenurbanistpodhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/green-urbanist-podcast
Nov 28 2021
56 mins
#34: George Payiatis - Masterplanning Sustainable, Beautiful Places#33: Doughnut Economics Explained and What it Means for Cities#32: Conrad Richardson - Sustainable Mobility in South East Asia#31: Scott McAulay - Anthropocene Architecture School#30: Ran Boydell - Adapting Buildings to a New Climate Era and Retrofitting for Net Zero Carbon#29: Dr Hossein Sadri - De-Urban Design, Paradigm Shifts and Indigenous Knowledge#28: Balázs Erdei - Innovative, Nature-Based Solutions for Regenerative Cities
Balazs is founder of Green Urbanics, marketplace and blog for innovative, nature-based, urban sustainability solutions. He has a long career in business development and innovation, but with a background in ecology. His mission is to support regenerative businesses and bring the best solutions to city governments so they can quickly deploy them and take action on climate change.Innovative Solutions mentioned in the episode:Low Tech:ancient architecture solutions - latticed screens, buildings painted white, covered with green roofs and vines, cooling ponds, using the wind and nature’s other means of regulating airflow and one of my personal favorites featured on Green Urbanics Business Livecast on June 24: https://greencitysolutions.de/en/saving pollinators by not mowing that often, leaving wildflower patches // reforestation in urban settingsGreen Pees of Urban Senses High Tech:Green Fluidics using algae strains and nanofluidics to help regulate building temperaturesAI supported drones picking up garbage on waterways (RanMarine’s Wasteshark) or building energy efficiency (Enerbrain)IoT enabled indoor farming and precision agriforestryperovskite-based transparent solar filmTech for Mindset Shift:evoccoInchaingeUCapture and ReforestFollow Balazs:https://www.linkedin.com/in/balazs-erdei/Follow the Green Urbanist:https://twitter.com/GreenUrbanPodhttps://www.instagram.com/greenurbanistpodhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/green-urbanist-podcastContact the Green Urbanist:greenurbanistpod [at] gmail.com
Aug 23 2021
1 hr 2 mins
#27: Dr Nadina Galle - The Internet of Nature, Technology and Urban Ecology#26: Dr Brian O'Ceallaigh - Why Climate Anxiety is Healthy and How to Manage it#25: Alice Schmidt (The Sustainability Puzzle) - Systems Thinking, Circularity and the End of Civilisation?