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Sometimes life leaves our souls feeling weary, parched. Come away for a few moments to drink in Scripture, reflect, and pray. Seana Scott, a seminary-trained writer and speaker, guides you in this weekly devotional podcast designed for you to connect with God. Refresh your soul at the Well of Living Water that never runs dry. read less

God, I Need You: The Gift of God's Righteousness
Feb 27 2023
God, I Need You: The Gift of God's Righteousness
Sign-Up Here:RECEIVE THE WELL SOUL MONTHLY DIGITAL NEWSLETTERSERIES OVERVIEWWelcome to the 6-week Lent series, "God, I Need You: A Lenten Series in the Book of Romans."The Gospel is the power of God that brings salvation for all those who believe (see Romans 1:16)..This six-week series will explore our need for God—and His extravagant provision for us in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the hope that through these six weeks, we will prepare our hearts for celebrating the passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Lent is a season of repentance marked by prayer, fasting, and confession. All of us sin. In fact, I have heard it said that our hearts are like sin-producing factories. And this annual season reminds us of our need for Jesus—and reminds us to seek His face while He may be found. For resources on Prayer, Fasting, and the Lent season, see the links below.-----THIS WEEK ON THE PODCAST In Romans Chapter 3, Paul lays out a  thick definition of the Gospel. Listen to the podcast to drink in these five powerful verses. ----- RESOURCES:CONFESSION/REPENTANCE GUIDEDOWNLOAD "5-Steps for Confession"Lent is marked by reflection and confession. Here is a guide to help you encounter God's grace this Lent season.BOOK OF ROMANS OVERVIEWOverview of Romans 1–4Overview of Romans 5–16ROMANS CH. 3 TERMS DEFINED:ATONEMENTGRACE: Unmerited favorJUSTIFIED: To be made right legally before GodRIGHTEOUSNESS: The right way of living (thoughts, actions, and beliefs) according to God's standard. (There is no one righteous. That is why we need God! See Romans 3:21) SIN: To miss the mark of God's holiness & righteousness (anything we do not in line with who God is).REDEMPTION: The release from bondage (slavery) through the payment of a price. (Jesus released us from our slavery to sin through the payment of His sacrifice). FASTING & PRAYEROVERVIEW OF LENTROMANS STUDY BOOK from She Reads TruthCONTACT:seana@wellsoulpodcast.comWEBSITE