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Abby Orchard

hi i'm abby, a 23 year old hopeless creative. join me as i (attempt) to navigate the ebbs and flows of life, how i'm learning about love (again) and how to stay afloat in a big world with even bigger dreams.
this is the deep + unhinged

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SWIMMING IN DEEP WATERS + the art of tinkering with Jen Gray
Sep 8 2023
SWIMMING IN DEEP WATERS + the art of tinkering with Jen Gray
Ready to dive into the depths of our daily lives? This episode nudges you to find joy in the comfortable, the cozy, and the organized - yes, we're talking about everything from sweatshorts to silverware organizers! But it doesn't stop there. We also delve into the gritty aspects of mental health, navigating big commitments, and the value of friendships across generations. Ever thought about how personal aesthetics influence your life? We bring in the lessons from OG skater Rob Giordic on optimizing life and how aesthetics are integral to our pursuit of balance and peace. We invite you to join our chat on the power of change and reinvention, and see how these concepts can morph into acts of self-love. We also lift the veil on the often unaddressed challenges and rewards of embracing change and flexibility.As we round off our discussion, we muse about the dual power of gratitude and food textures. You'll hear about our first-hand experiences with the transformative impact of nourishing our bodies with healthy snacks. Finally, we introduce you to the concept of percentages in life, a unique approach to identify the focus areas of our lives. Discover how playing with these percentages can translate to personal growth and evolution. Tune in for an episode that promises laughter, insights, and lessons for life.Follow Jen on Instagram!@byjengrayand listen to her Podcast | The Corporate Cleanse@the.corporatecleanseApple/Spotify
CHAOS UNLEASHED + brita filters, lip masks and overdosing on melatonin
Aug 28 2023
CHAOS UNLEASHED + brita filters, lip masks and overdosing on melatonin
Are you ever haunted by your never-ending pile of laundry or that increasing stack of unfinished books? You're not alone - I share my struggles with everyday life in this episode, from my ambitious attempts to become a yogurt and granola breakfast girl to wrestling with the concept of an established routine. It's all about welcoming the quirks of life with open arms and acknowledging that we are all works in progress.Curiosity doesn't require a degree, and in this whirlwind discussion, we're throwing ourselves headfirst into a plethora of topics - and rest assured, it gets wildly unhinged. Ever wondered about the nuisances of life that drain our time and energy? Join me as I share personal stories of times when I have felt taken advantage of, and learn how I’m evolving to protect my own time and effort. Let's also dive into the exasperatingly mundane things in life, like the constant need to fill up my car or the tedious two-step process of filling a Brita filter.Lastly, we'll address the daily battles with morning grogginess and the importance of dental hygiene. I’ll share how I navigate irritability, which can lead to destructive behavior, and the steps we can take to protect ourselves from psychological pain. So, let's crank up the curiosity, explore these 50 relatable aspects of life together, and embrace the chaos as we go. Join me on this journey and let's stay unhinged while we're at it.