Aim to Win Podcast

Wade Thomas

Winning doesn’t just happen, it’s made to happen. This podcast is for people ready to take the next step with their skills and/or business. It will involve some self-reflection on your part, but you will use that to cultivate great success. As a business professional, you make a hundred decisions a day. With this podcast, you will learn how to make strategic decisions, which will not only strengthen your business’s foundational practices but help cultivate growth as well. In each episode, you will learn how to build your skills and business through strategic growth and precise leadership development.

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Maria Brito is an award-winning New York-based contemporary art advisor, author, and curator. A Harvard graduate, originally from Venezuela. Brito has been selected by Complex Magazine as one of the 20 Power Players in the Art World she was named by ARTNEWS as one of the visionaries who gets to shape the art world.She has written for publications such as Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Elle, Forbes, Artnet, Cultured Magazine, Departures, and the Gulf Coast Journal of Literature and Fine Arts from the University of Houston, Texas. For several years, Maria has taught her creativity course in companies and, in 2019, she launched "Jumpstart", an online program on creativity for entrepreneurs based on years of research and observation in both the areas of business and art.In 2019 she created and hosted "The "C" Files with Maria Brito", a TV and streaming series for PBS's new station "ALL ARTS".Maria and her projects have been featured extensively in national and international publications including The New York Times Style Section, T: The New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, W Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Time Magazine, New York Magazine, The New York Observer, The Daily Beast, The Economist, Interview Magazine, VOGUE and more.She’s the author of "How Creativity Rules The World" (HarperCollins March 15, 2022).Linkshttps://www.mariabrito.com/bookhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/mariabrito-nyhttps://www.facebook.com/MariaBritoNYhttps://twitter.com/MariaBrito_NYhttps://www.instagram.com/mariabrito_ny
Feb 1 2022
32 mins
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After over 40 years of working with national and international corporations and businesses, world-class sky-divers, cyclists, triathletes, golfers, and thousands of individuals who want to succeed in life, Bill has distilled his knowledge and experience into a series of books that have just one goal; to help people become better versions of themselves.Podcast HighlightsWho is Bill Lee Emery? Bill started his career working with computers but he knew that wasn’t his calling. He realized that when he was going to work he was leaving his heart at home. He left his career in search of more meaning in his work, and in the process Bill found mentors and wisdom that he eventually distilled into his series of books.If what you do isn’t pleasurable or enjoyable, and doesn’t energize you it’s time to find work that checks those boxes for you. As an old lion, Bill is working on passing on the gems of wisdom that he has picked over the past 4 decades and passing them onto younger generations.Gems of WisdomYou can have a theory about something, but putting it into practice is the real goal. Criticism comes from two places, internal and external. For many people, their internal critic can do a lot of damage and can hold us back. The first step is becoming aware of your internal critic and why you’re being self critical. Every element of criticism is a positive intention to do something different. Taking criticism as feedback is important to growing so you have to separate who you are from what you’ve done. You need the emotional capacity to take in criticism so that you can be honest with yourself and other people.Tips on giving criticism: don’t do it in front of other people, and focus on behavior and not the person. When someone asks you for your perspective, starting with asking them what they like and what they would change is a gentle way to analyze their own work.When there are differences of opinion, there are two intentions you can have: to protect or to learn. When someone is giving you feedback and your intention is to learn, you can take those good elements and grow yourself, but you have to be aware of your intention to do that.When you do something for a long time, you come to expect that everyone can do it as easily as you can, but that’s not the case.We need to be conscious of the level of compassion we use with ourselves. Bill always focuses on self-care and he teaches other people that they need to do the same. Take the compassion you show to other people and treat yourself like someone you are taking care of. From Perfectionist To CompassionateWhen someone is in pain, they will do almost anything to get through it. If a perfectionist doesn’t feel the pain of perfection yet, they won’t be ready for the conversation yet.Using simple questions can open the door to leveraging a pain point and helping a perfectionist change.We choose the meanings we make out of every single event of our lives. The meanings that we choose become our reality, and it doesn’t matter if they are true or not. The key question is whether the meaning we are choosing is useful or not. If the meaning you are choosing isn’t useful then it’s time to drop it and find a new, more useful one.Links:Australia How To Be Bulletproof From Criticism: And Do Whatever the Heck You Want (It is YOUR Life!)USA How To Be Bulletproof From Criticism: And Do Whatever the Heck You Want (It is YOUR Life!)bulletprooffromcriticism.com.au/Take this free
Jan 11 2022
31 mins
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