The Pubcast with Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer

Business, entrepreneurship, and Facebook advertising challenges discussed over a beer.

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Welcome to the Social Media Pubcast!
A Rant About Building Your House on Rented LandMeta Needs Facebook Search Ads Based on Search TermsMeta Needs Lead Form Integration with Instant Experience AdsMeta Needs Breakdowns for Any Type of Audience ExpansionMeta Needs an Impressions Shown Custom AudienceMeta Needs Frequency Capping for More Optimization OptionsMeta Needs Facebook Podcasting Features for AdvertisersMeta Needs Additional Targeting and Optimization Options for VideoMeta Needs Follower Targeting with More GranularityMeta Needs Granularity of Page Engagement TargetingMeta Needs Standard Events for Quality Website TrafficMeta Needs an Option to Optimize for Quality Traffic or EngagementMeta Needs Organic Conversion ReportingThe Next Phase of The PubcastPUBCAST: Celebrating 150 Episodes in 150 DaysPUBCAST SHOT: Reasons I'm Concerned About the Trend Towards AutomationPUBCAST SHOT: When Should You Use Facebook Lead Ads?PUBCAST SHOT: How Do Suggested Posts Impact the News Feed?PUBCAST SHOT: 7 Benefits of Domain VerificationPUBCAST SHOT: Keep it Simple