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Episode 12 - how can we develop healthy and restorative "work" identities (and schools)?
Mar 14 2023
Episode 12 - how can we develop healthy and restorative "work" identities (and schools)?
Sarah Miller is a visionary in education and has served to support transformational models of education throughout her 20 year career in schools as teacher, leader, coach, and consultant. She started her career in 2002 teaching in rural Mississippi, and then moved to Boston to support the building of a charter network specifically designed to serve youth who are disconnected from formal educational institutions.  There she fell in love with managing and training adults to find their passions and voices in the field of education.  She has held various leadership roles including Head of School and Chief Academic Officer - she has also taught in Boston University's Graduate School of Education.  Her true love is training adults in the work. Sarah also has Cystic Fibrosis and is currently on disability and living in Nashville.  While she volunteers as a consultant to a charter network in Chicago, she isn't currently working in the field formally.  She loves discussing education and would love for you to reach out by emailing here at In this episode Sarah shares how her illness impacted her understanding of her identity and relationship to work, inviting us to be intentional, thoughtful, and healthy in the visions we set for how we want to impact the world through our work. Sarah shares innovative strategies that would support all people connected to schools - students, teachers, leaders, parents, and beyond - and she addresses the roadblocks we continue to encounter as we apply what we know about teaching, learning, and holistic human development. This episode will leave you inspired, ignited, and ready to shift your practice so you can integrate more joy, liberation, and balance into your personal and professional lives. Have any takeaways from the episode?  Drop them below!  We would love to hear from you.