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Adult ISH is an award-winning advice, storytelling, and culture podcast, hosted by Oakland-based Nyge Turner and Atlanta-based Dominique “Dom” French. BIPOC creators in their 20s, French and Turner don’t sugarcoat anything. Dive into a weekly mix of thoughtful conversations, immersive personal stories, and practical tips from charismatic special guests and beloved friends. With humor and heart, Nyge and Dom tackle each and every “adult” subject they can get their hands on. Destination: growth!

Adult ISH is a production of YR Media and is distributed by Radiotopia from PRX.

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Our Editor's Take

Adult ISH is a podcast featuring two Black Gen Z voices. The big conversations, the essential topics, and more are all here. This podcast brings listeners boundary-pushing talking points. It's all about shifting perspectives and challenging beliefs. Listeners can hear everything from guilty pleasures to boundaries and in-between.

Nygel Turner (Nyge) and Dominique French (Dom) host Adult ISH. Together, the two are navigating the complexities of adulthood and sharing their learnings. They say they're committed to helping people get through this "grown up" thing. Because being an adult can be tricky!

Besides Adult ISH, Turner runs another podcast and hosts a YouTube series. French is passionate about media that explores themes of race, gender, and culture. Being a Black, femme, disabled person, she's well-placed to speak on the topic. Many discussions on the podcast center around the hosts' life experiences. This adds to the authenticity and makes listeners feel a closer connection with them. Audiences can also find episodes where Merk Nguyen served as cohost early in the podcast's history. Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American voice actor who prides herself on her "realness. All the hosts are genuine and no-nonsense.

Sure, Adult ISH is a podcast about culture and advice. But that description only scrapes the surface. The show discusses mental health, environmental activism, the pitfalls of helping, and more. There's a lot to grapple with when becoming an adult, so topics are plentiful. The difference in this podcast is the rawness and heart with which the hosts speak. Their candidness makes the show feel like an authentic conversation between friends. Sometimes, a guest or expert will join. Each carries the same charisma, likeability, and sincerity as the hosts.

Listeners can navigate adulthood as the Adult ISH hosts go through it themselves. With Turner and French as guides, audiences can hear open discussions on everything adults need to know. It's thought-provoking, informational, and enlightening. New episodes drop each week.

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