The Fifth Edition by Infinite Banking Authorized Practitioners

John Montoya, John Perrings

The Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC) is privatized banking, using the private, guaranteed, and permanent cash value of a whole life insurance policy as the platform. IBC puts you in control of your money so you can keep it, grow it, and pass it on without taking any of the unnecessary risks that you otherwise get when you listen and follow the mainstream media about personal finance. You'll learn the multiple and varied reasons why IBC should be part of your long-term plan and why up until now this strategy has been hiding in plain sight waiting for you to discover one of the best kept secrets in financial planning. Your hosts, John Montoya and John Perrings, are authorized IBC practitioners with the Nelson Nash Institute dedicated to spreading the word about Infinite Banking so you can discover for yourself how you and your loved ones can benefit with a virtual streamlined process that will take you from IBC novice to sharing the strategy with friends and family... even the skeptics! The Fifth Edition podcast is our way to explain the IBC strategy in simple terms so you can make it real in your life!
What Is Different About the New Whole Life Products?Policy Design:  Rate of Return vs. IBC Based PrinciplesShopping For The MoneyGuaranteed and Non-Guaranteed Cash ValuesWhy Universal Life is NOT Right For IBC®Infinite Banking as a Financial BridgeWhy Banks Practice IBCThe "More" AssetThe Why and How of IBC Convertible TermLiquidity and DiversificationDirect vs Non-Direct Recognition DividendsGetting Started With IBC In Your 50sWhy You Need To Get Started With IBC In Your 40's, Part IIHow Current Events Affect IBCWhy You Need To Get Started With IBC In Your 40'sGetting Started With IBC In Your 30sGetting Started With IBC In Your 20'sUnderstanding Whole Life DividendsCreating Income With Whole Life InsuranceIBC and Internet "Rabbit Holes"