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The First One

DJ Khaled & Amazon Music

“The First One” is a new audio experience hosted by one of the most prolific hit makers of the 21st century, DJ Khaled. The mogul and superstar will interview his all-time favorite artists about the hits that made them iconic and eventually legendary like Lil Wayne, Kelly Rowland, Big Sean, J Balvin, Fat Joe, Diddy, Jon Bon Jovi, T.I. and more! Because you can’t get to “Another One” without “The First One,” listeners will learn of never before heard stories behind artists’ biggest hits. New episodes every Thursday.

Check out the music featured and discussed in this season on The First One Playlist:

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Our Editor's Take

Listeners already know his name and what he does. Now, they'll get to listen to him tell the stories of some of the greatest names in music history. Join DJ Khaled on his podcast, The First One, as he sits down with musical guests and one-of-a-kind icons. Listeners can hear them discuss fame, fortune, life, success, and so much more.

Some people follow musicians for their celebrity status and their LA-centric lifestyle. Others choose their idols based on their musical genius. Others still pick musical heroes based on their honed craft and skill. The First One blends all these worlds together. The First One podcast goes beyond the stories of splendor and limitless champagne. DJ Khaled and his guests offer a genuine and honest critique on how famous rappers and rock stars became musical phenoms.

Some never thought they would make it out of the basement, while others claimed fame and lived up to it. This podcast offers up stories of musical greatness for motivation. It also teaches listeners about what it takes to go from ordinary to extraordinary. The loud, legendary producer has turned his hypebeast persona into a podcast host. The First One focuses on work that put the biggest names on the global stage. It also dives into how these artists affected the industry and style of a genre. Listeners can get the 411 on their favorite celebrities and hear about their journey to fame. The First One uncovers the struggles and triumphs of the music industry's greats. Listeners can hear all the stories, tips, and hurdles artists overcame to become the stars they are now.

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